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  1. After seeing a crazy checkpoint video on youtube from Tennessee (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0OS9IArIBo) I just felt morally, principally, & ethically obligated to help this guy, and others, by searching TN law, and to help make a flyer for TN. Here’s what I found.

    55-50-351. License to be carried and exhibited on demand — Arrest and penalty for violations.

    (a) Every licensee shall have the licensee’s license in immediate possession at all times when operating a motor vehicle and shall display it upon demand of any officer or agent of the department or any police officer of the state, county or municipality, except that where the licensee has previously deposited the license with the officer or court demanding bail, and has received a receipt from the officer or the court, the receipt is to serve as a substitute for the license until the specified date for court appearance of licensee or the license is otherwise returned to the licensee by the officer or court accepting the license for deposit. Any peace officer, field deputy, or inspector of the department, or any other law enforcement officer of this state or municipality thereof, has the right to demand the exhibition of the license of any operator of a motor-driven cycle as described in ยง 55-8-101, and effect the arrest of any person so found to be in violation of this section.

    55-10-207. Traffic citation in lieu of arrest.

    (c) (1) The traffic citation shall demand the person cited to appear in court at a stated time and it shall state the name and address of the person cited, the name of the issuing officer, and the offense charged. Unless the person cited requests an earlier date, the time specified on the traffic citation to appear shall be as fixed by the arresting officer. The traffic citation shall give notice to the person cited that failure to appear as ordered is punishable as contempt of court. The traffic citation delivered to the court shall be sworn to by the issuing officer before a magistrate or official lawfully assigned this duty by a magistrate. The person cited shall signify the acceptance of the traffic citation and the agreement to appear in court as directed by signing the citation.

    I’m not sure how to interpret 55-10-207 (c) (1). To me I think it means your not required to sign it but that they can only express, indicate, or proclaim to me to sign it. But your NOT required to sign.

  2. DAMNE IT!!! >:-( Upon further investigating TN law I found this….
    7-63-101. Municipal violations — Citation or complaint in lieu of arrest.

    When any person violates any traffic, or other ordinance, law or regulation of any municipal, metropolitan or city government in the presence of a:

    (1) Law enforcement officer of such government;

    (2) Member of the fire department or building department who is designated as a special police officer of the municipality; or

    (3) Transit inspector employed by a public transportation system or transit authority organized pursuant to chapter 56, part 1 of this title;

    such officer or inspector may issue, in lieu of arresting the offender and having a warrant issued for the offense, a citation or complaint for such offense. A copy of such citation, which shall contain the offense charged and the time and place when such offender is to appear in court, shall be given to the offender.

    7-63-102. Agreement by offender to appear.

    In order to prevent the offender’s arrest and the issuance of the warrant against the offender, the offender must sign an agreement to appear at the time and place indicated, and to waive the issuance and service of a warrant upon the offender.
    7-63-104. Arrest when offender refuses to sign agreement to appear.

    In the event the offender refuses to sign the agreement to appear in court and to waive the issuance and service upon the offender of a warrant, then it shall be the duty of the officer, in whose presence the offense is committed, forthwith to place the offender under arrest and take the offender before the proper authority, procure a warrant, serve the warrant upon the offender and book the offender as in other cases of violations. The authority issuing the warrant shall take bail from the accused for appearance in court for trial, or in lieu of bail, commit the offender to jail.

    Son-of-a-bitch!! You are required by TN law to sign a traffic citation for any traffic offense AND because of this….55-10-406. Tests for alcohol or drug content of blood — Implied consent — Administration — Immunity from liability — Refusal to submit to test — Mandatory testing — Admissibility. aka the “no refusal” blood draw DUI checkpoints your S.O.L. in TN. WTF OVER!?!?!

    Congrats TN! You have officially demolished, ravaged, obliterated, and gutted the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th amendments of the U.S. and that’s not even mentioning your own state’s constitution!

  3. I need a DUI info flyer for Connecticut and Massachusetts, as i live on the of both states. Thank you. If u could kindly tell me where and how I can find this. Thank you. Lana

  4. where can i find a flyer DUI for Connecticut (CT) and Massachusetts (MA) in the USA. thank you, Respectfully, Lana Holden

  5. We sure could use a DUI flyer for the Great State of New Mexico when ya’ll have the time.

    Thank you, for your efforts to protect our Constitutional rights as they are under threat on a daily basis all across this once free nation by the militarization of our police forces. Thank you, kindly.

  6. Could you prepare one of these for inland border patrol checkpoints? I’d like to have something like this to cover those interactions as well.

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