Fair DUI Book Tops 20 Reviews


We’re pleased to report that our Fair DUI book has now gone over 20 reviews. Amazon shows 21 reviews with an average of 4.6 stars out of 5. Fifteen of the reviews were 5-stars and only one review was lower than 4.

The latest reviews?

very informative, and a must read, especially for those who even go out to dinner and have just one glass of wine.

Highly recommend this, as they explain why the field sobriety tests are rigged, and how the system takes away the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ guarantee under the constitution.

Excellent write-up on what to expect and what to know if you are ever stopped for DUI or suspicion of DUI. Bottom line – MADD is truly out-of-control and needs to be slapped down.

I gave this book five stars because of its truthful, balanced, and informational content. It is not a book designed to help a drunk driver beat the system, but rather to educate every driver about the black hole that is almost impossible to claw out from once he or she is arrested for the suspected presence of alcohol. Redlich consistently urges the reader to not drink and drive at all. At the same time, his advice and educational stance about the ‘justice’ system and particularly the relentless pressures of MADD are very important reading for any citizen who values his rights.

Here’s what the most negative review, a “2” had to say:

The layout, content and writing is great. Certainly Mr. Redlich is a seasoned and very competent attorney and obviously a good businessman if you are reading this review. However, I wouldn’t recommend spending money on this book. The same information is available by reading FAQ sections on a few DUI attorney websites. There is nothing profound that makes the purchase worthwhile.

While we appreciate the compliments, we respectfully disagree with the last two sentences. Few DUI attorney websites have the depth of information we have and it’s hard to know if the one you’re reading is accurate. Fair DUI, on the other hand, has great reviews on Amazon to show our quality. It is the best-reviewed and most likely the best-selling book about DUI on Amazon – it is the #1 result if you search Amazon for “dui”.


You can buy Fair DUI for only 99 cents on Kindle, or under $5 in paperback. Look at the reviews. It’s worth it.

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