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Fair DUI on CBS News


Fair DUI was featured on CBS This Morning and on the home page of (see above).

Here’s the video:

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MADD Goes to Middle School

Apparently MADD is not satisfied with harassing adults or even teens. They’re heading to middle school to harass 12-year-olds.

Read and see more on KOB 4.

MADD is starting a program in middle schools showing them how alcohol can damage their lives, and helping them find alternatives.

They should really change the group’s organization to Mothers Against Alcohol, but then MAA may not sound as good.

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MADD Blows It In Erin Cox Case

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is catching quite a bit of heat for sticking their nose into the Erin Cox controversy.

The short story is that Cox, a high school student, drove to a party sober to give a drunk friend a ride home. When the school found out that Cox went to a party with alcohol, even though she didn’t drink, they punished her. There has been a substantial public outcry because Cox was punished for keeping a drunk person from driving.

So what did MADD do? They sided with the school, and now MADD is catching heat.

Read more in Torque News, North Andover Patch, and Renew America.

Fox News even caught the school’s lawyer in a lie, claiming that Cox had been arrested.

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Tone-Deaf Media on DUI

The Miami Herald sets a new low in the media being tone-deaf when it comes to DUI stories.

On Sunday the Herald had an article headlined DUI arrests down – way down – in Miami Beach. Reporter David Ovalle writes with a negative tone that DUI arrests in Miami Beach have “plunged” from 1300 in 2009 to 492 in 2012, and are on a pace for less than 450 in 2013.

Ovalle of course turns to MADD for a delightful quote:

“Obviously, it’s very frustrating for MADD. It’s so sad,” said Janet Mondshein, executive director of Miami’s chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving …. “If this continues, more people will die.”

Ovalle then blames police priorities:

Officers sometimes must forgo DUI stops to target other crime trends plaguing the city.

Followers of Fair DUI will note that we don’t always say nice things about police management, but here we applaud the Miami Beach police department for noticing that resources should be devoted to more serious crimes, especially ones with actual victims (as opposed to the potential victims of an impaired driver).

Miami Beach brass admits that officers who made DUI arrests their “niche” have in some cases been redirected. And rightfully so, said Miami Beach Deputy Chief Mark Overton.

“That’s not a good use of police resources, to have a guy sitting on an establishment that sells alcohol and waiting for people to come out. I don’t know if that was happening before, but that’s not what we’re focusing on,” Overton said.

“We don’t want our guys sandbagging bars.”

While Ovalle’s article does have some balance, overall he fails to challenge MADD’s illogic. This quote is a great example:

Has the message finally sunk in that drinking and driving is a deadly combination? Hardly. The number of traffic wrecks in Miami-Dade linked to drinking has remained level.

Think about this: The number of DUI arrests “plunged” as Ovalle put it, from 1300 to under and heading under 450, a 66% drop. But the number of alleged DUI crashes didn’t go up. Ovalle uncritically and prominently quotes MADD as saying “more people will die” when the number of accidents did not increase at all.

To Mr. Ovalle, the Miami Herald, and the media in general – It’s time to challenge MADD on its illogical approach to drunk driving.

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Video Interview with Mike Church

Here’s yesterday’s interview with Mike Church on his post-show show.

Hear today’s radio interview, and learn a little more about Mr. Church, at: Radio Interview with Mike Church.

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Fair DUI Interview on the Mike Church Show

Fair DUI founder Warren Redlich was interviewed this morning on the Mike Church Show. We talked about MADD and how to protect yourself during police encounters. You should see a thin black player below this sentence. Click the “play” triangle to start the audio.

Mr. Church is one of the leaders of Conservative and Libertarian talk radio. His show is on the Sirius/XM Patriot Radio channel, #125. He also has some great stuff on his website (again, Mike Church Show) including quite a bit of content you can buy.

Mike Church
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Canadian legislator stands up to MADD

PeterGoldring.jpgCanada’s Global News reports on a member of Parliament who is actually challenging MADD and the obsession with breath testing.

M.P. Peter Goldring of Edmonton had been arrested himself back in 2011 and won his case last month. He raises a number of concerns, including this about MADD:

Goldring also takes aim at MADD; saying the group is sending mixed messages to drivers.

“The public was confused and the public was not sure…For example, even MADD – MADD, on one hand says ‘don’t drink and drive,’ but on the other hand, they say on their website, ‘go ahead, you can have a drink or two and be ok.’ Well, you’re not going to be okay if the testing isn’t done right.”

It would be nice if some US politicians came out and stood up for their constituents against the MADD steamroller. Goldring is showing you can do that and the public might well be with you.

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MADD Diverges From Focus

Another instance of MADD abusing its contributors by doing things that have nothing to do with driving.

In Patch.

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