New Flyers for Pennsylvania and West Virginia

We’ve added flyers for Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The front of the PA flyer is below. Please click the above links to go to each state page and see the new flyers.

Fair DUI Flyer-PA-front

The good news is:

1. Neither state requires tickets be signed.
2. Both states use clear language indicating you have to display or exhibit your license, not hand it over.

But as always, we recommend discussing this with a lawyer in your home state before using the flyer.

One reply on “New Flyers for Pennsylvania and West Virginia”

  1. If the police are really interested in catching drunk drivers, its not hard to spot someone who is drunk with their windows up. One look at their eyes is all it takes. Ever since “DUI checkpoints” began it was clear that they would keep pushing and pushing the limits of illegal searches to where it is now… We have cops pulling people over at random now and searching us under the guise of “safety checks”. Show me your papers….. Sound familiar? Completely innocent people being stopped with no probable cause and having their lives ruined if they happened to have a cold medicine bottle in the car. This flyer isn’t allowing drunk drivers sneak by. Its all we have to combat the Nazi police state this country has become

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