More DUI Police Misconduct – Tampa

Great article here about police misconduct in handling DUI stops in the Tampa area – Lakeland. As a result 40 some cases may be thrown out. A good start.

My Fox Tampa Bay

This all started with the infamous “bra shakedown.” In that case, an officer pulled over a woman, and is seen on video telling her to shake out her bra — twice. He said he was checking for drugs.

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  1. There needs to be focus in South Carolina. I had a flat tire in 2012 and was charged with first offense DUI (a drug charge w/ no drugs involved) and two years later I discover I was charged with 2nd offense, some other offense that is not even stated and have reckless homicide on MV Record. My license has been suspended for almost three years for supposedly a first offense, the police report is provably 99% false and the guy was not even a law enforcement officer. I had a stellar career with federal security clearance after college and now, I’m almost on welfare because of the employment restrictions and nobody will touch my case. I can’t believe a person can be charged, found guilty of multiple offenses and a felony without their knowledge and they don’t have to produce a charging document. I’m happy others are getting justice, but resentful that so many can’t. Thanks for what you are doing.

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