News Nonsense on Marijuana and DUI

Here’s a classic nonsense story from the mainstream media: NBC – Pot fuels drugged riving deaths.

And here’s the quote that shows the stupidity:

Cannabinol, a remnant of marijuana, was found in 12.2 percent of those deceased drivers during 2010, (up from 4.2 percent in 1999).

Cannabinol is weak. It is a “metabolite” of THC, the result of what happens after the body breaks down THC. It is far less likely to cause impairment, if THC even causes impairment. So this statistic shows a tripling of a non-impairing substance in the blood of deceased drivers.

Thank you NBC and mainstream media for misleading the public. Again.

2 replies on “News Nonsense on Marijuana and DUI”

  1. The only legitimate question is whether there’s some science to connect pot use to driver impairment and a way to test for it and set a threshold.

    Right now, there’s just no strong evidence of impairment (it doesn’t affect reaction times or coordination the way alcohol does) and no science behind limits like our 5 ng / ml THC threshold for automatic DUI here in WA.

  2. Do you have a Fair DUI Flyer in Michigan Checkpoint? Where we reside the police are like maverick’s stopping everyone for anything and I know my days are numbered and I want to be prepared legally to defend myself.

    Thank you for your willingness to help us stand up for our rights.

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