MADD Goes to Middle School

Apparently MADD is not satisfied with harassing adults or even teens. They’re heading to middle school to harass 12-year-olds. Read and see more on KOB 4. MADD is starting a program in middle schools showing them how alcohol can damage their lives, and helping them find alternatives. They should really change the group’s organization to […]

MADD Blows It In Erin Cox Case

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is catching quite a bit of heat for sticking their nose into the Erin Cox controversy. The short story is that Cox, a high school student, drove to a party sober to give a drunk friend a ride home. When the school found out that Cox went to a party with […]

Canadian legislator stands up to MADD

Canada’s Global News reports on a member of Parliament who is actually challenging MADD and the obsession with breath testing. M.P. Peter Goldring of Edmonton had been arrested himself back in 2011 and won his case last month. He raises a number of concerns, including this about MADD: Goldring also takes aim at MADD; saying […]