Video From Traffic Court: Sergeant Caught Lying

In the Fair DUI court fight over drivers not rolling down their windows, the Coral Gables police have set their position as to why police need to hold the license in their hands. They claim you can’t see the hologram security feature in the license unless they hold it. They’re lying. Watch Sgt. Escobar repeat […]

Fair DUI – Court Update

We’ve made a lot of progress getting the Fair DUI Flyer into court and it’s time to update our readers. Working with the journalists from PINAC, Warren challenged a DUI checkpoint in Coral Gables back in August. As we hoped for purposes of getting this into court, Warren was arrested. You read Warren’s description of […]

Video: Fair DUI Flyer Works in New York Checkpoint

A fan of Fair DUI in New York’s Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga and more) sent us a video. The video shows the Fair DUI flyer for New York State in action in a State Police checkpoint in the town of Brunswick. Note that in New York State drunk driving is commonly referred to […]

Three More States: Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin

We’ve added flyers for three more states: Minnesota DWI Missouri DWI and Wisconsin OWI Minnesota and Wisconsin are excellent states for the flyer. They don’t allow checkpoints, don’t require you to hand over your license, and don’t require you to sign tickets. Missouri is a little tougher because you may be required to sign tickets. […]