DUI Hypocrisy in Vermont

Deputy Chief Higbee
Deputy Chief Higbee
A high-ranking officer of the Burlington Police Department was arrested for a DUI recently. The story is reported in more detail in the Burlington Free Press.

Not only was he arrested, but this is his second time, with a previous incident in 1999.

At Fair DUI, we don’t have it in for police arrested for DUI. We have it in for a system that fails to recognize its own flaws. Good people have bad moments, and people accused of crimes are often innocent.

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  1. I have family members that are Cops & Highway Patrolmen along with several friends. At one time I was close to joining myself. But the Hypocrisy that I have observed during my 46 yrs. on this earth has always stopped me.
    I’m not simply talking of the usual observation of officers speeding , no turn signals , no seat belt , and talking on the phone. ( for which I always hear , ” I’m a Trained Professional “….. I am also speaking of continuous countless times that I observe the same Officers ( that will stop any civilian for a minor offense, then Arrest them for D.U.I. and all that , that includes)…… get into their own personal vehicles and drive Drunk !
    It is obvious that most of the traffic laws are established to generate Revenue !
    I wish there was a site or organization that would address this Hypocrisy.

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