Video From Traffic Court: Sergeant Caught Lying

In the Fair DUI court fight over drivers not rolling down their windows, the Coral Gables police have set their position as to why police need to hold the license in their hands. They claim you can’t see the hologram security feature in the license unless they hold it.

They’re lying. Watch Sgt. Escobar repeat this lie persistently in his testimony, and then see how big of a lie it is.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Sheet glass has been transparent for roughly 1000 years. It allows light to pass through.

11 replies on “Video From Traffic Court: Sergeant Caught Lying”

  1. The only problem with your video demonstration of the hologram is that it does not replicate the nighttime conditions of the actual police check that night. Before you present your video in court, I hope you will record a new demo that replicates the conditions of a night time traffic stop.

  2. MY God! OMG! How does this cop lie under oath then go home to his wife and baby and not shit his pants??????????


  3. Ed, easy: he can lie because he has the POWER. He is GOVERNMENT! our whole government is sooooooo out of control and crooked and filthy and illegal today, they do any damn thing they want any damn time they want. Want to murder someone? No problem, find a Lavoy Finicum. Want to shit on our rights? no problem just do it. Then DO go home to the wife and kiddies and since you are soooo fucking crooked and immoral, it does not bother you one iota. Welcome to the new America!

  4. So, did Sgt. Escobar to to jail for perjury, or contempt?
    If not, Why were these issues not pressed??

  5. My beautiful son who I gave birth to 7/12/77 was taken from this World by a FIVE TIME DRUNK DRIVER ON AUGUST 15, 1997!!!! I as his mother still cry a few,
    Sometimes ALOT of tears everyday!! It has ruined my health with all the stress!
    When we assist in DUI checkpoints & from approx.11p.m.- 2a.m. At our last checkpoint during just that few hours 1 in 3 drivers were actually found to BE DRUNK!! Ridiculous! I don’t care what officer pulls u over and finds u to be over .08! Think of what you’re doing! Last thing we should b worried about is if he lied about what he could see! Don’t b such idiots! DON’T DRIVE DRUNK/HIGH!!

  6. I am very sorry for your loss, and I’m sure I speak for everyone who reads this. But, this issue is not about driving while drunk. No one here advocates driving while drunk. I deplore those who drive while drunk. This issue is about the abuse of power and obedience to the constitutional rights of all Americans against unwarranted search and seizure.

  7. This was just an attempt to make it law to roll your window down. That is the only way they can say they smell alcohol or pot/crack or what ever. As the author has stated before. He has seen innocent people convicted of DUI who were innocent. Some cops are plain out right bad. Exercising your rights is your best defense against them. Personally I don’t believe DUI check points really don’t save live. The DUI death rates reflect that fact. I also believe they are unconstitutional. Judge Napolitano said when sat on the bench in Virginia he ruled DUI check points Unconstitutional. His decision was up held later by a higher court.

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