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Video: Fair DUI Founder in Miami Checkpoint

Fair DUI founder Warren Redlich used the Fair DUI flyer in a Miami checkpoint earlier this week. As we hoped, it was a success. Skip ahead to 1:30 into the video to get to the heart of it.

Accompanying me on the trip inside the car was Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime. Also with us was Taylor Hardy of PINAC. He was outside monitoring the checkpoint with another camera.

Ultimately Carlos and Taylor will put together a better video because they had better equipment and they’re much more skilled. This video is just a short and simple attempt to capture what happened.

The flyer we used is for Florida, and can be seen below.


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Fair DUI Book Tops 20 Reviews


We’re pleased to report that our Fair DUI book has now gone over 20 reviews. Amazon shows 21 reviews with an average of 4.6 stars out of 5. Fifteen of the reviews were 5-stars and only one review was lower than 4.

The latest reviews?

very informative, and a must read, especially for those who even go out to dinner and have just one glass of wine.

Highly recommend this, as they explain why the field sobriety tests are rigged, and how the system takes away the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ guarantee under the constitution.

Excellent write-up on what to expect and what to know if you are ever stopped for DUI or suspicion of DUI. Bottom line – MADD is truly out-of-control and needs to be slapped down.

I gave this book five stars because of its truthful, balanced, and informational content. It is not a book designed to help a drunk driver beat the system, but rather to educate every driver about the black hole that is almost impossible to claw out from once he or she is arrested for the suspected presence of alcohol. Redlich consistently urges the reader to not drink and drive at all. At the same time, his advice and educational stance about the ‘justice’ system and particularly the relentless pressures of MADD are very important reading for any citizen who values his rights.

Here’s what the most negative review, a “2” had to say:

The layout, content and writing is great. Certainly Mr. Redlich is a seasoned and very competent attorney and obviously a good businessman if you are reading this review. However, I wouldn’t recommend spending money on this book. The same information is available by reading FAQ sections on a few DUI attorney websites. There is nothing profound that makes the purchase worthwhile.

While we appreciate the compliments, we respectfully disagree with the last two sentences. Few DUI attorney websites have the depth of information we have and it’s hard to know if the one you’re reading is accurate. Fair DUI, on the other hand, has great reviews on Amazon to show our quality. It is the best-reviewed and most likely the best-selling book about DUI on Amazon – it is the #1 result if you search Amazon for “dui”.


You can buy Fair DUI for only 99 cents on Kindle, or under $5 in paperback. Look at the reviews. It’s worth it.

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Flyer for Illinois

Please note that we’ve restructured the site to include a state-by-state directory. Click the following for the Illinois DUI page.

We’ve had many requests for Illinois, so here it is:

Fair DUI Flyer-Illinois-front

Fair DUI Flyer-Illinois.back

Fair DUI Flyer-Illinois – PDF

In the comments (below) a reader makes an excellent point. Illinois law requires the driver to “surrender” the license by handing it over. We still suggest keeping the window closed and showing the license to the officer by pressing it up against the window.

Why? First, the officer doesn’t need to hold the license in his or her hands. And most officers will not know about the language of the statute.

Second, even if the officer does know it still puts him in a difficult position. If you refuse to open the window, does he smash the window in? That creates a real problem for the officer because it’s a serious risk of an excessive force lawsuit and there is at least one case saying it is excessive force.

So as a driver you have to make a choice. If the officer orders you to hand over your license, it is a lawful order. You should obey the law. At this point you have to make your own choice. Do you have other concerns that outweigh obedience to this law and its consequences.

One argument is that the law itself is an unconstitutional infringement of your Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. The government’s minimal interest in physically holding your license does not outweigh your much greater constitutional right.

If you believe you are at risk for a DUI charge or perhaps a drug charge, the benefit of refusing to roll down your window may outweigh the consequences.

There is a third way. When you get stopped but before the officer reaches your window, tape your license to the outside of your window. Now he can get it without you having to roll the window down. It may be difficult to do this but if you can prepare ahead of time it might help.

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Fair DUI Flyer Successfully Used in Florida Checkpoint

Our friends at Honor Your Oath successfully used the Fair DUI Flyer at a DUI checkpoint in Ocala, Florida:

Also, a friend of theirs had previously had a somewhat difficult experience with the Ocala PD earlier, and tried again recently using the Fair DUI Flyer. It worked.

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Added Fair DUI Flyers for Georgia and South Carolina

Today we added flyers for Georgia and South Carolina. All flyers are on the Fair DUI Flyer page, and the new ones are here as well.

Georgia - Front

Georgia – Front

Georgia - back

Georgia – back

Fair DUI Flyer-Georgia (PDF)

South Carolina - Front

South Carolina – Front

South Carolina - Back

South Carolina – Back

Fair DUI Flyer-SC (PDF)

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