Massachusetts Updated

Thanks to a reader comment, we have updated and revised the Massachusetts OUI page.

There is a state statute that requires drivers to hand over their license, but the penalty for that is only a $100 fine. We still recommend that you keep your window up and let the officer write you that $100 ticket.

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  1. Does that law say you have to physically hand over the license, or provide it in some means, like your bag on the window method?

  2. Massachusetts has a very disconcerting State Police, city and town police policies in place. The police departments in Massachusetts literally trample on citizens Civil Rights using the Patriots Act as a tool to ignore our fundamental rights in more and more situations everyday.

    I have personally witnessed the various police forces cuff people first, then run their names for warrants or any other reason they can come up with to make an arrest. Its alarming and scary having your own town or city police officers purposely antagonizing their citizens so that an arrest can be made even when a person is clear of warrants. IE: The Weymouth Police Department will search every single citizen and their cars, backpacks, pocketbooks, ect. if the citizen is between the ages of 16 1/2 to 45 years old. The police say that their chances of finding warrants, drunks or drugs is very high amongst the above stated age groups.

    They will make up a probable cause should they find anything not legal.

    If a police officer reads your fair dui flyer but then orders you to roll down the window or orders you to exit your vehicle, do we have to comply? If the answer is yes, we must comply, what is our defense should they find anything illegal? Keep in mind, the police departments around Ma. will make up a reason for their ordering you and the backup police officers will back their fellow policemen’s behavior.

    Is it legal in Massachusetts to use a dvr, spy pen or dashboard cam to protect our rights when dealing with a police officer stopping a citizen walking, on a bike, automobile or scooter? Yes, you read that right, the police in many towns will even stop people walking down the street if they look suspicious to the cop. How walking can ever look suspicious is a mystery to me unless a call has been made against someone but it happens all the time.

    I look forward to your response for I will not even go outside my house after 11pm because of the excessive force the police are instructed to use in Ma.

    Thank you for your posts and videos

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