Fair DUI Flyer Successfully Used in Florida Checkpoint

Our friends at Honor Your Oath successfully used the Fair DUI Flyer at a DUI checkpoint in Ocala, Florida:

Also, a friend of theirs had previously had a somewhat difficult experience with the Ocala PD earlier, and tried again recently using the Fair DUI Flyer. It worked.

10 replies on “Fair DUI Flyer Successfully Used in Florida Checkpoint”

  1. Is there a Statute that states I don’t have to hand my papers over to police during a checkpoint in Missouri?
    Reason I ask; A friend of mine is constantly harassed when he goes through these checkpoints in Kansas City, his fiance is the ex-wife of a KCPD officer that has it out for him. Also, I have so many friends that are tired of their rights being violated. Any information you can give is appreciated. I looked up Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 302 Drivers’ and Commercial Drivers’ Licenses, but was unable to find anything that pertains to this directly. Thank you again.

  2. We haven’t looked at Missouri yet. We might go on a tear soon. We just did this through a Miami checkpoint and it inspired us.

  3. Thank you for educating the Republic regarding THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    God Bless you true AMERICANS. Unfortunately there will be those that will intentionally Drink and Drive but for those that aren’t impaired and yet may have consumed an adult beverage. They need to KNOW THEIR RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.


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