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Tampa Prosecutor Makes The Right Call

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.58.44 AMTampa prosecutors are dropping dozens of cases connected to a compromised police supervisor. Read more at MyFox Tampa Bay.

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Petaluma Off-Duty Cop DUI

williamsChief Patrick Williams must feel like he’s got a hangover after dealing with this nonsense – the Petaluma Police Golf DUI case.

Let’s get some common sense in DUI laws in this country. A scooter on a golf course is not the kind of situation the DUI laws were supposed to be about. And not only should we leave off-duty cops alone when they have moments like this, but let’s leave regular people alone too.

In this incident, not one of the many police at the scene decided to investigate the incident as a DUI. Because it was a fellow cop? Of course. So Officer McGreevy (the reputation of the Irish takes another undeserved beating) gets a sweetheart deal.

If that story isn’t bad enough, poor Chief Williams has to deal with a police overtime abuse issue in Petaluma too.

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Police Problems Continue in Tampa

WTSP reports on the ongoing problems with Tampa police and their improper DUI arrests. Six months now after the problems came to light and no officer has been disciplined yet.

Chief Jane Castor is taking heat. She claims she is setting up a task force to review the incidents but offers little explanation for the delay.


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So You Think Blood Tests Are Reliable?


But, you thought, blood tests are reliable, right? Not so much.

The people who do the tests see themselves on the same team as the police and prosecutors. And they see us (regular people and defense lawyers) as enemies.

Read this Denver Post article about the crime lab supervisor outed for her bias.

And read this detailed report from the Colorado Attorney General PDF).

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Tampa Update – DUI corruption cases dropped

Sgt. Ray Lloyd

Sgt. Ray Lloyd

We previously mentioned the Lakeland police scandal. Well now we have an update courtesy of ABC Action News.

Nearly 40 DUI cases have been dropped so far, because officers were caught putting false information in their arrest paperwork. Of course, no charges have been filed against the corrupt police officers.

For more from June, see The Lakeland Ledger.

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More DUI Police Misconduct – Tampa

Great article here about police misconduct in handling DUI stops in the Tampa area – Lakeland. As a result 40 some cases may be thrown out. A good start.

My Fox Tampa Bay

This all started with the infamous “bra shakedown.” In that case, an officer pulled over a woman, and is seen on video telling her to shake out her bra — twice. He said he was checking for drugs.

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Corruption in DWI Supervision

The Alamagordo News reports on a DWI Supervision employee caught embezzling money from programs that supposedly help educate DWI offenders.

At the time, Otero County Sheriff Benny House said a report of missing funds from the MADD Victims Impact Panel was taken from Cereceres by 12th Judicial District courthouse security staff on Nov. 9, 2011.

According to court records, Cereceres actually diverted the initial investigation toward his co-worker Barbara Black, but through investigation, courthouse security believed Cereceres was the person responsible for the disappearance of the funds.

The DUI-Police-MADD-Court industrial complex (we need to work on a better name) is just one more form of big government. And this story reveals a little-known detail of the scam. The special interest group, MADD, gets money running programs (the Victims Impact Panels) that it runs.

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