Are You a Fair DUI Lawyer?

The “Fair DUI” movement is growing. Our big video got over 3.1 million views and was featured in national media including the Washington Post, Fox News and CBS News. We’ve had plenty of local media coverage too.

Image from Fox News
Image from Fox News

If you’re a DUI lawyer you can be a part of the movement – for free! You can help our effort to make DUI laws more fair. You can help clients protect themselves from wrongful DUI arrests. And in the process you can get become the go-to lawyer for the Fair DUI community in your area.

Free? Really free?

Yes. Really. There will be ways you can pay to get more out of it, but you can join for free.

We are building a state-by-state DUI directory on the internet at Our website is growing and getting more traffic. So is our e-mail list, now approaching 6000 subscribers.

We want to include lawyers in our directory. Our readers are asking for help. You can be one of them.

How It Works

First, the Fair DUI lawyer directory is only available to lawyers who support our movement. You can read the rough details on our issues page. In short we want two things:

1. Procedural protections that protect innocent drivers from wrongful DUI arrests.

2. Change the approach to first offenders to minimize punishment and focus on education and treatment.

While it was not our original focus, we also oppose DUI checkpoints.

You don’t have to agree with us on all of these issues. But if you think the current DUI system is already fair and doesn’t need significant changes then the Fair DUI directory is not for you.

Second, you have to at least minimally support the Fair DUI flyer. You should review the flyer for your state (we’ve done 30 states so far), check the relevant statutes and make sure you understand the issues we are raising. If you think we’ve got something wrong, let us know.

As part of this you should be willing to do some free consultations with people who have questions about the flyer.

I will be doing a “CLE” (no credit) video about the legal issues. It’s almost ready. If you’re going to be a Fair DUI lawyer, you should watch it.

Once you’ve been approved as a Fair DUI lawyer, you should include a link from your website to your state’s page for the Fair DUI website. Sooner or later we’ll come up with “Fair DUI Lawyer” banner you can use.

Third, if you’re on board with the above, please let me know and I will include you on the state page for your state. Please e-mail me at and include a link to your website or other contact information. You can also contact me on LinkedIn if you prefer.

What’s Coming

We will add premium listings where you will be able to pay to be listed at the top of the page for your state and with additional info – maybe a photo and more.

Eventually I would like to work with lawyers to do state editions of the Fair DUI book. This will be available to the top paying lawyer in each state who will add comments to each chapter and add two or three chapters to the book relevant to that state.

I’m biased but it’s a good book. Look at the reviews on Amazon – 44 reviews averaging 4.7 stars at this writing. You won’t find any book like it that does nearly as well. And you can help make it better for readers in your state.

You won’t make money on the book. The price is kept low deliberately. But you will help people. More potential clients will know your name, and you will establish yourself as an authority.

Please let me know if you’d like to join the movement. E-mail me at If you know a lawyer who might be interested please ask them to contact me.