DUI Hypocrisy in Missouri

The Joplin Globe reports on a classic case of DUI hypocrisy.

MADD leader Kerry Freeman watches Governor sign DWI law.
MADD leader Kerry Freeman watches Governor sign DWI law.
Short story: A DWI task force member is pulled over at a sobriety checkpoint and registers a 0.132 blood alcohol content. His passenger? The local police chief. If that’s not bad enough, the Mayor also had a DWI arrest this year.

The local MADD chapter is throwing one heck of a hissy fit, which is what the story is really mostly about. And yet it hasn’t dawned on any of them that maybe this is a sign that their punitive approach is unworkable.

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  2. MADD women are hypocrites too. Most of the supporters and the ones who run it have killed people because of driving while drugged or drunk. Thats one reason why they are in the organization!!! Which is sick that they actually get accepted to serve the cause!!!!!

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