Fair DUI Interview with Gary Nolan


Fair DUI founder Warren Redlich was interviewed on The Gary Nolan Show this morning. The audio for that interview is below, roughly the first 25 minutes of the clip.

Warren and Gary discussed the Fair DUI flyer, the checkpoint videos that are getting attention lately, and related issues.


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  1. I think that you people are idiots! DUI check points are designed to get drunk drivers off the road and increase public safety .If you are not drunk and not breaking any laws then you should have nothing fear. I think you should go to a M.A.D.D meeting and explain to those woman you have created a loophole for drunk driving. Obviously you are a talented lawyer who should consider using your knowlage to do some good.

  2. You are the idiot Jason Walker. While I see some holes in this dui flyer depending on what state you live in, people need to stand up for individual rights. That is part of the problem in the USA now. People like you are stupid enough to let yourselves be brainwashed. Those women you mentioned are some of the same ones who can’t get behind the wheel of a car without a cellphone up in their face. The cops are just as bad with all the distractions in their cars. Now how is that any different than a drunk driver. People like you need to shutup.

  3. Really dude?
    You have not listened or read one word of fairdui. They don’t condone drinking and driving, in fact they strongly oppose it. What fairdui is all about is keeping the cops from abusing your rights. If you want the cops to extort money from you and yours that’s up to you but I for one am sick of this police state and cops need to be more accountable.

  4. I have never been to a M.A.D.D. meeting and probably never will, but since more accidents are caused by distractions like texting or talking on a cell phone, why haven’t they started a group called M.A.C.P.U.W.D.–Mother Against Cell Phone Use While Driving. I think some of the comments are written by people who should join D.A.M.—Mothers Against Dyslexia because their logic is ass-backwards.

  5. I was arrested in 2013 in march. The cops pulled me over because a scrrw fell out of my tag. When the officer got to the window he told me about screw then asked from my license and registration. When I went for my license the officer saw I had prescribed meds in it asked if he could see them {of course) your the police. They had me take a breathalyzer test and sobriety test I passed both so then they decided to take me to hospital for blood work its been two years and they just got results and I have a lawyer but he sucks bad I just feel this is wrong you can’t tell the last time I took them and the effects only last four hours and they say do not drive until you know how this meds effects you I had been on them for a while. Please help me I have to go to court march 10th please reach me thanks

  6. First thing I would do is get rid of the lawyer. They are not there for your benefit but only to funnel you through the system while milking you. Yes, they occasionally win, but at what cost and using them never ever teaches you how you have been hoodwinked into their scam courts of consent. I’d say that you should go online and start studying. There are a lot of good sites such as Family Guardian, etc. that will give you plenty of ammo on how to handle this if you are willing to study and if you have the guts to employ what you have learned.

    Also check out some of my other postings on the fairdui site under different headings. There are a lot of things you can say to deny your consent in these courts of consent. I’ll give you one example:

    You’re in court and the cop gets on the stand and gives his version of the terrible deeds you’ve done to warrant your paying fines and/or going to jail. When he’s done talking and its your time to ask him questions you start out asking a couple of meaningless questions to put him at ease; Officer Smith what was the weather like when you stopped me? Next question: What kind of traffic was there that day? Then you ask the next question; Officer Smith, do you recognize this instrument? holding up your copy of the charging instrument [the ticket?] . Ask the Bailiff to give the ticket to the officer [the bailiff is the official process server in the court]. After he says that he recognizes the instrument ask him if it is his signature on the item. After he acknowledges his signature ask him if he believes that the instrument constitutes a valid cause of action against you. Its a yes or no question. If he says no, then ask for a dismissal. If he says yes, which is the expected answer, then you say: Officer Smith, would you please state on and for the record how many elements there are in a valid cause of action and would you please name them.

    He has no idea how many elements there are in a valid cause of action and chances that he can name them are about as good as you getting hit by lightning. The judge and/or the prosecutor will immediately jump up and say ‘he’s not qualified to answer that question’. To which you should respond ‘I agree, he’s not even qualified to be a witness in this case. I move to have all his testimony stricken from the record and this action dismissed. Where do you think they will go with this. Just one way of fighting the machine. There are many others.

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