Interesting DUI case

Here’s an interesting DUI decision, from the Philadelphia area: Judge Suppresses Evidence. Why is this interesting? Because in a case involving a political insider, the judge found the police officer was “less than truthful.” The officer testified that he’s arrested 200 people for DUI, and 100 of them were later determined to be under the […]

Florida DUI for a Judge?

Interesting story: Florida Judge arrested for DUI. We love this quote: “Judge Nelson has now experienced the embarrassment that many other innocent people have felt after being arrested and having the news of their arrest make the papers” – that’s what her lawyer says. Need a Florida DUI Lawyer? He’s right, of course, but is […]

DUI Checkpoints

Checkpoints are a common method used by police to address drunk driving. While this approach is popular within MADD circles (see the MADD FAQ on sobriety checkpoints for their perspective), there are some concerns that you may not have heard. First and foremost, checkpoints infringe on a basic constitutional right. Under the Fourth Amendment, we […]

MADD & Slate vs. ABI

There’s an interesting dispute brewing between MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and the American Beverage Institute (ABI), and some minor media are jumping in. The story starts with MADD getting a poor rating as a charity for its efficiency – that it spends a relatively low percentage of its money on programs. So then comes […]

Fair DUI Laws?

In the US, DUI/DWI laws are getting increasingly harsh. While we agree that drunk driving is a problem, we are concerned that the current approach is ineffective and unfair. There is a better way. Stay tuned and find out more. Read our Fair DUI Issues page too.