Canadian legislator stands up to MADD

PeterGoldring.jpgCanada’s Global News reports on a member of Parliament who is actually challenging MADD and the obsession with breath testing.

M.P. Peter Goldring of Edmonton had been arrested himself back in 2011 and won his case last month. He raises a number of concerns, including this about MADD:

Goldring also takes aim at MADD; saying the group is sending mixed messages to drivers.

“The public was confused and the public was not sure…For example, even MADD – MADD, on one hand says ‘don’t drink and drive,’ but on the other hand, they say on their website, ‘go ahead, you can have a drink or two and be ok.’ Well, you’re not going to be okay if the testing isn’t done right.”

It would be nice if some US politicians came out and stood up for their constituents against the MADD steamroller. Goldring is showing you can do that and the public might well be with you.