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Classic – How to do field sobriety tests

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What to do after an accident

This driver made the right move AFTER the wrong moves.

The Atlanta paper describes a suspected drunk driver who crashed into a building, got out of the car, and went to the bar next door for a drink.

walked away from the wreckage to a nearby bar, where he continued drinking …

the witness who called 911 told them that the driver had walked next door to the Anchor Bar.

When officers went to the bar, “the driver was sitting at the bar drinking a beer,” according to the incident report.

Why was this the right move? Because the police can’t get a valid test of his blood alcohol content. Any test would include the alcohol from after he was driving. It’s very difficult, maybe impossible, to prove intoxication without that.

Fair DUI would like to thank Rashad Williams for this instructive lesson. But please drive more carefully in the future.

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MADD Goes to Middle School

Apparently MADD is not satisfied with harassing adults or even teens. They’re heading to middle school to harass 12-year-olds.

Read and see more on KOB 4.

MADD is starting a program in middle schools showing them how alcohol can damage their lives, and helping them find alternatives.

They should really change the group’s organization to Mothers Against Alcohol, but then MAA may not sound as good.

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MADD Blows It In Erin Cox Case

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is catching quite a bit of heat for sticking their nose into the Erin Cox controversy.

The short story is that Cox, a high school student, drove to a party sober to give a drunk friend a ride home. When the school found out that Cox went to a party with alcohol, even though she didn’t drink, they punished her. There has been a substantial public outcry because Cox was punished for keeping a drunk person from driving.

So what did MADD do? They sided with the school, and now MADD is catching heat.

Read more in Torque News, North Andover Patch, and Renew America.

Fox News even caught the school’s lawyer in a lie, claiming that Cox had been arrested.

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Tampa Prosecutor Makes The Right Call

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.58.44 AMTampa prosecutors are dropping dozens of cases connected to a compromised police supervisor. Read more at MyFox Tampa Bay.

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New T-shirt, Cap, More

We’ve got some new items in our Fair DUI store. First is a trucker cap.

Oops. We have that as instead of .org. But that’s okay. It still works. We’ll fix that later.

And next is a t-shirt.

We’ve got a few more items. Please check out the store and buy something if you like it.

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Unfair DUI Process? Nah!

We’d be more happy about this if Jim Longworth and Yes! Weekly showed any sign of concern for innocent people facing wrongful convictions. But regardless, he does point out the problem of inconsistent handling of DWI cases.

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DUI Without Impairment

Oklahoma’s new DUI law for drugs means you’re guilty even if you’re not impaired. At Fair DUI we say that makes no sense.

Also, the article we read on it from KSWO gets the facts wrong. Some prescription drugs have the same metabolites as some illegal drugs. So you can be charged for prescription drugs.

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