Monthly Archives: December 2013

Modeling the Fair DUI T-Shirt


We at Fair DUI are happy to show our first model, wearing our t-shirt to school on dress-down day.

Thanks to her and her dad, a Fair DUI lawyer somewhere up north.

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Wealthy Teen Gets Break on DUI. Or …

The Dallas Morning News complains about a 16-year-old who caused four deaths in a DUI crash, getting probation rather than a 20-year jail sentence.

The writer, @MikeHashimoto, comes to the wrong conclusion:

Despite all the death in his wake, Ethan Couch didn’t learn a thing he didn’t already know: It’s far better to come from that wealthy place where actions seldom have those nasty old consequences. That’s for other folks.

The problem is not that the judge was lenient on this wealthy teen. The problem, rather, is how harshly our so-called justice system treats other folks. Ten years of probation, with treatment, seems a sound approach for any 16-year-old who’s had an incident like this.

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