DUI Breath Testing Called Into Question

Police often rely on a handheld device to test drivers’ breath at the scene of traffic stops. Politicians, prosecutors, judges, and often defense lawyers and juries, incorrectly think these devices are reliable. That is not necessarily the case. Read more about it in the San Francisco Chronicle.

One reply on “DUI Breath Testing Called Into Question”

  1. I don’t understand how law enforcement has taken the law to such extreme that now you don’t even have to be driving to get a DUI. You can be walking toward a vehicle and they can give you a DUI for intent to drive. This is in Kansas and I don’t understand why there is 2 seperate court hearings, one for you license and one for the dui charge. Even if you are found not quilty of the DUI you still lose your license for 1 yr, and then get restricted for a yr after that.

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