Judge Rejects Sobriety Test

A judge in the San Antonio area has announced he’s rejecting the “horizontal gaze nystagmus” test. Police use HGN following training from the federal NHTSA. We have seen courts in other states question HGN and other sobriety tests. Fair DUI believes they are based on junk science. I personally have cross examined many officers. Few […]

Florida Court Finds DUI Hearing Officer Bias

Florida’s Fourth Circuit Court in Duval County delivered a striking ruling yesterday, strongly criticizing a FHSMV hearing officer. Mr. Detlefsen was accused of a DUI and of refusing a breath test. At a hearing regarding revoking the driver’s license, the hearing officer wrote in his decision that he found the driver had a blood alcohol […]

Canadian legislator stands up to MADD

Canada’s Global News reports on a member of Parliament who is actually challenging MADD and the obsession with breath testing. M.P. Peter Goldring of Edmonton had been arrested himself back in 2011 and won his case last month. He raises a number of concerns, including this about MADD: Goldring also takes aim at MADD; saying […]