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Trooper Charged with DUI

Karri Dodson, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, is facing DUI charges after hitting a dog in the road. Read more about it in the Times Tribune.

Here are some pictures of Dodson in action, showing kids how to handle people like herself.


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Petaluma Off-Duty Cop DUI

williamsChief Patrick Williams must feel like he’s got a hangover after dealing with this nonsense – the Petaluma Police Golf DUI case.

Let’s get some common sense in DUI laws in this country. A scooter on a golf course is not the kind of situation the DUI laws were supposed to be about. And not only should we leave off-duty cops alone when they have moments like this, but let’s leave regular people alone too.

In this incident, not one of the many police at the scene decided to investigate the incident as a DUI. Because it was a fellow cop? Of course. So Officer McGreevy (the reputation of the Irish takes another undeserved beating) gets a sweetheart deal.

If that story isn’t bad enough, poor Chief Williams has to deal with a police overtime abuse issue in Petaluma too.

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