MADD Resistance from MADD

The Georgetown Record reports on a conflict between MADD entities. The state MADD for Massachusetts is resisting efforts by the national MADD and the NTSB to lower BAC limits to 0.05. The state chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) does not support the NTSB’s proposal, partially due to concerns it would detract from MADD’s […]

Epic Fail: Stop DWI Sign

Think MADD and their friends are smart? Here’s the Madison County Stop DWI program proving you wrong. The full language on the sign was as follows: Driving Drunk??Please!!!!Don’t take your kids with you.Be sure a sober driver takes them home! And even when confronted with the problem, they still don’t get it: Stephen Goodfriend, the […]

MADD Doing Parenting Workshops?

For those who remember, Mothers Against Drunk Driving used to be against drunk driving. As noted in a recent post, a DWI program in New Mexico is doing an event about domestic violence. Today we find that a MADD chapter in Hawaii is holding a “Community Power Night” with events that include parenting workshops for […]

Radio Interviews

Two more radio interview about Fair DUI: This morning Warren was interviewed by Chris Sorochin of WUSB (Stonybrook) for the “If This Be Treason” show. The interview is about an hour long, and has a decidedly libertarian bent. And a couple days ago Warren was on with Wolf and Ellen Zee on the Wolf in […]

How Does a DUI Program Get to Domestic Violence?

Here’s an example of how DUI programs get off track. The Luna County (New Mexico) DWI program is hosting an expo “to help raise awareness for a variety of issues while having fun.” After polling teens they decided they would address these issues: “domestic/teen dating violence,” “drug and alcohol abuse,” “bullying,” and “drug trafficking/sales.” Strangely […]