Video: Fair DUI Founder in Miami Checkpoint

Fair DUI founder Warren Redlich used the Fair DUI flyer in a Miami checkpoint earlier this week. As we hoped, it was a success. Skip ahead to 1:30 into the video to get to the heart of it.

Accompanying me on the trip inside the car was Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime. Also with us was Taylor Hardy of PINAC. He was outside monitoring the checkpoint with another camera.

Ultimately Carlos and Taylor will put together a better video because they had better equipment and they’re much more skilled. This video is just a short and simple attempt to capture what happened.

The flyer we used is for Florida, and can be seen below.


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  1. WOW! California is one messed up state when it comes to making laws and statues! Basically your damned if you do and your damned if don’t! It took awhile but I found them for California.

    Division 6, Chapter 1, Article 4 – Signature & Display of License; Section 12951 (b) – The driver of a motor vehicle shall present his or her license for examination upon demand of a peace officer enforcing the provisions of this code.

    Division 17, Chapter 2, Article 1 – Arrests; Section 40302 (b) – When the person arrested refuses to give his written promise to appear in court.

    At first glance it looks like you’re “required” by law to sign a ticket in CA. But if you actually read 40302 (b), it states that persons “under arrest” (aka “custodial arrest”) must sign. There is a HUGE difference between being arrested and being detained or “stopped” for a traffic infraction. Unfortunately, like many things, the common vernacular and the legal realities are not the same, and simple terms can actually be complicated legal principles. Particularly in CA I recently discovered. I also found that California Penal Code Secs. 15 & 16 define infractions and fineable offenses as crimes. You can be arrested for crimes. So keep in mind your always taking a huge risk whenever you use these flyers on police. So if an officer begins to physically threaten you and your property it’s best to start complying and ALWAYS VIDEO RECORD THE ENCOUNTER NO MATTER WHAT!

    I recommend a good way to make this flyer for CA would be to have it state, “I am not required to sign if I’m NOT under arrest. Section 40302 (b).” or “If I am NOT under arrest I am NOT required to sign. Section 40302 (b).”

  2. Hello:

    My car has tinted windows. Will this technique work with people who have tinted windows?

    Can the police use tinted windows as an excuse for breaking into your car?



  3. I think the Virginia code is § 46.2-104. Although the LEO can ask for you to sign a paper in their presence to establish ID but it doesn’t say you have to open the window to do so.

  4. I live in a small town in NC. Check points all the time. It would be nice to be able to remind the cops that there are rules that in place to protect them and us

  5. Does this only apply to checkpoint stops that are announced? Or any situation where you are pulled over?

  6. You are so going to be in trouble if you listen to this dumbass. The law requires you to present ID when demanded, not in some envelope. You are going to cause people to be arrested.

  7. Plot twist: you don’t do this, you get arrested and you can’t argue the issues it raises.

    I only handle parts of two states. This is a nationwide effort. Outside of South Florida and the Albany NY area I don’t make money.

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