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DUI Hypocrisy in Missouri

The Joplin Globe reports on a classic case of DUI hypocrisy.

MADD leader Kerry Freeman watches Governor sign DWI law.

MADD leader Kerry Freeman watches Governor sign DWI law.

Short story: A DWI task force member is pulled over at a sobriety checkpoint and registers a 0.132 blood alcohol content. His passenger? The local police chief. If that’s not bad enough, the Mayor also had a DWI arrest this year.

The local MADD chapter is throwing one heck of a hissy fit, which is what the story is really mostly about. And yet it hasn’t dawned on any of them that maybe this is a sign that their punitive approach is unworkable.

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MADD Resistance from MADD

The Georgetown Record reports on a conflict between MADD entities. The state MADD for Massachusetts is resisting efforts by the national MADD and the NTSB to lower BAC limits to 0.05.

Mass MADD's David DeIuliis and friends.

Mass MADD’s David DeIuliis and friends.

The state chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) does not support the NTSB’s proposal, partially due to concerns it would detract from MADD’s separate efforts to curb drunken driving fatalities. … “We think that the more prudent course of action is to enforce the existing laws and continue going forward with some of the things we talk about in our campaign to eliminate drunk driving,” said David DeIuliis, program manager of MADD’s Massachusetts branch.

The article casts further doubt on claims from MADD and the NTSB that the lower level would save lives, noting:

There was only one fatal accident occurring during that [4-year] time period where the driver involved had a BAC between .05 and .08, the range the NTSB recommended re-examining. It took place in Wakefield in 2010, and involved a 24 year-old driver who registered a .07 blood-alcohol level and tested positive for oxycodone and benzoylecgonine.

Fair DUI congratulates the Massachusetts MADD chapter for showing some sense. We hope that spreads.

Update: Here’s a similar story from Virginia’s Fox 43 TV:

Walsh lost her only daughter Robin to a habitual offender on his third DUI. Since that awful day, Walsh and her husband, Bob, have spent most of their time educating others about the dangers of drunk driving.

Walsh says lowering the legal limit is not the answer — enforcing the current law is.

“Judges will laugh at that,” said Walsh. “They laugh at a 0.08. They may not have a smile on their face, but their rulings show it.”

Through MADD’s court monitoring program, Walsh has observed what she calls a disturbing pattern. She says drivers with BACs lower than 0.10 are often let off the hook, and, in many cases, Walsh says their DUI charges are reduced to reckless driving.

“It’s going to pack the court rooms that’s for sure,” said Walsh, discussing the recommendation. “But they already ignore a 0.08. I don’t see how a 0.05 is going to help.”

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MADD Doing Parenting Workshops?

Drunk driving prevention?

Drunk driving prevention?

For those who remember, Mothers Against Drunk Driving used to be against drunk driving. As noted in a recent post, a DWI program in New Mexico is doing an event about domestic violence.

Today we find that a MADD chapter in Hawaii is holding a “Community Power Night” with events that include parenting workshops for adults, self-expression for teens, face painting, crafts, storytelling, and “games for keiki”. Apparently keiki is the Hawaiian word for children or babies.

Somehow they claim this event focuses on preventing underage drinking. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the event about driving. Read the uncritical media account of it at Big Island Video News.

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Corruption in DWI Supervision

The Alamagordo News reports on a DWI Supervision employee caught embezzling money from programs that supposedly help educate DWI offenders.

At the time, Otero County Sheriff Benny House said a report of missing funds from the MADD Victims Impact Panel was taken from Cereceres by 12th Judicial District courthouse security staff on Nov. 9, 2011.

According to court records, Cereceres actually diverted the initial investigation toward his co-worker Barbara Black, but through investigation, courthouse security believed Cereceres was the person responsible for the disappearance of the funds.

The DUI-Police-MADD-Court industrial complex (we need to work on a better name) is just one more form of big government. And this story reveals a little-known detail of the scam. The special interest group, MADD, gets money running programs (the Victims Impact Panels) that it runs.

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