MADD Goes to Middle School

Apparently MADD is not satisfied with harassing adults or even teens. They’re heading to middle school to harass 12-year-olds. Read and see more on KOB 4. MADD is starting a program in middle schools showing them how alcohol can damage their lives, and helping them find alternatives. They should really change the group’s organization to […]

MADD Blows It In Erin Cox Case

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is catching quite a bit of heat for sticking their nose into the Erin Cox controversy. The short story is that Cox, a high school student, drove to a party sober to give a drunk friend a ride home. When the school found out that Cox went to a party with […]

New T-shirt, Cap, More

We’ve got some new items in our Fair DUI store. First is a trucker cap. Oops. We have that as instead of .org. But that’s okay. It still works. We’ll fix that later. And next is a t-shirt. We’ve got a few more items. Please check out the store and buy something if you […]