One reply on “Fair DUI on CBS News”

  1. Although I have not read your book, so I cannot comment if you addressed the issue in your book that most checkpoints are foundationally illegal.

    In order for a checkpoint to be legal, it must allow all drivers to turn around, not be questioned, or their papers reviewed, and to proceed in the direction from which they came.

    I cannot cite the case off the top of my head but it’s US Supreme Court case that identifies that a vehicle checkpoint must have a means for the driver and their occupants to not proceed through the checkpoint and be allowed to turn around and proceed in the direction, unharrassed, from which they came.

    Perhaps upon simple research, you can also provide a sign and a citation to the case that allows a driver to state his legal right to turn around and not proceed through the checkpoint. In most cities, that means the driver can find away around the checkpoint through a detour and not be subjected to his papers even being reviewed.

    It is time to make the law enforcement comply with the US Supreme Court case and probably take a case up to the appellate courts when they refuse to allow the driver to turn around and not proceed through the checkpoint.

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