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  1. I’m impressed with your approach to random checkpoints while driving. I live in Washington State, where I have been once arrested and twice charged with “Obstructing a Police Officer” – both times at my home. The first time I was arrested in my driveway after calling 911 for assistance. Then about one year later I received a Summons Notice Complaint, three months after I refused to allow a Warrant-less search of my home and/or open my front door, when a Detective, a Sergeant, and 6 officers showed up at my home claiming to be responding to a 911 call. I live alone, there never was a 911 call and the prosecution was unable to provide discovery of a 911 recording, claiming a recording error of the alleged call. In both of these instances I identified myself to police upon their request.

    I’m telling you this so you will understand that I have experience with Police Bullies in King County, Washington, and know something about the charge of “Obstruction.” In Washington State, it is unlawful to refuse to give my name and address to a police officer when requested – the charge being “Obstruction of a Police Officer.”

    This is an extremely liberal state and the police are aggressive. Many judges in Washington, simply throw the rule book out the window and convict – the court system is a business here and worse yet judges accept payoffs. Further, and without notice to Defense, engage in the practice of, Reflexive Law (they make it up as they go along). Washington, is simply corrupted to the core of the system.

    Could you please offer a flier for random checkpoint stops in Washington State. I believe you have the most foolproof method but in Washington State, we must give our name and address upon request to avoid the charge of Obstruction (RCW 9A.76.020).


  2. Are you going to create a flier for the state of Mississippi ?


  3. If you make one for Massachusetts, I will be happy to test it. Another so called “liberal” state where the state cops act with impunity.

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