Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD

    The book MADD doesn’t want you to read

In the DUI book, Mr. Redlich describes practical strategies to prevent yourself from drinking and driving, handle police encounters, breath test devices and lawyers. Anyone who ever drives after just one drink should read this book.

1. On Kindle 2. Paperback from Amazon

1. The easiest and least expensive is to buy it on Kindle. Click the ad to see the Kindle version on Amazon. For those who don’t have a Kindle device, there are free apps for Android and iOS devices (such as iPads and iPhones) and for Windows and Mac as well. Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for free through the Kindle Lending Library. If the ad doesn’t work, please try this link: Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD – Kindle

2. You can also get the paperback on Amazon. Click the ad to see it on Amazon. Amazon Prime members can get free shipping. If the ad doesn’t work, please try this link: Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD – Paperback

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  1. Not for Colorado yet. The flyers are state-specific. They will work to an extent in any state, but some details will not make sense and can create problems.

  2. Would really love to see one for Maine, New Hampshire, Mass and Conn (or at least the appropriate code #’s so that I can make one for myself).

  3. Oklahoma is getting worse and worse, and not just with dui checkpoints, I breach serious corruption, they broke into my home, stole my property, my pets and filed false charges and after a year, foreclosed homes, lost employment, my life altered forever, the charged were dropped at request of the state… When I requested the return of my pets and property I was told that my “guilty plea” rendered my property forfeited… Wtf, I didn’t plea guilty… But no attorney will help….

  4. Maybe you might take some of the load off yourself and let us know how you begin searching the law in the various states regarding whether or not you have to roll down your window, actually sign a ticket, or physically hand the drivers license to the officer.

    If we can get our hands on that, we might make our own.

    Needless to say, Oklahoma.

  5. After the executives of amazon stated that they would “make a profit from customers when collecting taxes” I will never do business with amazon!!!

    Is there any other way to get your book?

  6. A Colorado flyer would be so appreciated. I have been harassed by my towns police for far too long. DUI Checkpoints are common and frankly annoying. Please if you could get one for Colorado…

  7. Please put me on your email list and send info on Michigan when it is available. Thank you and keep up the good fight!

  8. Hoping that the information to help those of us in Mississippi will soon be one of the flyers that you put out.

    Driver on stand by

  9. These are great if used responsibly to keep the police from harassing innocent people but I haven’t seen anywhere on your site that it is safer and better to not drink and drive or drive while under the Influence of anything. There are unfortunately people out there that will use this while to intoxicated to be driving and think it’s ok to do so and I understand it sucks to punish everyone for the actions of a few.

  10. “I haven’t seen anywhere on your site that it is safer and better to not drink and drive or drive while under the Influence of anything.”

    The book recommends not driving after any drinks at all, because of the danger of arrest.

    However, we disagree that it’s “safer.” Someone who has had one or two drinks, or has taken medication responsibly, is not a more dangerous driver. We’ve read the science. Have you?

  11. Howdy every1/wredlich. Ive looked through all the post by peepz here and i notice a couple inquiries about California, I didnt notice a response from u wredlich about my great state. Could u please respond to our request if u havent already and I do apologize if u did. O yah, another question to all who r responsible for this, um, have u already or is it in the works currently or is it not possible for better exposure of these rights? And, is there anything I could do to help u with getting this info to my fellow american (lol)?

  12. As a human being and NOT a legal fiction PERSON, I have the natural/God given inherent, UNAILENABLE right to travel unmolested when not in commerce. Natural/common law is REAL law and not STAUTES (color of law). As a paralegal I know the difference as well as a B.A.R Card Attorney’s FIRST duty IS to the court system as it is stated in my law books and you the client become insane/ward/child. And POLICE are allowed to lie and frequently do. I have witnessed them doing so UNDER oath! Very sad. I do like what you are doing and think it is wonderful. But facts and TRUTH are frequently hidden for money and employment. Please know that I am NOT bashing, just bringing forth real truth as we ARE called to do. http://www.apfn.org/apfn/travel.htm I expect this post to be altered or ignored because of its TRUTH. As usual.
    Signed, FRUSTRATED in America

  13. Also THEY get you to trade your RIGHT to travel for THEIR controlled privilege/benefit through a one sided ADHESION contract (you have NO choice basically) through deceptive business practice and coercion. No bilateral REAL contract. This IS how THEY also get implied, signature consent. Very sad. As Clergy also I see in my Bible warning me about these creatures in the end times. Again very sad.

  14. Thank you for protecting freedom. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters. Anything we can do to help besides purchase the book and spread the word?

  15. Thanks for asking. We appreciate the haters – they remind us that we have work to do.

    We’re working on an e-mail list so if you could sign up on the list and tell your friends that would help.

  16. The weed-legal states, for medicinal and recreational – please get flyers for these.

    C O L O R A D O please…

    You guys are great!

  17. Hey there, I’m trying to find where we can sign up for e-mail updates, so that I can be ready when you have the Colorado sign made. Where do I go to sign up? Thank you so much for what you do! Take care,


  18. what if they let you through the check point and then pull you over for suspicious driving will the card still work

  19. Accept in all states? What to do if law officer refuses to recognize this?
    Please list states where this a problem with law officers?

  20. In Pa you do not have to take a field sobriety test or a DRE. Also your not required to blow into a portable breath analyzer as the results are not allowed in court they have to use the ones they have at the police dept if they have it believe me they are big machines. Also the officer has to read you word for word the blood/breath draw form and if you can show they didn’t it’s better for you. You are only required by law to give a blood draw/BA on approved machine. If you don’t you will lose you license for a year but also remember what I said about the consent form.All of the above mentioned things I stated are true as the cops will use those as an investigatory tool to get you. Your protected by your 4 and 5th amendment rights. Also beware that Pa instituted a Per Se law back in 2003 which you can’t defend yourself if any drug (legal or not) by having doctors,experts stating that you were not impaired by the use of meds booze etc according to the blood results even if the results would show you were not impaired by them. I’m saying this from experience, You can always contact a DUI attorney to back up my claims.

  21. It is my understanding that Colorado has more individuals incarcerated per capita than any other State. A lot of these arrests are for DUI and other charges that are not valid. There is a saying about my home State “Come on vacation, leave on probation”. The number of citizens arrested for DUI is out of control. I understand why the laws were changed, as I agree that too many people were being killed by drunk drivers. But I think the pendulum of the law has swung way too far and too many people who have had one beer after work and then go to drive home are getting arrested when their driving is not a true threat to anyone. Criminals are being made of otherwise good people and citizens. I think a study needs to be done to determine what the BAC has been for persons who have actually caused serious accidents due to their drinking and then the legal driving BAC should be adjusted to reflect what the threat truly is, not this arbitrary amount set by the Federal Government that the States comply with only so they can get Federal highway funds. Please have a flyer for Colorado soon as we need this!!

  22. Even though Washington State doesn’t have any checkpoints, can that video and that tactic help me when I get pulled over?

  23. I don’t think you totally get the point of all this. Even though you do not drink you are also at risk of being harassed and accused of DUI.

  24. Do you have one for Massachusetts ???? thank you I do not drink at all, but would like this bull to stop.

  25. I live in Maine which has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country along with some of the most crooked police. Would truly appreciate a flyer or info on making one myself.

  26. Kansas is getting slammed with checkpoints after Colorado legalized.. Any idea how far out you are for Kansas? I’ve hit 5 in the last 3 months!

  27. I don’t drink, but I am always in favor of lawyers engaging in helping the community. I applaud your service Mr. Redlich and for contributing your time to making these flyers. I also think it is important that people understand that even if they don’t drink and drive, they can still be arrested by police for whatever made-up reason they come up with. Clearly this flyer works best when backed up by a video recording of the encounter with police as police have become notorious for their lies caught on camera. Limiting contact with police is, unfortunately, the best course of action citizens can take these days. I wouldn’t even call the police if someone burgled my home. I know they won’t get my stuff back, and even a slight chance of being beaten or killed by the police is too much of a chance. They might think I am the burglar.

  28. Thanks for your kind words. I’m not as cynical about police in other circumstances. I would call them on a burglary. But it depends where you live.

  29. I heard your books were very helpful. before spreading knowledge that most people fail to comprehend. please inform me you come out with an issue for Mississippi. We really need it dowm hear!

  30. The book is national. We might do state editions by working with local lawyers. If you know any there who might be interested have them contact us.

  31. Thank you!! Kentucky when you can please. I’m sure all states need one. I’m not sure I can comprehend how we have come to a point of being in this kind of need, but I don’t believe it will get better. I should have no reason to fear, yet I do, and have experienced it without due cause. It changes the way you think, the way you view things.

  32. Please we need one for Kentucky very badly! That’s exactly how they get ya! I can’t pass a sobriety test with not a drop of alcohol or drug in me! The law will find something though as soon as u roll down that window they gotcha! Now, I understand if your veering off the road or really honestly drunk! In this state though it is guilty until proven innocent thank u!!!

  33. The core of your writing while sounding agreeable at first, did not sit properly with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer but just for a while. I still have got a problem with your leaps in logic and one might do well to fill in all those gaps. In the event that you actually can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly end up being fascinated.

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