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NY Version of Flyer – Draft

Here’s a draft of the NY version of the flyer. This is sized as a 6×9 oversized postcard, but is not set up to be mailed as a postcard. When complete, we will mail these on request to NY and Florida residents.

Front side of card:

Back side:

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DUI Flyer – Second Draft

Here’s the second and possibly final draft of our Florida flyer. Hopefully we will go to print soon.

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DUI Flyer to Show Police

We’re working on a flyer that we’ll give out for free. This is a draft of the Florida version.

Please post a comment and let us know what you think. And of course, feel free to share on Facebook or other social media.

Once we’re done with the Florida version, we’ll do a NY one and then maybe California and beyond.

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Four Years of Bad Blood Tests

New Mexico had bad blood tests for four years. See story on ABC 15.

But don’t worry. The prosecutor is fighting to defend the bad tests.

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Video Interview with Mike Church

Here’s yesterday’s interview with Mike Church on his post-show show.

Hear today’s radio interview, and learn a little more about Mr. Church, at: Radio Interview with Mike Church.

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Fair DUI Interview on the Mike Church Show

Fair DUI founder Warren Redlich was interviewed this morning on the Mike Church Show. We talked about MADD and how to protect yourself during police encounters. You should see a thin black player below this sentence. Click the “play” triangle to start the audio.

Mr. Church is one of the leaders of Conservative and Libertarian talk radio. His show is on the Sirius/XM Patriot Radio channel, #125. He also has some great stuff on his website (again, Mike Church Show) including quite a bit of content you can buy.

Mike Church
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New Business Card

Here is the almost final version of the Fair DUI founder’s business card. The idea is that you hand it to the police or even show it to them from inside your closed window.


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Great Ad

However you feel about DUI laws, this is a great ad! But warning – it’s a shocker.

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