We’ve created a flyer you can show to police during checkpoints and traffic stops. The idea is that you do not roll down your window but rather press the flyer up against the window so police can read it. You show them your license and other papers through the window.

Warning: This is not for everyone or every situation.
Please read more on our “Is it for you” page.



This page was getting ugly as we added more states. We’ve revised the site to include DUI directory by state.

At this writing we’ve lost count with 25 or more states, but check the above state directory to see if more have been added.

So far we have:



Michigan DUI
Missouri DWI

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

South Carolina

West Virginia

The flyer also goes along with our DUI book.

You can see the flyer in action through various videos we’ve posted.

Here’s Fair DUI founder Warren Redlich in Miami:

And here’s the one that went viral, with over 2.6 million views at this writing:

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    1. Doesn’t look like we will be printing any for CA or other states. You can download the image and print it.

        1. Can u please make one for Kentucky. My wife and sister in law and myself just had a bad run in with KY troopers. Would love to not have to speak to them if necessary. Believe sign would be very helpful.

        2. Many many moons ago, I was coming home (after stopping drinking 4 hours earlier). It was past 2, and they pulled me over, saying I had swerved slightly (while turning). I ended up blowing a 0.08. After the cost of going through that (and getting a wet and reckless in the end) I no longer drink unless I have a driver.

          In California, there are two justice systems. If you refuse a breathalyzer, the DMV removes your drivers license. So if stopped, how would you avoid this?

        3. I would like to know if there is a version for Idaho, did ctrl f to do a find on this page, nothing comes up, but not sure if there is one in the works or another page.

        4. If you have a DUI flyer for NC, I would appreciated a copy (with correct NC legislation noted). 🙂 Thanks ever so much (and I don’t even drink alcohol or use drugs)

        5. Hello as soon as you have one for arizona can you please email it to the address above in desperate need of one considering arizona is a shady state as far as du is go the again and if possible a good AZ attorney I can use for an upcoming dui case I am currently fighting thanks again Zachary Zachary

        6. hello, I have read this whole post, I am from new york state. I noticed all the other state the cards say I do not have to sign anything. my question is, is that also true in ny. I don’t drink or do drugs, but I do drive alone a lot. I am 51, and have had only one ticket for speeding in all the years I have been driving. does ny laws state that I have to sign a ticket if given one, and if so what do I do in that instance..

          thank you
          milie brown.

        7. Ok now I’m confused. I will only push back if I know I will win. Those who push back and lose make it worse. Where and which ones are the correct California papers that I will need? I’m going to make sure every citizen has a copy along with your instruction and website information… My email just in case I lose my way back here.
 Oh and I know Gmail is holding hands with the NSA. Screw them. They are all over your website also.

        8. This is a great social gift; things like this make me proud of us.
          I know I’m sure there is a lot digging and research that goes into these flyers but Kansas would be much appreciated.

        9. Please make one for new mexico and email it to me. Thank you all for helping to keep our constitutional rights alive!

        10. Do you have the Form for the State of Indiana yet?
          Here’s the Tricky part, I also (Legally) Conceal Carry and do know that you must also present the “Permit” to LE without notification if stopped. They get ‘REALLY UPSET’ with you if they pull you from your vehicle and find a Weapon (Declared or not)

        11. I’ve read the relevant provisions that the California placard referenced, and I think your interpretation rests on the meaning of the verb “to present”.
          Do you have any legal precedent that demonstrates that to present something to an officer, one merely needs to show it to them? It seems to me that to present something means to hand it over to them, but if there’s some ruling to the contrary that would support your interpretation of the word, then obviously you would be correct in arguing that such documents merely have to be “presented” through clear glass..

        12. Vagueness works for the defendant.

          If you’re the officer, what’s your argument as to why you need to hold it in your hand?

        13. Added you to our e-mail list. Hawaii is not near the top of the list though. It’ll be at least a couple months.

        14. North Dakota please!!!

          Also can this be used at any traffic stop, or only at checkpoint?? I watched a video where a guy used this at a traffic stop and the cop said this isn’t a checkpoint you need to communicate.


        1. PA is extremely strick about their DUI laws, this would save a ton of time being the Designated Driver that I always choose to be.

        2. I am wondering about PA as well. I don’t drink and drive but living in a university town there are a lot of DUI check points conducted here. I would love to know my rights in PA in case I ever get stopped at one. They also do seat belt checks during these same stops, but the last I heard they can not cite you for not wearing a seat belt unless they can cite you for something else.

        3. Pennsylvanians need something like this to protect them from the horrible abuses of power under color of law infractions that are rampant in our state. It is a criminal ring of conspiracy between the Police, District Attorneys, and Judges. They know exactly what is going on and work together to keep it going any time someone blows the whistle.

          This could have saved my life. Twice.

        1. I really can’t believe that I’m seeing something so dumb and immature. I was hit head on by a drunk driver when I was 18 and had only been married for 9 weeks. If someone had stopped that guy and checked him, I wouldn’t have spent the last 40 yrs in a wheelchair as a paraplegic. If you haven’t done anything wrong, what’s the big deal? Maybe if someone in your family had been hurt or killed by a DRUNK, you might feel different.

        2. Tina Green, There are other ways of finding drunk drivers, like watching for poor driving. The problem with these stops is that they are not designed to find drunks, they are designed to find as many BS violations, real or imagined, to create a revenue stream for the city or county. If the courts punished drunk drivers instead of slapping their hand and letting them rack up dozens of infractions there would be far fewer of them. Your “accident” was due to a drunk driver, but there are many more that are due to totally random acts of poor driving, poor weather conditions, or vehicle mechanical failures, any one of which could have done the same thing to you. Your example is not enough to justify “law enforcement” making illegal witch hunts for violators, or for violating your rights under the Constitution.

        3. To Tina Green – I’m sorry about what happened to you – there is a flipside to this (and the site clearly states this isn’t to be used to avoid proper prosecution)
          When I was 19 I was run down by a drunk driver – (who wasn’t arrested, her husband showed up with friends with crowbars to hurt ME… while stuck under the parked car I landed under)
          A couple months later I get arrested for DWI – because I couldn’t pass the heel-to-toe walk (BOTH legs were clearly injured, and in braces and I was on crutches)
          I spend 5 days in jail waiting to see a judge….. who PROMPTLY dismissed the case.
          I found out that I was “On their list” (a freind had pissed off a cops relative, ha,d nothing to do with me even, they just knew he was in my car all the time) I was getting stopped constantly, for no reason – tickets were written where I wasn’t even present, on and on. took me 10 years to sort it. (I was about to bring a large suit… and things cleared up suddenly…)
          THAT abuse is what this site is about…

        1. May I jump on the Colorado bandwagon? Things have been going south ever since the DNC left lots of toys behind.

        2. Yes please for Colorado. Or where to look for the statues re: signing a ticket, handing over documents etc. Thanks so much.

        1. In Az we have to sign, we can be detained if we don’t, not arrested but brought in to see a judge right then and there so we would need modifications a bit..

        2. I seriously hopie there is one for Arizona in the works as well. I’m terrified to drive anywhere as I’m new to the state, but not new to reality. What, if anything, can any of you tell me about the laws here, in addition to being required to sign?? Thank you.

        1. Yes. Stopped at a DUI. Cop very rude when refused to talk to him..long story short he said I don’t have a right to attorney. I recorded the encounter and I also DON’T DRINK.


        1. For sure indiana they r bad out here. Stopoin people for no reason looking in cars cause they want to be sure that u don’t haveba weapon and u never even did anything to be pulled over for. Its for their safety nd the safety of the peole around me. Blahhh crap INDIANA!!!! Absolutely!!! Pleazzzzze??!!

        2. +1 for Indiana. Also for those with a CCW permit in IN, there is NOT a duty to inform an officer that you are carrying as others have said. IC 35-47-2-24

      1. In Florida, you are required to notify the other party that you are recording with an audio recording device. Not sure you can secretly record a traffic stop.

        1. Yes, Missouri does need this. Kansas City Police set up “Checkpoints” all summer long. As far as I’m concerned it’s all about “Papers, please?”. My spouse and I have been caught in several of these extremely inconvenient searches in the past. Neither of us drinks nor do we do drugs of any kind. It’s about time that “We The People” take back this country!

        2. I completely agree. This has already been done before by Nazi Germany. They are conditioning us to have fewer Civil Liberties. If people don’t wake up — our country is going down a very, very dark road.

        3. Oh and yes, please create one for Missouri! 🙂

          Thanks to the true freedom fighters out there. It’s good to see some still exist!

        4. Yes, Missouri needs one.we do not drink because of medical problems I have but it seems like every road my wife goes down there is a check point of some sort. Missouri has way too much time on their hands because all they do it seems like is have checkpoints everywhere.

      2. Are all states different to their checkpoints laws…or basically my rights are the same through out…are the ones available because they need specific directions…what about Alabama?

      3. I have had bad experiences with the cops in NC. They are too gun happy. I would like one so I do not have to talk to them.

      4. I absolutely LOVE this. Could you please make one for VIRGINIA? I’ve seen a lot of comments about it. I need one for this Commonwealth state. ASAP!!

      5. I think you are putting the rights of those who knowingly break the law by driving drunk or high about the rights of those who are killed by them everyday. typical lowlife lawyer who will do anything to get off the drunks, when they really should be jailed.

      6. for some odd reason i tend to attract alot of cops that try to push bogus legal issues so far all of which have ended in embarrassment on prosecutors side

        id like to minimize all further stupidity hurled at me by cops in my state so

        do you have one of these for michigan

      7. am in canada can you write one here they have a new law the cop just has to look at u whith out any physical evidence and say ur impaired or lie and say they smell pot for that reason i dont want to rolled down my window they have blow boxes for pot but they are available here in canada we have alot a racist cops here too they will go after the blacks and natives and if they see u have priers on posseision of pot they will go to town on u my laywer said he doesnt care so am trying to protect myself i have medical pot so if i smoke 2 days ago they will charge me thc stay in ur fat cells for 3month so a piss test wont clear me it will and what happen when they have a cwota to meet we will be scrued here in canada please help us

    2. Much law is being left out of these signs. For instance, if you refuse a breathalyzer in Arkansas you are legally guilty of intoxication, even if you’ve never in your life drunk alcohol. Any Arkansans who are unaware of that, and rely on your signs alone, may find themselves in a heap of trouble that will not go away until the last penny is paid — which will be a long time considering the increase in your insurance rates.

      1. It’s true if you refuse a breathlizer you automatically get suspended but this is exactly what the flyer is for…they can only give you a breathalyzer if they have cause…like slurred speech or smell of alcohol…by not talking to them and using flyer it takes away that possibility

        1. Not true… An officer only has to have suspicion of you being under the influence of an intoxicant. An theres lots of other charges an officer can hit you with if you dont comply. There are lots of cops that abuse there power but theres a lot more who dont. At the end of the day you will be spending more time failing on trying to get around the law when if you just simply do the right thing you wont have problems. This is a joke, and everyone who thinks this will actually work are also jokes.

        2. What about if they say the cause is b/c you were swerving while driving…then do you have to open window and talk?

        3. They can say you were swerving coming up to tue check point weather you were or were not. Make one for canada. Usually if im asked to take the breathalizer, I agree. But not wothout my lawyer present. Have your lawyer so he cant show up till the next day. They cant legally deny you your lawyer for anything they ask you to do. So you legally did not deny the breathalizer. Used tour rigjts to have a lawyer present. You may soend the nite in jail, but if you were drinkin you will pass when your lawyer shows up.

      2. Usually they can’t even order a breathalyzer unless they have probable cause. Keeping your window rolled up removes one element of probable cause because they can’t smell any so-called alcohol or drugs.

        1. NC would be nice please! Being a military guy, cops in a military town really don’t like us very much and always do everything in their power to make our lives hell. This would be a huge help!

        2. In MOST states, the sworn Officer must have probably cause (not just reasonable suspicion) to go the next step and demand the driver take the “blow test” or portable breathalizer. In most of the Western States, this can go to what is called the “Intoxillizer 5000” model and is almost always taken prior to intake at the jail after the initial arrest, in particular, DUI.
          If you are ordered to submit to a “blow test” using any type of technology which registers BAC in the field PRIOR to the Officer noting see “objective symptoms” of impairment/under the influence, the police will lose the case in court without that requirement of first noting the driver’s impairment of “Objective symptoms” prior to demanding the driver blowing into a PBT (portable breath test) for BAC level. The only bad thing about it is, you could possibly be arrested and processed, even though the outcome would be in your favor. The good thing is the Officer is still “held” to Title 42 USC, sec. 1983,1985 and his supervisor(s) if they uphold the arrest and don’t release the driver, upon which a civil-rights attorney COULD sue under that USC (United States Code) section for false arrest, false imprisonment and the officer and his/her chain of command would also be subject the being named in the lawsuit and CAN be prosecuted and fined for such violations if found guilty in a civil Court. Only a “preponderance of evidence” is needed for a conviction at that level. NOT beyond a reasonable doubt, as in a criminal procedure.

        3. Dumbass… Its called wreckless driving… You have more than one scense that contributes in determining if probable cause. Something tells me you are not the brightest of the bunch.

      3. They should only request a breathalyzer if they smell alcohol and if your window is up and you are not speaking that should clear that from the board. I don’t believe they can just stop you and day blow here

        1. “At the end of the day you will be spending more time failing on trying to get around the law when if you just simply do the right thing you wont have problems.”

          Failing to exercise your self-evident rights is the problem. But until you know what your rights are and understand those that want to control you (even by good intention), well you can’t identify why you should defend you and yours. Justin I don’t think you know what they are or why your rights are worth defending.

          It took about 5 trips to court to get a traffic ticket dismissed,because of a bully cop. Grant it most people are too busy working just to pay taxes that the system literally milks common everyday people like cow for money and therefore their most precious unrecoverable commodity; time. It robs you of your dignity and makes you feel as helpless as being held up by an armed robber. Likewise you’ll teach your children to comply, instead of saying it’s outright thievery and nothing more. And instead teach sometimes you’ll have to pick the battle you want to fight. If you’re going to battle you better arm yourself. You would be like the guy who owns the world ammunition for your guns without a working knowledge of how to load or shoot your guns and rifles.

          Hiring an attorney for common traffic tickets is not practical for most people. For a DUI, you’re going to have to anyway so you might as well make it very hard for the system to prosecute. But the biggest reason reason the police state gets away with so much of it is because the people’s will to be free and independent has been broken and going with the herd is far easier than challenging the herd even if going over a cliff to total destruction.

          A couple of things you’ll never realized Shane or see. The frustration of an officer that couldn’t get me to sign a ticket and lost his cool. Who promised to embarrass me in front of the judge, but didn’t show up. The scared eyes of a magistrate who realizes that I’m not going to be processed much less cooked. The frustration of a couple assistant prosecuting attorneys; I engaged with one who fully lost his cool because he couldn’t bully me with color of law or the pretense of power he didn’t have or could exercise. Nor will you ever watch the bewilderment of an IRS desk agent who just found out I know more about the Internal Revenue code than she does. Or the demeanor of a cocky and bully IRS appeals officer that couldn’t process me so easily as tax court sent me back to him, because he violated my rights. You’ll never experience such. Bending over a taking it is more your lot. You’ve never made them flinch.

          Don’t get me wrong, any like me should know the cost of the battle to measure the worthiness of it. But Shane you haven’t consider how you’re being violated much less anyone else, so bending over and taking it is much easier.

          I didn’t use a lawyer for anything I did. I’ve no 4 year degree, but I know what freedom and liberty means for me. I understand the contests to try and keep and have it returned. Also to get people to leave you alone.

      4. The officer must have probable cause to require you to take a breathalyzer…this sign is ensuring you do not give the officer that probable cause… if you don’t speak they can’t say you were slurring, you don’t roll down your window the officer can’t say he smelled alcohol or anything else….did you not watch the video? All this was clearly explained! If you feel you must talk to the officers remember…Taking a breathalyzer or field sobriety test is a former of questioning…you have the right to halve an attorney present during all questioning…so you go to jail for a few hours, your attorney shows up and you take the test…you may loose your license for 60 days and will have an attorney bill and impound bill, but charges will be dropped! All that is still better then having a bogus DUI on your record.. If you think you are boarderline, and haven’t drank in a couple hours, take a drink right in front of the cop (spit it out on your floorboard so it doesn’t enter your bloodstream) .. You can not be breathalyzed for 15 minutes after your last drink..Never do a field sobriety test because most sober people can not pass them (can you say the alphabet backwards quickly?) And the eye nastagmus test and convergence test come back as a fail 90% of the time whether you pass or not! Better to just use the sign and keep your mouth shut! You are an America Citizen and have constitionally protected rights…NEVER FORGET THAT…I FOUGHT AND WAS WOUNDED TWICE FOR YOU TO HAVE THEM AND THE FREEDOM THAT GOES ALONG WITH BEING A CITIZEN…4 OF MY VERY BEST FRIENDS DIED DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOMS…DON’T LET THEM HAVE DIED IN VEIN !!! PLEASE !!

        1. In Las Vegas Metro Police will break your window, yank you out of your car and arrest you for obstructing which means you are hindering their investigation as to whether or not you are under the influence, and also resisting arrest because they had to remove you from your car! Be careful people!

        2. Really? take a drink in front of the officers that is about the dumbest thing you could tell anyone. Not only will you be charged with dui but also for having a open container in your vehicle maybe even public drunkenness.

        3. Actually we heard that idea from a judge, and he didn’t say to spit it out. On that approach you should swallow it. They’re supposed to prove what your BAC was while you were driving the car. If you drink after you’re no longer driving (and no longer in any control of the car – give the cop your keys), then the subsequent breath or blood test doesn’t fairly reflect how much alcohol you had in your system while driving.

          It’s a creative approach, but we don’t recommend it.

      5. Re AR DUI law. I am not a lawyer but I recently went through a road block (they have them weekly here) and refused a breathalyzer on principle. I was NOT found “legally guilty of intoxication.” The trooper tacked on as many charges as he could, like DWI- Drugs (marijuana). He DID decide to make me spend 12 hours in county lock up. And had the authority to do so once I stepped out of the car.

        Was found not guilty of all charges with the exception of refusal. And had license suspended for 6 months.

        Not sure if I’m brave enough for this flyer idea yet, but will be getting my own dash cam. I am ALL for videoing police activity. Truly equalizing I feel.

      6. This isn’t telling the police you refuse a breath test it simply says you refuse to speak and are providing the documents required. also says to comply w any lawful orders

      7. The flyer may help prevent a situation from escalating to the point where you are asked to do a breathalyzer. If not asked, you aren’t refusing.

        You are also not “legally guilty of intoxication” in the US, anywhere, ever, unless you are proven, in a court of law, that you [were] in intoxicated!! Punishment may differ…but if you’re not intoxicated, you’re not intoxicated.

      8. If you are taking a breathalyzer then you are obviously not in your car any longer therefore the sign is meaningless. In most states the breathalyzer you take out in the field ins inadmissible in court then only one that counts is one taken down at the police station or their mobile facility.

        1. So much wrong with your comment.

          1. The term breathalyzer is outdated.

          2. The flyer is intended for while you’re in the car. Breath tests have nothing to do with it.

          And that’s just for starters.

    3. PA Vehicle Code requires you to display your license, registration card and insurance card upon demand by an officer. However, the legal ( Vehicle Code ) definition of display is to ” temporarily surrender”.

      So keep that in mind if in PA.

      1. What exactly does this mean? Even though you must present license, that doesnt mean you have to physically give it to them. If its front facing in the bag, they should have no reason to even touch it.

    4. This is a great idea. I don’t drink but I am a designated driver for my friends. I would love to have a flyer for Colorado. I get stopped by the law within 2 blocks of leaving a bars parking lot. Thanks

    5. This is some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever seen. Act like a human and you’ll never have an issue. Start playing childish games and that’s how issues start. Be a man open your window and talk to the officer. Act like a 3 year old and don’t speak or hand your paperwork over like a big boy , that’s when it turns confrontational for no reason.

      1. I recently served on a Jury on a DUI case in which the officer swore he smelled “a strong odor of alcohol” and the police also testified that the front drivers side tire “touched” the yellow line which was grounds for probable cause of DUI and stopping the defendant. The defendant was a libertarian and refused the breathalyzer on principle. He was taken through the court system 3 times (2 times it was a hung jury) taking over 2 years of his time even though he proved he was with a friend (an Illinois State’s attorney) for the 4 hours prior to being pulled over and she testified they had nothing to drink. This all happened at 2am on an extremely winding road. He also refused the field sobriety tests. in the jury room we tried to complete the field sobriety tests and more than 75% of us failed them completely sober (in a court room mind you). We finally found the guy not guilty. It has been subsequently published that this particular police department “leads the US” in DUI arrests and that arrest rates are part of the evaluation of Police Officers for promotion and compensation purposes. After going through this process there are 2 things I will never do again. 1: take a drink and drive and 2: trust police officers who are trolling for DUI cases. I will always assert my rights to never take a breathalyzer (technology fails at a high percentage rate), never take field sobriety tests (see above – I can’t pass them sober), and demand an attorney immediately. Our police forces have turned into revenue generators and I’m positive (from real life experience) that innocent people are paying the price. I feel for all those people who have suffered from the hands of drunken drivers but eroding basic legal constitutional rights is a slippery slope that can lead to governmental abuses that can cause significant damage to our society as a whole. Lots of people have fought for these rights including a number of men in my family. They are worth having and keeping intact.

        1. Good story and info. Well said. I NEVER drink and drive. NEVER! I deplore people that do drink and drive. Selfish pieces of crap. But….my fear of being pulled over because I touch a yellow line and starting a nightmare of false accusations for failing a test that is not always reliable scares the hell out of me. The time, cost, and humiliation for fighting something I am not guilty of is really scary. I have met almost as many arrogant idiot police as I have good ones. Power trip police are dangerous and far too prevalent.

          So, I am considering this advice but let me say this. If you drink and drive you should loose your license forever and spend many night becoming someone’s girlfriend…even if you are a guy. Drunk drivers are scum.

      2. You obviously haven’t had to deal with the police often enough. I have had more experiences with cops causing me problems, and I used to ALWAYS cooperate. Once I had a ticket for driving on a suspended license (suspended over a ticket I didn’t know I had and didn’t know it was suspended). The DA dropped the case, but they screwed up and didn’t get the paperwork filed correctly. Next time I was pulled over, the cop arrested me and hauled me to jail in front of my kids, who were screaming their heads off. I politely asked the officer if he would tell my wife where he was taking me so she could come bail me out. He said he would, and then he walked up to the car and told my wife that he was arresting me and nothing else. The fucking pig lied to my face. then when I was being checked in at the jail, the officer who checked me in told me that the officer didn’t need to bring me in for that offense. I was polite, but the damn cop arrested me when he didn’t need to, he lied to me, and he intentionally tried to make sure I would spend as much time in jail as possible and the fault was with the local DA screwing up some paperwork, NOT mine.

        I’ve seen videos online where people were polite to cops and the cops were total assholes and made up charges and gave them tickets for things that they didn’t do. Being polite to cops gets you NOWHERE. In fact, back in my less jaded days when I believed that cops were there to protect and serve, I used to wave at cops as they passed. I eventually stopped because 80% of the time that I gave a cop a friendly wave, he pulled my ass over and looked for an excuse to give me a ticket. Yeah, fuck that. NEVER TRUST THE POLICE. Find the youtube video by that name by a harvard professor if you need more evidence.

        There are good cops, I won’t deny that, but the majority of them are lowlife scum with a badge that they think gives them unlimited power.

      3. im sure you would stand back and watch as police violated yourself and your family simply because you dont have the backbone to stand up for whats right .you my friend are a coward

    6. Nevada please, and thank you for your great work and superb example of showing people how to exercise their constitutional rights.

    7. How about NC? Sure would be nice to have all the states. Thanks for your help. Liberty and Justice for ALL!

    8. What if the lawful order is to roll down your window because they can’t see you? I’m out of state and my legal tint limit is different.

      Or can the lawful order be just to roll down your window because they tell you too?

    9. any thoughts on making an alabama one? there are alot of police officers stepping over the line in our state(as evident in a story that broke last week about a Madison, AL police officer slamming and paralyzing and elderly indian gentleman) and i would love to be protected. the work you are doing is great! i was pulled over for speeding and dui and agree wholeheartedly with what you said on the news. These flyers and the message behind them cannot be pulled off unless you are sober.

    10. You should do one for southern states but I am still hoping you do one for TN. I’ve had several bad experiences

  1. Will you please consider IL and MO versions? I live on the border so I see both checkpoints. They are becoming more and more brazen in their violation of rights all the time. We need to take a stand and use whatever tools are available. Thanks!

      1. We need one for Virginia bad. they are running “road checks” and “safety checks” even in middle of the day now. They want your license and check all your decals, even run your plates.

      2. I’ve been doing research for North Dakota. Found in the Century Code this

        “39-06-16. License to be carried and exhibited on demand.
        An individual licensed to operate a motor vehicle shall have the operator’s license in the
        individual’s immediate possession at all times when operating a motor vehicle and shall
        physically surrender the operator’s license, upon demand of any court, police officer, or a field
        deputy or inspector of the department. However, an individual charged with violating this section
        may not be convicted or assessed any court costs if the individual produces in court or in the
        office of the arresting officer a valid operator’s license issued to that individual that is not under
        suspension, revocation, or cancellation at the time of the individual’s arrest.”

        Is this requiring the people of ND to physically hand over our license whenever we are asked or only if a traffic violation has occured?? This cannot be legal. I was going to make my own flyer for ND but I feel that I won’t have a way to get around not rolling down my window.

        1. Yes. Any one, who is on a public road where the public has a right of access (including passengers) driving or riding in a MV on a ND road must produce ID or DL or give their information.

        2. I believe that the man in the video solved the problem of Physically handing his license over when he had it in a plastic bag Outside the window for inspection.

      3. Please make one for Washington state we have some of the most corrupt police on the west coast !! Not having to talk to them at all would make things so much better. Thank you

        1. Here is a rough one for PA. It took me two days to go through PAs titles, but here it is. Please tell me what you think. I would like feedback on my work because I am very interested in law.

          NO SEARCHES
          I WANT MY LAWYER

          TITLE 75 VEHICLES (§ 101 – Vehicle Code)
          § 102. Definitions.

          “Exhibit.” Surrender of a document into the temporary possession of a person for the purpose of examining the document.

          § 1311. Registration card to be signed and exhibited on demand.
          § 1511. Carrying and exhibiting driver’s license on demand.

          I have to “exhibit” my papers, not hand them to you.
          Please put any tickets under windshield wiper

          I am not required to sign:
          TITLE 234
          PART B. Citation Procedure
          Rule 403. Contents of Citation.
          (B) The copy delivered to the defendant shall also contain a notice to the defendant:
          (2) that the defendant shall, within 10 days after issuance of the citation:
          (i) notify the proper issuing authority in writing of the plea

          Thus I am not opening my window.

          I will comply with clearly stated lawful orders.

      4. Can you make a Wisconsin version and an Alabama one? I live in Wisco but will be moving down to Alabama and these will come in handy

        1. Yes,, We need one for WISCONSIN. While Wisconsin has some fairly mild D
          UI laws, there are an overabundance of zealous offices here that enjoy abusing their authority.

      5. Please make some for Wisconsin! That would be such a life saver for many of us civilians that have to deal with police officers.

      6. Kentucky plz. I’ve lived in KY my whole life. Even have a criminal background so I’m a “Target”. This would be very helpful when places in these situations

      7. What if they take your packet? What if they say they are checking documents and take it away? Then they want to hand it back to you directly?

      8. Yes! Thank you very much! I am in a similar situation on the western side of the state MO/KS border. Have been through 3 different checkpoints in the last year. 2 in KS, one in MO.

      9. Would like to have one for wv if possible please! I lost a brother to a drunk driver as a child . I still fill that to many of our constitional Rights are being violated and will be supporting this with everyone I can thanks!

      10. I have a friend who is a P.A state trooper. I emailed him your flyer for P.A.,( which i cannot find now..), anyways he said he would just take you to jail so you can call your lawyer and impound your vehicle right there. He said you better open your window too cuz you will have real problems if you do not…I would like to see you guys do this in P.A. actually. Lets see what happens.

        1. If that’s the way your trooper friend thinks then he has betrayed his oath. For knowing and exorcising your rights he will, by force, detain you and confiscate your property costing time, money, and liberty. I have no pity for his type when something bad happens to them on duty. Please tell us his name and forward his response so we can let a judge and jury know his mindset the next time someone accuses him of violating their rights and making false arrests.

        2. I’d suggest your friend talk to state police counsel. That approach would likely violate the written guidelines for the checkpoint, and if the guidelines do call for that they likely violate the 4th Amendment and/or other amendments.

      11. Can you make one for Connecticut, and possibly email it to me? We keep losing more and more of our rights in this state, especially when it comes to the 2nd amendment. It would be nice to have a card like this to help defend our rights and privileges. Thanks in advance!

        1. Connecticut is becoming a Police State. Definitely would be great to have one for CT. And I don’t drink!

    1. Agreed. My city in Missouri frequently blocks the major roadway near my home. Officer threatened to break out son’s car window on last stop.

    2. I also agree, there needs to be one for Missouri ASAP! I would use this method every time I got pulled over.

    3. These are great. I am all about preserving our rights and not letting law enforcement to take advantage of people that dont fully know their rights. I would love to use one for Illinois.

  2. Can I get a print out for South Florida and information/card from your firm? I submitted a form for Mark / Miami, Florida.

  3. We received a bunch of form submissions today, thanks to an Honor Your Oath video. We’ll get them out as soon as possible. –Warren

    1. Please make a flyer for the state of Kentucky its terrible here were all ways getting harassed and stop at check points, against our legal rights. PLEASE HELP US HERE IN KENTUCKY, !!!!!!

    2. Could you get one for Wisconsin please? We have had DUI checkpoints monthly and I don’t drink but would like an easier way to get through them.

    3. is there one for Oregon, or at least the statute numbers to use to make my own. or do we even have checkpoints? I’ve never seen one. thanks.

  4. Questions:
    In states like California where you’re required to sign, how do you do that without opening your window?
    How do you tell the difference between an order and a request?
    How do we ask what we’re being pulled over for?
    Maybe we should all make flash cards for these necessary and legitimate questions we may have?

    I live in AZ, I need a sign that says DONT SHOOT!

    1. In California, if the officer asks you to sign then you do have to roll down your window in order to do so. I’ve discussed this with a California lawyer and he said they often don’t ask you to sign. But if they do, you are required to do so.

        1. Please make one for North Carolina! I have been through numerous DUI checkpoints and have to do sobriety tests and I don’t even drink or do drugs, but they said they smelled alcohol and I had to do their test and put up with the harassment to be let go with no ticket or anything. But it’s ridiculous! Thank you for all you do for all the people who are harassed for nothing.

      1. What if I roll down the window a quarter inch to slip the document in for me to sign and then return it to them through the small opening?

    2. Check the facts, you’ll see that the only epidemic is black crime at a population adjusted 200 times more than any other race. In fact, based on actual current FBI crime statistics, whites are TWICE as likely to be shot and killed by police.

      But hey, be a lemming…

      1. Actually may I suggest you take a class on how crime statistics are made. I studied this and was amazed at how they come up with the numbers and information.

      2. My only question is what does this post have to do with the subject at hand? I don’t see a connection.

    3. Oh geez!! Stop that idiotic talk that you need a sign saying “dont shoot”
      Obey they law, comply and all will be good!!

      1. Guess Native Americans, Caucasians who ran the underground railroad to free blacks, Rosa Parks, Oskar Schindler, and all the others should have just “obeyed the law” so all would have remained “good”!

    4. Arizona is a little tricky, because when they have the checkpoints, they also have a DUI task force central command with a judge there to write any warrants on the spot

    1. Yes, if you have or will have soon, a flyer for Oklahoma, I would be interested in getting it–thanks for all you are doing

  5. Please make an IL version asap. I second Chris Hursey comments above; they are getting out of hand here in Illinois. We need to shut down these extortion checkpoints! This is all about education, and understanding/ asserting your civil rights. The days of simply ” complying ” are over!

    Thanks, Troy

    1. At least one county (Dupage) has “no refusal” checkpoints where the DA and Judge actually sit at the stop and the judge will order you to provide a sample right there or be found in contempt! That’s crazy!

  6. My boyfriend and I are traveling the country in an RV with our 2 dogs for the next couple of years. It would be great if you could create cards for all of the states. I really appreciate what you are doing here. Keep it up!

    1. Texas is high on our list, but we’re not ready yet. It should be the next one we do. At least a couple weeks away.

      1. I live in Sioux city Ia which is on the south dakota, Nebraska and Iowa borders I need all three please

      2. You are my HERO! Thank you for helping us stand up for freedom, and the U.S Constitution. Too many people are letting our rights slip away, and soon they will regret what they’ve lost, but it wil be too late then. We must fight the creeping erosion of the Bill of Rights, and we must demand our rights!

        Something else everyone should know about is “jury nullification”. If you’re ever called to sit on a jury you can refuse to find the defendant guilty by using nullification. Basically when you sit on a jury, you have the right to vote according to your conscience and to judge the law being applied to the case as well as the defendant. If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused, is unjust, or that exigent circumstances justified the actions of the accused, or for any reason which appeals to their logic of passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide by that decision.
        YOU, as a juror armed with the knowledge of the purpose of a jury trial, and the knowledge of what your Rights, powers, and duties really are, can with your single vote of not guilty nullify or invalidate any law involved in that case. Because a jury’s guilty decision must be unanimous, it takes only one vote to effectively nullify a bad “act of the legislature”. Your one vote can “hang” a jury; and although it won’t be an acquittal, at least the defendant will not be convicted of violating an unjust or unconstitutional law.

        The government cannot deprive anyone of “Liberty”, without your consent!

        If you feel the statute involved in any criminal case being tried before you is unfair, or that it infringes upon the defendant’s God-given inalienable or Constitutional rights, you can affirm that the offending statute is really no law at all and that the violation of it is no crime; for no man is bound to obey an unjust command. In other words, if the defendant has disobeyed some man-made criminal statute, and the statute is unjust in your opinion the defendant has in substance, committed no crime whatsoever. If more people knew this and excercised this right whenever a power abusing cop or the state is trampling on citizens and pissing on the Constitution we would have to close down 3/4 of the prisons and layoff half the police.

        People can learn more about “Jury Nullification” at
        They have brochures you can download and print to hand out in front of courthouse to help educate your fellow citizens on their power to nullify bad laws. Spread the word!

        P.S. I know you’re very busy, but please post one for Arizona when you get a chance.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


      1. Wredlich, You guys are doing a great thing with these flyers, keep up the outstanding work. Would you share with us which states are in your “next group of states”? Is Illinois in there? we need it bad. Thanks a million. Do you need any help?? my e-mail

        Thanks, Troy

        1. Yes, NE would be great; though we are a small state population wise, our law enforcement is ALL up tight over CO legalization laws and setting up chekpoints almost weekly. Conversely, we are a large state geographically so we see a lot of “windshield” time on a daily basis. Please consider Nebraska in your next set of states…ya might throw Wyoming in as well for the same reasons.

          Thank you for what you do.

  7. Do you have anything like this for Michigan. These cops will pin anything on you if given any chance at all. Thank you

      1. Would love and need one for Wausau, Wisconsin. Our police are crooked and love to make up their own (Laws) they enjoy and can’t get enough of abusing their authority by stalking and irritating people mostly due to poverty and color. We need some kind of help here. Thank you

  8. You were great on the Tom Woods Show. A Colorado version would also be appreciated! Thanks for what you’re doing!

    1. What make an order lawful? ” Would get out of the car.” be considered a lawful order? If you get out they have all the info they need to go on to the next step, if you dont get out they break your window and drag you out thru it.

      A short list of lawful orders would help know what one is.

      1. Unfortunately that varies by state. You have to make your own judgment on the spot about whether an order is lawful or not. If you’re an activist and you want to make a great YouTube video, only comply if you’re sure it’s lawful.

        If you’re a regular person and you’re not sure, then you should probably err on the side of complying.

        And of course, you should really discuss this with a lawyer in your home state.

        1. My two-cents worth on a lawful order. I would do what they order me to do even if it’s not lawful. But before I did, I would ask the cop: “is this a request or are you ordering me to …” Then, if it’s not lawful, you may get off. But if you comply with a request, then the cop can say you “volunteered.”

    2. Yes, Please make one for our police state here in Colorado. Thanks so much for what you are doing!

    3. I second the Colorado request and I know I’m late but just watched the video for Florida which is the state I’m trying to move to. I was impressed but you are correct, just watching that video was uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out! But it appeared to be successful! Great job and I really wish I knew an attorney here in Colorado that I could ask to help! Thank you for what you are doing by teaching us civilians our rights as citizens of the US!

  9. Can you make a flyer for Washington, the police and boarder patrol were I live like to abuse their authority. Thanks

  10. Washington State would be a good flyer to make. Do you have one available somewhere? Also what about National Park Police or Federals. Do they follow and apply the vehicles laws of the state or are there federal laws?

  11. Ummmm….well, I don’t need to request my state…it’s already here (Fl) but what I do need is to tell you how I feel about you & your organization……… YOU ARE FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!!!
    Thanks for doing what you do! Keep it up!
    Jason H.

  12. I have a ? I keep a pistol in my vehicle at all times. I do so in compliance with fl.statute 790.25.
    If after I display the sign the officer asks me if I have a weapon (I’m obligated to answer yes) is he able to open of force me to open my vehical to secure the firearm?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. That’s a close call. He can order you out of the car to pat you down for weapons. I don’t think that includes searching the car.

      1. NO! DO NOT ANSWER. The sign says you will remain silent. Additionally, a DUI stop does not give an officer the right to go on a witch hunt for weapons violations or anything else. If you speak or consent to any further questions you have just given up your right to remain silent. If necessary you should carry a second sign that says “I am in legal possession of a firearm. IAW FL statute 790.25.” (but don’t show that sign unless they press the issue). Law enforcement has NO right or authority to force you to submit to search. Stand your ground and if they FORCE you to comply, remain silent and settle it in court, THEY WILL LOSE!

    2. You are not obligated to answer yes. You should remain silent.

      In FL you are obligated to show your CCW permit if requested.

    3. If you visit some of the excellent Florida firearms sites (plus read the statutes) you will learn that there are ZERO laws about needing to inform a LEO about being armed. Some other states have law(s) that you must inform a LEO of being armed immediately upon an encounter. It is in your best interest to say nothing about carrying any weapon, assuming you have the lic. to do so. Folks who have done that, thinking they were doing the right thing, have seen a routine stop turn utterly ugly once they opened their mouth.

      1. Some cops will react poorly if you tell them. Others will appreciate that you told them. From speaking with firearms instructors, they think about 90% of cops will appreciate it and being straightforward with them about it might even get you out of a ticket.

        However, the other 10% might slam you on the pavement.

        1. Could I not include my CCW license in the packet of documents? My husband has many customers/friends who are LEOs. They said they are relieved to know when a driver has a CCW license because their chances of a fatal altercation has been reduced to near zero.

        2. In Pennsylvania, I was told to always show your CCW permit with your license when pulled over. If you do not and it gets to a point where a weapon is found, then that is where you can get your face smashed into the pavement because now the LEO’s safety has been compromised and he is allowed to protect himself. LEOs, for the most part, do not know the laws or constitution so they may charge you with a number of violations hoping some will stick. LEOs have been known to say anything just to get you to comply to all their wishes. LEOs are also professional liars in my opinion so it is important to record, record, record.

        3. NEVER volunteer anything. This is about your Constitutional rights. It is a DUI checkpoint, not a weapons checkpoint. You are in a locked vehicle and they have no right or authority to ask you for anything other than to see your DL.

  13. Is Illinois the only state were is unlawful to audio and video record police officers on duty?

  14. In Ohio – the Ohio State Highway Patrol always asks people to “get out of their car” and come back to their patrol car – where they ask questions and write the ticket. Can you refuse to get out of your car? I don’t understand what the purpose of going to their car is, other than to have the opportunity to watch you walk and have another opportunity to “bust” you.

    1. I’m afraid that question is better directed to an Ohio lawyer. If I had consumed any alcohol or medication, I would probably not get out of the car.

      The only reason allowable under the 4th Amendment, in my opinion, is for a weapons pat down.

  15. This is so awesome, New Mexico please! I saw every state is your goal, keep on educating!

    1. Looking forward to a New Mexico flyer. I’m sure everybody has heard about the “killer cops” of Albuquerque by now. Unarmed citizens who don’t exercise their rights get killed here, on a regular basis.

    2. Please make a New Mexico Flier! We have the highest rate of DUI arrest and probably even checkpoints, Hopefully, I don’t have to educate anyone on the use of deadly force by police in New Mexico…especially in Albuquerque.

  16. Instead of everyone asking you guys to do all the work, how about posting the details of what is necessary to come up with the sign so we can do our own investigation?

    For instance, who can figure out what “State” this is without using a search engine to pinpoint the code?
    “State” means a State, territory or possession of the United States and the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
    This is the definition of the legal term “State” from the Motor Vehicle Code in Chapter One, Article 1, definitions section in my “state”. The term is used 386 times in Chapter One.
    Could this be your state? Can it be a State of the Union or would it most likely be a Federal state, like Guam, American Somoa, U.S. Virgin Islands?

    I discovered this when doing research for my traffic case. You should have seen the judge at the pretrial conference when I explained that it COULDN’T be our state. Trial in about 3 weeks. Wish me luck.

    1. It also is federal, because no state can write law applicable to Guam or anywhere else. That would mean it is CFR Title 49 of the Federal Motor Carrier regulatory code and is only applicable to commercial drivers while operating CMV’s. After all, State Trooper’s purpose is to “Enforce state and federal laws governing commercial motor vehicles” and Title 49 specifically gives non-commercial drivers an exemption. They are charging non-commercial drivers under the CMV code via ACD Codes. All of them on my MVR are for a CDL and our ALC Court just issued a opinion that the DMV cannot over ride the statutes using the ACD Codes…One of mine is reckless homicide…Getting ready to take that to a U.S. Magistrate.

  17. Mr. Redlich, Thought you might be interested in seeing your card in action. In the following video, a civilian at a traffic stop (ostensibly for an obscured license plate) attempts to use the card by holding it up to the window. The first words out of the officers mouth are, “”Please roll down your window sir. Sir, I’m giving you an order to roll down your window. I don’t care what that says, I need you to roll down your window all the way… If you don’t comply with those instructions, you’re gonna end up, you’re gonna end up in jail.”

    Anyway, I see some contradictions between the theory of the card and the realities of a dynamic traffic stop. Specifically, the card says both, “Do not open your window,” and, “If the officer states a lawful order, it is safer to comply.” How would you suggest proceeding in the filmed situation?

    1. You’re an idiot, it’s dicks like you that make it harder for police to do their job. With all the real criminals out there that actually would inflict harm on an officer you have to act like an idiot. Police don’t know who they’re dealing with, they don’t know if you have any weapons, and at night on an unlit road of all places. That’s why there was so many vehicles plus they were close by, use some common sense. And take your cellphone camera and film something else, try being more productive. How would you like it if someone was filming you at work, if you even have a job.

      1. have you really not noticed the average LEO is taking things too far here lately? thats what happens when you take a career with very few requisites, that appeals to the criminal element and those who want to legally take away civil rights? you get a bunch of hyped up military wannabes harrassing the population based on first appearances. with exceptions of course

      2. Sorry Robert it’s dumb compliant statist idiots like you that have no clue. You seem to give police officers the power of judges over the self-evident rights of people as confirmed by the law of the land and a uS Supreme Ct that in many of its opinions agrees with the rights of people.

        A supreme court opinion is supposed be something that confirms a self-evident right and not an opinion that grants or gives anything to the people as the creators of their law and government. But jackboot lickers can’t possibly understand that.

        It seems you don’t mind complying to the whims of a police state, that is your right to do so. I wholly support the rights of people to be stupid so long as they don’t impose their stupidity on me.

        It also seems that your fear of legal criminals doesn’t bother you much. Former judge Andrew Napolitano in his book clearly wrote, “A government that commits crime and denies it…is not your friend.” & “You think you have rights that are guaranteed? Well think again!” You therefore must prefer legal criminals.

      3. yea but i dont violate rape abuse and kill the people i come in contact with like your heros do they hide behind there badges and lie cheat and violate more laws on a daily basis first thing i think about when i hear about a cop being killed is what did he do to deserve it if it was not something they were doing at that moment it was karma coming back for the crimes of there past .only good cop is a dead cop

    2. TXT, I’m not sure you have any reason to cite the card/flyer as failing to do what it is intended to do. You seem to have forgotten the words written on the back, which clearly say, “Do not speak at all. Not one word”. As soon as you were stopped, you started running your mouth. And, it surely didn’t help that you previously antagonized the cops earlier. Next time, remain silent. It is your right.

    3. Great question. This is an example of how NOT to use the flyer.

      He has his window partially open. He talks to the officer from the beginning. He and a friend are having a conversation in the car that the officer can probably hear. He hands his paperwork to the officer through the partially opened window. And when the officer gave him a clearly stated order (whether lawful or not), he chose not to comply against the flyer’s instructions that it’s safer to comply.

      He clearly did not read the instructions on the flyer.

      Had he followed the instructions and rolled down the window when ordered, his lawyer could then argue for suppression of any evidence that followed.

      I would also note that he’s obviously smoking something in the car (you can see smoke coming up). That is another way to give police an excuse for claiming they suspect something criminal in play.

  18. First of all, I’m really pleased that you did this and took great video.

    Second, you are correct that dealing with the unlawful order to roll down your window can be tricky. In my opinion if you catch them on video giving you this unlawful order, then under the Fourth Amendment everything that follows should be suppressed. In other words, you’ve already won at that point.

    However, at the same time you can refuse to follow that order and from watching it appears you did so.

    I can’t tell from the video but it looks like your window is already partially open. In my opinion you should keep it completely closed.

    Third, you did not follow the instructions on the card. “Do not speak at all. Not one word.”

    A lot of people have trouble with this. You have the right to remain silent. Use it. You don’t have to wait for the Miranda warning to shut up. Don’t talk. Don’t ask questions. Don’t explain. The card says it all.

    The officer could easily decide that your speech sounds “impaired” and use that as justification for further investigation. If you don’t talk at all, and you’ve got that on video, then he would not get away with that lie.

    Also, you do have to show (not give) the officer your license, registration and insurance. You should have them ready so that you can place them up against the window. One friend even has them in a package with the card so when he puts it up against the window they’re visible too.

    Overall, great job!

    1. Why not just tape the thing to the inside? Do they have a right to handle the DL etc or can they say they cannot read it and force you to roll down your window?

  19. Just to clarify, it wasn’t me in the video, and I don’t know the people who posted it. Thanks for your analysis!

  20. i don’t drink & drive. but, i’ve often wondered just what an officer can force you to do if stopped.
    if he says, “step out of the car,” do you have to?
    in FL, having a DL gives consent to take a sobriety test. to do that you have to exit your vehicle. right?
    also, the first thing they ask you(in FL) is, “do you have any weapons in the vehicle?” how do you respond to that? is carrying concealed on your person considered “in the vehicle?” what if you have a firearm(s) locked in the trunk? if you refuse to open the trunk, can they impound your vehicle and tear it apart?
    a cop tried to coerce me once into letting him search my vehicle by saying, “i think i smell marijuana. if you don’t consent to a search, i’ll detain you and call for a K-9.” i told him that i don’t use drugs, love dogs, since i have 3 at home, and to go ahead and bring the dog; i’ll wait. he backed-off and let me go.

    1. Sobriety test can only be ordered if the officer has probable cause to do so.

      You should not speak at all. When they ask if you have weapons you should not answer. Not talking means not talking.

      Never consent to a search. Never.

      1. When you say “never consent to a search”, if you are not supposed to speak how do you let them know other than shaking your head no, that you do not want a search?

  21. Publish one for Texas there’s a city down here where they do a DUI alot and everyone need one where I live

  22. I comment before about Texas card I just saw when I posted a comment about the Texas card I want to be contacted back asap when there’s one for Texas and when they updated this website and texas you have to show ID even if u just walking a public side walk BS

    1. What you describe should not be possible to be lawful.

      IE can you cite the law please? it is not illegal to “not have” any form of ID on you so it can not be illegal to not display it for simply walking down the street.

      you can be required to ID yourself this is NOT the same thing as produce an issued id card.

  23. Please provide a flyer for Missouri, we need your help here more than ever. They have began setting up illegal “safety checkpoints” in addition to DUI checkpoints that do more to harass law abiding citizens than stop drunk driving.

    1. I would also like one for Missouri. They do one on the road I take home several times a year. Thank you for the hard work, you all are awesome! TKL

  24. Please put one up for south Carolina its getting real bad around here with the harassment especially in north Charleston thank you and hope to see one soon

      1. There cannot be one in Oregon because Terry stops and DUI check points are illegal here. It’s in the states constitution.

        1. Bill, yes it IS true. Do you even live in Oregon you moron? I bet you don’t. You look stupid for commenting on something you obviously don’t know.

  25. Hi, I know you are in the US, but I was wondering if you would ever consider doing one for the province of Ontario, Canada. We have very similar rights here but I’d like to have the official one for Ontario.

    1. Thanks for asking. That’s not going to come from us anytime soon. I’d suggest talking to local lawyers, barristers or solicitors.

  26. I understand New Hampshire is a small state with respect to the rest, but in the end we have a large number of DUI and heavy fines. I heard on the radio that we are the 2nd highest state of people drinking before 18. In that respect the police seem to have a lot of freedom in the field. Some Judges understand that and are more questioning of officers actions but I would rather avoid that all together. Thanks

    1. You could just use the top, with the three large lines in ALLCAPS, but it’s better if you have one that is specific to your state’s laws. Check with a lawyer in your state.

  27. Thank you very much for adding South Carolina to the arsenal! I really appreciate all you have done to protect our rights. I will keep you informed when I get a chance to use this tool!

    Your a a patriot!

  28. PLEASE PLEASE make one for New Mexico. Albuquerque Police officers are all on steroids and shoot innocent people for pulling out their wallets after asking for id because the look “suspicious” it happens nearly every week here.

    1. I second the need for New Mexico…Google James Boyd. We need a flier for our rampant illegal DUI checkpoints…thanks

  29. Please, please help us out in Massachusetts.(Did you see what happened in Watertown???) They lift martiap law and what’ya know, a citizen finds the guy. I don’t think I saw a request for it, if so I apologize. Plus we seem to have the most ridiculous laws as is seem by the “wiretapping” BS. If possible could you speculate on a date, if any, that it might come into effect. I’m sure you’re busy as hell with all the previous comments I saw but any help would be much obliged. Thanks for what you’re doing.

      1. This method won’t work so well in Colorado.

        Per C.R.S. 42-2-115 when stopped, you must ‘hand’ your DL, registration and insurance to the peace officer aand it may not be in a ‘container’.

        1. here is some info for your comment.

          … if such peace officer reasonably suspects that such person is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a violation of article 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 of this title


          The demand for defendant to present his license was proper only if the officers properly stopped him in the first place. People v. McPherson, 191 Colo. 81, 550 P.2d 311 (1976)

    1. I’d like to second Tennessee as well.

      Thanks for your service to protect people from the over-reaching police state.

  30. Found this site after viewing an on-line vid.
    Since I live in FL and like the idea of employing a sign (vs verbalizing) I checked our statutes….and am somewhat perplexed.
    §318.14(2) states: “must sign and accept a citation indicating a promise to appear” and subsection (3) states: “Any person who willfully refuses to accept and sign a summons as provided in subsection (2) commits a misdemeanor of the second degree. That is 180 degrees out from what is on the window sign (I am not required to sign). So, is that (not signing) from jurisprudence?

    1. The back of the card explains which tickets require a signature. If it’s a simple traffic ticket you do not have to sign. If it’s something more serious than you do.

    1. Unfortunately that’s complicated and you have to use your judgment when they give you an order. If you’re not sure, it’s safest to obey but make sure you’re recording so your lawyer can use this later.

      1. I’m I wrong but after requesting an attorney they shouldn’t speak to you anymore after that..and the paper clearly said I want my story

  31. Won’t you consider elaborating for the people, the legal terminology concerning the regulated commercial act of transportation, also known as driving, and explain to the people that, unknown to them a trust has been created in which the res, the automobile is property interest of the state? The MSO/MCO being the evidence of this trust and equitable title is held by most states, while the legal certificate of title is sent to the trustee/ owner in error. To have both in possession is prima facie evidence of ownership. Please discuss with the people that the state can only regulate commerce and that driving is considered an act of commerce, while travelling in one’s private capacity, not for hire, nor carrying paying passengers is a right held. One need not have a driving license, unless one is engaged in commercial activity upon the common way? Please discuss with the people how to rebut the presumption that all LEOs look at your automobile as operating,driving, acting in a commercial regulated capacity upon the comon way. Thank you kindly for all you do.
    Respectfully in truth and liberty,
    P. Freeman

    1. To avoid “wiretapping” charges should not the flyer say that audio and video is being recorded inside the cabin and and ambient sounds including voices of police officers and their physical appearance and actions in the vicinity of the car?

      1. Video recording is legal in all 50 states with only 1 party needing to know. You are not required to tell anyone they are being recorded in public property. A roadside is public property.

  32. Thanks for the reply.
    I did read the back. I’d like to know the source of the data printed on the back that says ‘no need to sign..’ Certainly that isn’t found in the immediate FL statute.

  33. Sorry, forget or delete my last comment.
    After some serious searching I finally learned (via a cop forum) that what you have on the back side of the FL sign is basically correct. Boiled down and due to electronic tickets and crappy thermal printers (used by LEO’s) that you can only be arrested for refusing to sign a citation requiring a court appearance.

  34. Need one for PR, Puerto Rico- it’s bad down here cops will beat you ; trash your phone if you’re recording and they get away with it all the time.. Been searching for live video streaming apps but they all are prone to lagg n bad video quality , I’m in contact with a local attorney but they just say to comply with everything they say -_- cuz they’re ruthless. You’re doing great work btw I’m sure everyone is really appreciative. Better be

  35. Do you or anyone know if one is made for Canada or ontario canada? If so please let me know where I could download or print one off. Thanks

  36. I live in Jersey and I’d love to have on of your flyers how can get one??? Also I think what your doing is AWESOME!!!!

  37. It is my understanding that officers in Massachusetts, as part of their “DUI checks,” can put up signs saying “construction zone ahead” as opposed to “sobriety checkpoint ahead,” as well as sticking their entire head inside of the vehicle to smell for alcohol.

    I’m not saying it is legal, but it is my understanding that is how they operate.

    Any input?

  38. I’m 65, from Mississippi, and recently had a stroke, causing mild slurring of speech. This puts me in the “at risk” group including the field sobriety tests. I would be interested in your comments about those.

    Simply put, I’m an excellent driver but I doubt my certain ability to pass a test involving balance or closed eyes, etc.

    The book purchase tradeoff for the flyer is certainly fair, but you don’t have a flyer for Mississippi yet. Since scientific studies have not been held proving law officers in Mississippi have evolved past the Neanderthal stage, I continue to be concerned.

  39. I would like to get a copy made for Indiana please, so I can share with my friends and family and general public on social media sites!!!

    Please, and thank you.

  40. Why not just turn around before the checkpoint? That’s what I did once in Seal Beach, California. I executed a safe and legal U-turn and went home another way. No one came after me.

  41. The exact word used in the California vehicle codes is “present” your licence. The word used in the flyer is “show”. While show is one of the definition of present a more common definition is “to make avaliable for use”. CA vehicle code section 100-680 (list of definitions) doesn’t give their intended definition of “present”.

    I think the flyer should be updated to more accurately match the codes referenced.

  42. Since there is no flyer for Washington, I made one myself.

    Here’s some info to make your own

    Not required to sign citation RCW 46.63.060

    In Washington, you ARE required to hand over the documents, not just show them.

    I also included,

    MY FILM IS MY PROPERTY RCW 46.35.030(1)

  43. Is there one available for Pennsylvania please. It’s a commonwealth. .not sure if that I’m peaks anything but PA needs one BAD!!!!


  44. Massachusetts. Just saying. I reside in the wonderful metropolis of Worcester. 2nd largest city in New England, police are pretty decent. But there’s also some storm troopers around here…

  45. I love the idea of this. For the states it clearly is great. Too many stories coming out of your country of law enforcement abusing their power. It think i t would be awesome if you did this for Canada as well. Something for the future perhaps?

  46. Can I please get a flyer for VA/ DC/ MD
    Any help would be appreciated thank you for your information

  47. Is there anything like this in pennsylvania? Even if its not just dui? I dont drink but i also do not like to talk to police. Email or text me any info please (724)-464-4215

  48. would you please make one of these for Vermont. i appreciate what you are doing on this issue very much. thanks again

    1. Canada don’t have 40,672 laws and call themselves a free country though.. While over armeing under under educated cops that don’t even know the most basic of American rights yet alone all the other laws they “enforce” I lived in korea for 2 years. Plus I’m half british. So I’ve seen the night and day difference. 2 yrs there never heard 1 police siren!!! Other countries are so nice. But here in America, cops at air port, ppl pulled over within 1st 15min on the road. Road pirates! More concerned with taking freedom that protectin it.

      I’m 35 yrs old. If 3 laws were passed for every day I’ve been alive. It still wouldn’t equal the amount of laws in place. Free country my left nutt.

  49. I would like to have one of these cards for Washington state. I would be very appreciative if you could make one for us Washington residents. please email me with a card so I may use it.

    Thank you
    Best regards: Valued Costumer

  50. I was wondering if there is a way I can use your templates and make one for Arizona. Or are you making one for Arizona any time soon?

  51. I look forward to when you have one created for Louisiana. DUI checkpoints down here are far too common and time consuming for traffic.

  52. Can you please do one for Va … i travel there allot. And now live in NC. I guess for some reason my tag were listed as a suspicious vehicle so my husband get pulled over allot..but not myself…. a female officer that thought he was cute told him that is why she pulled the car over… I have since changed the tags.

  53. Will Maryland be put on the list of flyers, or is there an alternative flyer that could be used?I don’t drink much, and don’t run into check points often, but i have aphasia from a stroke, so i sound like i am drunk. This has caused me much hardship over the past 5 years. Also, is there a flyer you would recommend using if you are on a trip driving and in another state and happen to hit a checkpoint? Thank you.

    1. Nm on alternative flyers, i see that each state has its own law codes posted along with such laws. If i just scour the law codes for MD and see what i can and can’t do, do you think i would be able to make similar and use it in a legal way?

  54. I spend most of my time between Arizona and Wisconsin. Are there any intentions of making those notice cards for either of those states? I’d appreciate it.

  55. What about the state of Maine? Wasnt sure because we have to sign any tickets issued to us I thought.

  56. Wow! Awesome video! Is there any chance of one for Arizona? I live in Pima County and they are kinda big headed where I live. (It is 140 miles away from the main Sheriff’s office, so they feel like they are on the frontier or something.)
    I have photographed cops and they do not like it! Not one bit.
    Thanks for the awesome job guys!!!!!

  57. PLEASE!!! If you have one for Colorado, OR if you know the information needed to be ON the flyer, Please let me know.
    I LOVE the fact that you are sharing this with people!!!!


  58. i haven’t had a drink ………. Well pretty much since I turned 21 (now 34) but that’s besides the point.

    What your doing is good and bad at the same point……. If your drunk and driving I damn well hope the cop does find a way to arrest you (even if it doesn’t stick) so your drunk ass isn’t driving on the same road as me and my child………

    I live in RI and did not see it on the list of PDF files. As I stated before I’m a non drinker but this is alluring use info for getting pulled over / check-pointed (lord knows all my small town cops think their the one that’s gonna shoot and kill a terrorist or arrest the most dangerous person in the world).

    When should I check back for a RI PDF?

    1. This is NOT to get around the drunk driving laws. If you are obviously drunk the police will immediately ask you to get out of the vehicle and submit to a sobriety test. This is to deter the scum that are meeting quotas or otherwise trying to exert their aggressive, unwarranted police tactics against you.

  59. Could you please post for Hawaii all islands please mainly Oahu. Appreciate all your work and time.

  60. Pingback: DUI Checkpoints
  61. How about Maine & New Hampshire?
    Or, can you explain where to find the sections in the law (like what part of a State WEB Site, or what to search for) so we can do it ourselves?


    1. TN could definantly benefit from this! Please email me if there is a Tennessee flyer made and i will help in any way i can.

  62. can you email me the florida version. I am having trouble printing it from this page. Thank you this is very helpful since I live in a tourist town.

  63. I like this concept, I agree wholeheartedly with it. If you ever gain information on whether it would work in Australian States I would be keen to know.

  64. Wisconsin Needs These

    I don’t drink/don’t do drugs… have my CCW, but do not carry weapon in my vehicle (home protection only) but would love to have you do this for WI. I know many who do drink or smoke their “stuff” and this would be great for them.

  65. I know you have request out the wazoo but we would love to have a card made for WV you have really have done your fellow citizens a great favor much appreciated

  66. I do agree that a good citizen should always at least try to accommodate the police. However, to just automatically assume that ALL police officers are honest and credible individuals, is to ask for trouble. I personally worked side by side with police for 20 years and they have as many dishonest people in their ranks as any other occupation. As for this flier? Well good luck with that, I assure you they will find a reason to jack you up.

  67. As a concealed carry holder in TN, during a traffic stop, I am required by law to notify the officer that I have a Handgun Carry Permit and that I am carrying. This will not work in these cases. Also, by law, I cannot drink when I carry…and I don’t.

  68. Is it possible you could make one for Wisconsin soon?
    This state is out of control with officers that feel they are above the law and that they are judge and jurry while standing next to your car. Half the time when your lawyer asks for the tape recordings from cars and station and the videos they record suddenly none of them were working cause they were down for repairs or just didnt work at all. I myself was witness to an accident late at night, i was in leather and on my harley, i was not involved in the accident but stopped to see if everyone was ok cause it was a friend, a county cop showed up came right to me first, asked what i was doing told him i had just stopped to see if everyone was ok, he said i smelt like alcohol put handcuffs on me put me in the back of his car, called for assistance, then went and took care of the accident people, who were all ok. Everyone else was gone accident cleaned up and i was still handcuffed in the back of the squad car. He then pulled across the street to a parking lot and did a sobriety test, the walking, abc’s bull and watch his pen, i passed it all, he then wanted a breathalizer and i said no i want my lawyer he got pissed and called for assistance for what i have no idea but who showed up was not one of his crooked buddies from the county, a state trooper did. Trooper talked to me first the entire time the county guy was telling the trooper he needed to speak first. I was not driving when the county cop got there so he had no right to handcuff me , first violation of my rights, second violation was making me take the sobriety test, third violation was calling for assistance to run the test again. Everything he did was illegal and violated my rights when the trooper confronted the county cop he told him to get in his car and go immediately to the station and wait with his comanding officer til he the state trooper got there. The trooper asked me if anything else had happened, nothing did, told me to get on my bike and leave and he would contact me for charges against the county cop, i never got called and when i called him he never returned my calls. Corruption thru out this state. Now they run check points here, something like that to hang out a window of the car would be great too bad it wouldnt work for motorcycles.

  69. Can you please make one for Iowa. This way my girls and I can print one out. I hate to get stopped by male cops as is

  70. Please post one for Delaware if you get a chance.
    There are some nice cops but there are also those at checkpoints that give people to much of a hard time. this would help quell any extra anxiety and tensions at checkpoints

  71. Please please please issue one for New Hampshire, cops around here tend to be wicked dickheads! Thanks in advance 🙂

  72. Would love to have one for Missouri. I work night shift and have unfortunately been swept into several checks since they are on my way to work.
    I was late once because I saw the check and turned off, only to be stopped for “Swerving”.

  73. i live in tennessee right above the georgia line so i will totally go ahead and print off the georgia… DEAR GOD please make one for TENNESSEE… we have unlawful dui checkpoints everywhere almost every weekend… im assuming its a quota issue…its a sad world we live in where police harass you to reach a quota. thank you for this wonderful website!

    1. Illegal roadblocks?? Really…do you even know, much less, understand what the US Supreme Court has upheld concerning DUI checkpoints?

      Also, EVERYONE here should remember under precedent set by the U.S. Supreme Court a law enforcement officer has the RIGHT and AUTHORITY to order the DRIVER and ALL PASSENGERS to exit (that means get out of the car for you idiots here) on any traffic stop, no it does not apply to a DUI checkpoint UNLESS it turns into a traffic stop which it most likely will when you refuse to allow the officer to make a 5 second decision on whether you are intoxicated.

      Look up these decisions Pennsylvania v. Mimms, 434 U.S. 106 (1977), Maryland v. Wilson, 519 U.S. 408 (1997).

      Want to know your rights? Read the law…understand there is a difference between probable cause and reasonable suspicion…If you do not know the difference, there is no way you can understand the law.

  74. Im not sure how many people on this thread read front AND back of the flyers before making comments about breathalyzer laws. It clearly states in each flyer, sometimes written differently “Never fight or physically resist. If the officer clearly states a lawful order, it is usually safer to comply” which covers the breathalyzer laws. You still do not have to speak, only breathe, if this helps clear some confusion for anybody who decided not to thouroughly read the flyers..

  75. well hey there. I was just wondering if you would be able to show what kind of information would be needed on a South Dakota flyer please.any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Kind of backwards here. Thank you, stacy

  76. I am a big supporter of LEOs – but caveat that to LEOs who don’t violate my rights.

    I *NEVER* drink and drive (thought 20+ years ago, when I was young and stupid ….. ) – but would love to have one of these for : **ALASKA**

    Would that be possible?

  77. My name is on the title for two of our cars. I do not drive. My grandaughter has the use of the car. She has been stopped repeatedly “suspected that she is about to or has committed a crime” and the officer has reasonable suspicion ( everyone who drives should wiki and google Terry stop. ) The “reason” is she may be the unlicensed owner. The real reason is she is tiny, cute, and single. I talked to a lawyer (relative) and he says they can do it whenever they want. She can refuse and ask for a lawyer if she feels intimidated. Legally, flashing squad lights are considered intimidation. They have slowed down (small town) since I called the station and raised Cain. But two little towns over from us, a local cop stopped a couple on the interstate, not his jurisdiction, and had them disrobe. You have to educate yourself. Terry stop is a Federal ruling by the supreme court after many years of futzing around. The lawyer I discussed it with knew less than I did. Also, don’t drink or text and drive, by the way.

  78. I pray none of you get killed by a drunk driver that use this trick to pass the check point. If you are not drunk then there is not problem with complying with the check.
    The police is there to protect us from drunk driver. Finding the way around of it is not the solution. Hope your trick does not kill someone.

    1. That’s what u believe! Many cops are not playing by the laws. I know first hand.. Had one pull me over and hand me several false tickets.. Please don’t push your liberal beliefs onto others that have experienced first hand the FACTS of what is really happening!

    2. It seems to me this is more about our rights being violated than trying to get out of a DUI. Too many government agencies are over stepping their boundaries because people don’t know their rights. Most who have commented claim they don’t drink and drive and I don’t even drink, but I did sit on the side of the road for 4 hours because of an unlawful stop and search. I was on the way to work and the cop that pulled us over was a city cop and we were way in the country headed to a drilling rig. We had to wait for a dog and many more officers who finally let us go even after the dog hit on a couple of places they could figure out how to take apart. So I guess it’s ok to carry drugs as long as the cops aren’t smart enough to get a door panel off?

      Personally I just want my rights back.

    3. This is NOT to get around the drunk driving laws. If you are obviously drunk the police will immediately ask you to get out of the vehicle and submit to a sobriety test. This is to deter the scum that are meeting quotas or otherwise trying to exert their aggressive, unwarranted police tactics against you.

  79. Please make one for arizona gilbert cops are out of control. I have a dui for something that i came to find out isn’t even illegal. I have already payed my fines gone to all the classes and had the interlock device taken out of my car. I asked for the vacation of conviction and I am now waiting for a response. But I want to make sure it never happens again.

  80. Like so many others living in this area of the country, my travels take me through DC, northern VA, and MD on a regular basis. I wonder if a combined flyer for these areas would be feasible? Thanks.

  81. I just ordered your book thru Amazon. Will it come with California flyer? Your flyer on this page for California says don’t open your window but it also says if they want you to sign ticket you must open window?? I’m confused.. Can u clarify?

  82. Hawaii, please! I work at a bar and always drive late and get stopped at dui check points. Thank you!

  83. How about just sharing where in the Motor Vehicle Code this is found? It’s got to be similar state to state. Then people that really want a sign can make their own and actually help with the research to speed up this process.

  84. So , under what circumstances MUST an officer read you your Miranda rights ?

    The answer……never.

    But what if an officer doesn’t read me my rights and starts asking me incriminating questions ?

    If you answer them, they would not legally be allowed in court.

    Can an officer talk to you without any legal need to mirandize you ?

    Sure, happens all of the time.

    Doesn’t an officer have to read me my rights as soon as I am placed under arrest ?

    No. Miranda applies to being QUESTIONED about a crime when you are in custody. Just because you are placed under arrest doesn’t trigger Miranda.

    Is a traffic stop ( think red light violation or speeding) considered being placed into custody ?

    No. It is a brief detention.

    Can you still remain silent during a traffic stop ?

    Sure. The only time you have to verbally answer is in court during a plea agreement and when you are asked if you are competent to help evacuate a plane when taking a emergency exit door seat.

  85. Here is a rough one for PA. It took me two days to go through PAs titles, but here it is. Please tell me what you think. I would like feedback on my work because I am very interested in law.


    TITLE 75 VEHICLES (§ 101 – Vehicle Code)
    § 102. Definitions.

    “Exhibit.” Surrender of a document into the temporary possession of a person for the purpose of examining the document.

    § 1311. Registration card to be signed and exhibited on demand.
    § 1511. Carrying and exhibiting driver’s license on demand.

    I have to “exhibit” my papers, not hand them to you.
    Please put any tickets under windshield wiper

    I am not required to sign:
    TITLE 234
    PART B. Citation Procedure
    Rule 403. Contents of Citation.
    (B) The copy delivered to the defendant shall also contain a notice to the defendant:
    (2) that the defendant shall, within 10 days after issuance of the citation:
    (i) notify the proper issuing authority in writing of the plea

    Thus I am not opening my window.

    I will comply with clearly stated lawful orders.


  87. Although I feel these signs may be effective in a small number of situations, I suspect that if they are widely used, laws will be changed to limit their effectiveness.

    1. This won’t work in Arizona because it’s an Implied Consent State, just having a drivers license in Arizona is
      implied consent if they ask you to take a breathalyzer. You are required to breath into a breathalyzer the moment a police officer asks, even though a rolled up window. All the officer has to do the moment they read this is to make the lawful request ” Please blow into this breathalyzer and you can go” Once that request is made under AZ law if you refuse it it’s an automatic suspension of your drivers license, 1 year the first time, 2 years each time after. Arizona Revised Statute 28-1321(A).

      You wont get a DUI but the punishment for refusing to submit is the same.

    1. To add to the ways of helping yourself.
      1 Legalshield
      2 Get a Concealed Weapons Permit
      3 Register all your vehicles in your wife’s name (if you can’t do that, then you have bigger issues)
      ( the reason for that, Officers will look up your plate registration before even turning on the lights, and I am sorry but white male names are the first to be pulled over, as it is safer to the officer.)

  88. What a clever service, thank you.

    Please consider deleting the “Do you have one for [STATE]?” comments once you’ve published that state to reduce the huge raft of “me too” comments, which overwhelm the interesting discussions.

  89. Hi, Is it possible for you to find the next checkpoint date, and record the same process using one of your black male friends as the driver?

    I believe this may work, but am always hesitant for the unexpected violations of my rights, being a minority.

  90. Nice try, but wait until you get an officer that can articulate in his report that you had what appeared to be a flushed face and bloodshot, watery eyes when he looked in the vehicle with his flashlight. At that point, his request to have you step out of the vehicle would be 100% lawful. So all of you reading this. site and taking this stuff as the gospel might wanna take these crack Jailhouse lawyers’ advice with a grain of salt. A sharp officer would eat this method alive and I promise you’d be left holding the bag!

  91. In tn they now have “No refusal” check points,, is this even legal? PLEASE research this and post asap. I have a problem with people, cops specially, (its a mental thing) and dont like the idea of being forced into compliance,..

  92. As stated earlier even if some articulate officer seen watery red eyes and that is all and provided you follow the instructions including complying to lawful orders and aren’t breaking any laws then regardless of your opinion, YOUR rights have been violated and even a crappy lawyer will be helpful in your civil suit. My eyes are watery and red half the time due to allergies and last I knew that is not illegal nor probable cause for arrest or sobriety. If it was the cops wouldn’t have time to do anything else in my neck of the woods. Anyway, the point is your rights and if you don’t want them then by all means feel free to give them up.

  93. Yes, they are legal. You might want to research so you know exactly what “NO REFUSAL” means. What it means is that IF arrested for DUI, you can refuse a blood or breathe test, but there will be a Judge, magistrate, or judicial commissioner that has the AUTHORITY to issue a search warrant for your blood. Since June 21, 1788 when the Constitution was ratified search warrants have been legal. Search warrants can be sought in any DUI to draw your blood. In some cases police can draw your blood without a warrant even if you refuse, under EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES.

  94. North Carolina please!!!!!!! Will post pics and videos when i get pulled at checkpoints we have them almost everynight!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Does not work for “no refusal” check points. Shelby county TN is one such county that has initiated “no refusal” checkpoints. Highly unconstitutional. But, in the big picture of things, folks going through the trouble to print, configure , combine the items to make this work are more than likely responsible folks anyway and wold be either not driving or finding alternate transportation when inebriated. I agree that our rights are being destroyed, but on the other hand, what if (and a big what if) a checkpoint catches a drunk fool that would have killed your loved one or family member.

  96. Really need one for nc ,,, went through a false DUI arrest few years back ,,,, long story short passed road side blow test was detained ,,,, passed 4 DUI check point bus machines ,,,, was detained ,,,taken to local er blood taken ,,,arrested for DUI ,,,after almost 5000 for attorney and tow bills judge dropped case due to lack of evidence ,,,, $5000 gone and did nothing wrong !!!!!!!!

  97. Please do a Virginia one… I often exercise my rights when dealing with the police and can always use one more tool for defending my civil liberties !

    1. Idaho and Oregon would be great, eastern Oregon citizens pretty much rely on Idaho. We’re even in their time zone!

  98. Please do one for VA, soon. It’d be great to spread the word as they’re crazy here in the Hampton Roads area with checkpoints. Military town cops tend to go a bit overboard…

  99. I am frankly appalled at you guys for what you are doing. I’m sorry, but when I’m out on the road driving, I want to know that I am safe from drunken drivers and druggies driving. (this includes NOT driving and being on a cell talking or texting also). I think you have no value for peoples lives. The checkpoints are here for us to help get idiots off the street who are drunk/drugged out. It makes me SO angry that you are doing this to help these people who have NO business behind the wheel of a car. You’re helping them to get away with it. YOU are IDIOTS AND I AM SO ANGRY w/you. Last year at this time, a 20 yr old girl , hit my car with me in it. She totaled my car, and I got hurt and am still working on getting healthy again. SHE HAD NO LICENSE AND TOOK THE CAR FROM SOMEONE SHE WAS STAYING WITH W/OUT THEM EVEN KNOWING SHE HAD THEIR CAR. She got a $2 thousand fine. for driving w/o a license. I’m still not feeling good about driving anywhere because you NEVER know when or where some idiot -drunk or on drugs will crash into me. You have no right to do this to any of us. We want to be safe. It doesn’t take much for you to roll down a window and talk to the cop and show him what he wants. You are a scumbag for doing what you’re doing now with this action you are taking and I honestly can say that I HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

    1. Before you call people names, I honestly believe you need to get into professional council in for your psychological issues…freedom of speech is a constitutional right…if you don’t like it then move to a communist country…if guarantee in less the 48 hours you will be begging for your freedoms and constitionally protected rights. probably are for gun control and gun bans too, huh? And let me guess, you think Odama is a great president? I thought so…it is people like you that cry about everything until something unjust happens to you…then you jump sides…be mad all you want, the law is the law. …I fought in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom and received 2 purple hearts, and a silver star for heroism. I lost 4 of my best friends in the world behind enemy lines, just so you could be all warm and have the freedoms that you enjoy every day of your life…it truly makes me sick that you live while 4 of the bravest men I ever had the honor of commanding and fighting alongside gave their lives for someone like you! We were 5 of the best snipers the Marine Corps ever trained and we did things that would make you commit suicide, because it was what needed to be done to protect our constitional freedoms. I hope you are single so you can not procreate and infest the rest of the world with people that have your beliefs…Frankly you make me vomit…you probably believe everything the government tells the public too! NANCY BRIAN I HOPE YOU ARE HARASSED BY THE DEMONS YOU SPEW FROM YOUR MOUTH, AND I PRAY TO GOD YOUR RIGHTS, AND THE RIGHTS OF YOUR LOVED ONES, ARE VIOLATED BY BULLIES IN POLICE UNIFORMS BECAUSE THEY WERE BEAT UP AND PICKED ON IN SCHOOL WHICH IS THE WHOLE REASON FOR THEM JOINING THE FORCE AND DARNING A BADGE AND GUN…SO THEY CAN EXTRACT AND RETALIATE AGAINST SOCIETY. I am through we it you and your kind! ALL I CAN SAY IS YOU MY DEAR WOMAN ARE ANTI-AMERICAN….I will be happy to help expedite a visa to a Communist country of your choice!

      1. John, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
        Benjamin Franklin

    2. Get a grip Nancy. This is about our God given rights here. If you drink and drive, then you’ll be too stupid to even think of this.

    3. This is NOT to get around the drunk driving laws. If you are obviously drunk the police will immediately ask you to get out of the vehicle and submit to a sobriety test. This is to deter the scum that are meeting quotas or otherwise trying to exert their aggressive, unwarranted police tactics against you.

    4. Seriously? It sounds like you don’t trust yourself to not drive while under the influence. Do you understand what a true police state is Nancy? We’re just trying to hold on to what rights we have left. You’re welcome.

  100. Any chance you have this for Connecticut? I drive drunk a lot well over the BAC limit and need this.

  101. Please do one for Va. We have had a lot of problems with police citizens. Do not get me wrong though , we also have a lot of honest police officers too.

  102. Wow…talk about paranoid! If you aren’t drinking and driving (which is illegal) or smoking weed in your car (which is illegal) who gives a shit about a checkpoint. I for one, would much rather have a cop take someone off the road for being drunk before he kills me, my family or friends. The sky is falling…the sky is falling.

  103. I am going to equip my vehicle with “Dash Cams” and interior outward facing cams. If this is beyond the scope of what you are doing here, I understand, but it’s going to come to that. In Indiana & Virginia, is there any legal signage I need to display advising that I am or am capable of recording? There has been police officers that state you are not allowed to film them, but it has been on public areas, or on private property filming them doing wrong & violating private property to illegally confiscate the footage. I know if you are doing nothing wrong you “SHOULDN’T” have anything to worry about, but that is no longer the case. An informed citizen is the best defense.

    Lots of questions here, I await your answers or references.

    Charles R. Williamson Jr.

    1. I have confirmed that it is legal to record on public or private property video and audio. Any officer that tells you otherwise is ignorant or telling a lie. Our last attorney general had issued a statement broadly protecting the right of the public to film the police.

  104. Some states ( PA is one). Require you to ” exhibit” your license etc. BUT the PA legal definition of exhibit is to temporarily surrender. That means physically give to the officer.

    Your knowledge of your rights is a good thing but don’t be an idiot about it. While you choose to exercise your rights, officers have the authority to write tickets for mundane violations. You do bring scrutiny upon yourself by proclaiming your rights in certain ways.

    Be prepared for an officer to do a full walk around of your car ( anything illegal in plain view) looking for anything they can find. If they can see it, it is fair game. As long as your car is in complete compliance , you will be fine.

    In the even you are pulled into the checkpoint, the officer may make demands of you that you won’t like.

    PA specifically does not allow you to consult an attorney prior to taking a chemical test. If you are asked to submit and fail to verbally respond ( head shaking not allowed) , that is considered a refusal and will result in a 12 month loss of license of any other charges or even if you did get a DUI and it was later dismissed. It is an administrative suspension by the DMV.

    Before you trust what someone posts here ( me included) , you had better VERIFY through your own research or a lawyer from your state that you are legally correct.

    I was an officer for 26 years and supervised / attended over 85 checkpoints.

  105. I live in Oregon. Had an encounter with law enforcement that changed my whole perspective. Not all are looking out for your best interest. Some are very arrogant and cruel. I don’t drink and drive and like the idea of having this option in case of an illegal stop. With that said, I know that Oregon has a “Implied Consent Law”, which means that by driving a motor vehicle you have already implied that you will consent to a breath, blood, or urine test. I guess my question is, would the officer need probable cause to order you to take the test? or is the “implied consent law” a way in which police officers can violate your rights without question?

  106. Yall are all SO tired of DUI check points, but I have news for you…THAT’S THEIR JOB!!!! To catch people who break the law and drive drunk. So don’t drink and drive and break the law and you will be just fine. Yall are too worried about your rights and how you can beat the cops. Well they were trained and taught and memorized the law so sorry but you’re wasting your time trying to outsmart them and half of you will end up in jail or killed over it anyways. Just be a normal citizens like everyone else and ABIDE BY THE LAW!!! You people think you know everything and you don’t. Yall are all stupid and quite frankly all DUMBASSES!!!

    1. Hey Bailey,it”the normal persons job to fight for their Constitutional rights because cowards like you won”t.Next thing they check for is drugs and I know you will enjoy body cavity search,moron.

    2. Every time the pigs set up a road block for whatever reason is a violation of your 14th amendment of the US Constitution (right to move freely

  107. I LOVE YOU MAN !!!!! i think u should know u’re saving jobs and lives of soo many people, i have witnessed soo many people got their lives destroyed because of that famous false claim of “alcohol smell in his car” , even if you’re not drunk, the officer can always suspect you are drunk , take ur license and issue a ticket that would later get dismissed just for the sake to meet their monthly quotas ….
    this is by far the BEST WAY ever to fight these corrupt cops from targeting innocent people.

  108. I would really like to have this for the State of Maryland. We have DUI Check Points on average once a week in my town. It is not only annoying, but a waste of my time! I mean I understand Drinking & Driving is a very big problem and kills a ton of people every year in the US, but not everyone drinks and especially drives! I barely even drink anymore because our cops are so bad here, so this would really come in handy…However I seriously doubt cops here in Maryland would fall for this, they would break your window, pull you out and slam your face on the pavement due to hindering their investigation. Then they would arrest you for not obeying Police orders as well as resisting arrest since they had to remove you from your car. I am sure you are just asking for trouble by using this flyer here! But I would like to try it one day sober to find out what really happens. So please update us with Maryland and the rest of the other 49 states. Thanks

  109. This is complete bs I am not a cop so since when is a dui a good thing? I get it people out there are doing the right and you feel like you shouldn’t have to stop but now when a drunk person is smart enough to drive straight down a road and the cops can’t get hI’m because the have this stupid flyer and they go ahead and drive down the road and kill somone that’s kinda fucked up in my eyes how about you just take the 2 secs and roll down your window and show your stuff if your not drunk kinda lazy if you ask me…”but its my right” right shut the fuck up no its people going crazy about cops so they think there balls hang lower that is whats going to turn this world up side down #copslivesmatter

  110. I hope these lawyers families and friends are killed or seriously injured by a drunk driver. Maybe then they will understand better why these check points are put in place instead of teaching people some ignorance. Idiots

    1. Ain’t you a dirty basturd hoping people get killed by drunk driver.That said even drunks and criminals have rights and even scumbags like you.

    2. This is NOT to get around the drunk driving laws. If you are obviously drunk the police will immediately ask you to get out of the vehicle and submit to a sobriety test. This is to deter the scum that are meeting quotas or otherwise trying to exert their aggressive, unwarranted police tactics against you.

  111. This section of SC Law says the citation should be given directly to the offender??

    SECTION 56-7-35 Uniform traffic ticket for speeding or disregarding traffic control device; incident to and contemporaneous with traffic stop; delivery; use of photographic evidence; exception for toll collection violation

    (A)(1) A law enforcement officer who issues a uniform traffic ticket for a violation of a local ordinance or traffic laws relating to speeding must do so incident to and contemporaneous with a traffic stop.

    (2) A copy of the citation must be given directly to the offender by the law enforcement officer issuing the citation at the time of the traffic stop for the offense.

    (3) A law enforcement agency may not utilize the United States mail, a parcel delivery service, electronic means, or otherwise to send to the operator or owner of a motor vehicle or motorcycle, as defined in Section 56-3-20, a uniform traffic citation alleging a violation of a local ordinance or the traffic laws relating to speeding. This subsection does not prohibit the law enforcement agency from sending the operator or owner an additional copy of a uniform citation that was issued to the operator or owner during the traffic stop for the offense upon request of the operator or owner.

    (4) A uniform traffic citation alleging the violation of a local ordinance or the traffic laws relating to speeding may not be issued based in whole or in part upon photographic evidence, whether gathered in conjunction with radar speed detection devices and whether the camera or other electronic device capturing the photographic evidence was attended or unattended at the time it captured the photographic evidence. This section does not prohibit the use of photographic or video evidence at any hearing related to the offense to corroborate the testimony of a law enforcement officer who personally observed the offense.

    (B)(1) A law enforcement officer who issues a uniform traffic ticket for a violation of a local ordinance or the traffic laws relating to disregarding a traffic control device must do so incident to and contemporaneous with a traffic stop.

    (2) A copy of the citation must be given directly to the offender by the law enforcement officer issuing the citation at the time of the traffic stop for the offense.

    (3) A law enforcement agency may not utilize the United States mail, a parcel delivery service, electronic means, or otherwise to send to the operator or owner of a motor vehicle or motorcycle, as defined in Section 56-3-20, a uniform traffic citation alleging a violation of a local ordinance or the traffic laws relating to disregarding traffic control devices. This subsection does not prohibit the law enforcement agency from sending the operator or owner an additional copy of a uniform citation that was issued to the operator or owner during the traffic stop for the offense upon request of the operator or owner.

    (4) A uniform traffic citation alleging the violation of a local ordinance or the traffic laws relating to disregarding traffic control devices may not be issued based in whole upon photographic evidence, whether the camera or other electronic device capturing the photographic evidence was attended or unattended at the time it captured the photographic evidence. This section does not prohibit the use of photographic or video evidence at any hearing related to the offense to corroborate the testimony of a law enforcement officer who personally observed the offense.

    (C) The provisions of this section do not apply to toll collection.

    HISTORY: 2011 Act No. 65, Section 1, eff June 17, 2011.

  112. Do you have a flyer for IDAHO?

    If not, PLEEEASE make one!

    I would absolutely use your flyer and I believe many, many more, Idahoans would as well.

    Thank you!

  113. Some states require a CCW to inform the officer that they have a concealed handgun on their person immediately when approached by that officer (Ohio). Would that apply at a checkpoint? If so, do you have a flyer that indicates that? Also please develope a flyer for West Virginia! Thanks.

  114. Of all the stupidity.

    Why not just cooperating with the policemen who are just DOING THEIR JOBS.

    If the police weren’t so busy trying to KEEP YOU SAFE by getting drunk drivers off the road, they would have time to put up with this crap.

    Driving in the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. You have to take tests, prove efficiency, etc. It’s not the same as searching your house.

    Too many paranoid people.

    If you’re not drunk, just give them your ID and go on.

    Remember, government does not necessarily equal out-to-get-you.

    1. Susan Z. I see that you have been already brainwashed by the government. Lets look at history, did we need a license to ride a horse? Did we need a license to move a wagon. The RIGHT of the people to mobilize themselves is a right, not a privilege. As is everything in life, there will always be people who like to mess the field up for everyone else. No one needed a license to drive 100 years ago, why would we need one today?

    2. “LEO’s are only here to protect and serve”

      Wish I lived in that bubble with you. Your a bona fide boot licker Susan!

    3. This is NOT to get around the drunk driving laws. If you are obviously drunk the police will immediately ask you to get out of the vehicle and submit to a sobriety test. This is to deter the scum that are meeting quotas or otherwise trying to exert their aggressive, unwarranted police tactics against you.

    4. Suzy my hope is some day the door to your house is not caved in for shits and grins.
      Welcome to the police state.

    5. Brainwashed? Who is the brainwashed? Many of you believe everything you hear in the media. Think for yourselves people! What if… just what if all this media coverage of the less than 1% of bad cops and rabble rousing is all part of the game to incite the cattle of America (“we the people”) to attempt to “throw off such government” and rise up. This would give The Big G (Feds) a reason to fight back. What if they’re vilifying local LEO’s so that when the Big G disbands the locals to set up their federal police force, you the sheep will rejoice because finally the government stopped the “evil”. You don’t know that most every local cop (city, county and even state) are the only true line of defense of your safety and freedoms. The Fed knows this. They know that local LEO’s will not go with them to get your guns. They know that most cops are gun junkies and big advocates of the constitution. Are there some bad apples? Absolutely! But in my town I’ve seen both our Sheriff and Chief of Police fire and arrest those bad apples as soon as they are discovered. They even put one in Federal Prison.

      Stop listening to the cattle drivers (media) and think for yourselves.

      To the comment that says driving is a RIGHT not a privilege. You have no idea. You still don’t need a license to ride a horse. Why do you need one for a car? Seriously? A car is quite a bit heavier and way more dangerous if mishandled. Those who have lost their DL’s because they have repeatedly shown themselves incompetent behind the wheel deserve to lose that privilege. Please show me the RIGHT you speak of in the Constitution. I would love to know how the forefathers worded that RIGHT to drive cars unlicensed. Not being allowed to drive does not equal the taking of your freedom to move around. That is the brain washed idiocy that you were fed by some moron who wouldn’t know Constitutional Law from a hole in the ground.

      I’m for absolute freedom, so long as it does not infringe upon the underlying freedoms of all people: the right to LIVE peaceably. Stop being so selfish. The forefathers would’ve been quick to sacrifice there own freedoms so those they served would be more free, not the other way around.

      Those who drive drunk are selfish morons who deserve to be imprisoned. More people have died from their terror than most any other type of traffic related death. They’re the ones you should be upset with. They’re the ones hindering freedom. Not the cops who are trying to keep your roads safe.

  115. I just think that you american people are changing your minds about the police job, please don’t let the media blowing your minds, the police are just doing their jobs, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. I may be wrong about this shit but I see american people leaving themselves like sheeple easily. You are more than that, please do not make their game.
    Sorry my poor English.

  116. Wisconsin could certainly use your help. Thanks for what you are doing for the country. We’re tired of living in a police state…..

  117. My opinion is when you are forced to blow into a breath analyzer machine I do not care what MADD says they have made unConstitutional law to force me to incriminate myself period. I hope they go belly up some day.

  118. Really all theses people calling others dumb. You have been completely brainwashed. Perfect example. I’m 30 now. But when i was about 19. I wasn’t allowed to drink and did not. I went out of town to visit family in South Carolina. Went through a checkpoint left my license in my luggage at my hotel by accident because at first i wasn’t driving my older cousin who was 21 at the time was driving us around. SHE starts drinking. Its my car i say your not driving my car because you have been drinking. Get to the check point i admit to the officer we were following some friends to a club. ..which they knew was not too far up the road, that i left my license in the hotel back in town. My cousin then leans over me bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, every indication that she is indeed intoxicated, and shows the LEO her license and says “I have a license,”as a the LEO Then flashes his light in her face and says to me get out and let her drive she has a license…… So how smart was that. Yea i was dumb for leaving my DL in my luggage… but to avoid getting my car towed i complied and got out and walked around to.the passengers side as she climbed over the seat….. and to answer any further questions as soon as we were out of line of sight she got her drunk behind from out behind the wheel of my car. So how smart were these officers if they could not tell that she was clearly intoxicated. And if they did not, the dumbfounded look on MY face like are you sure you want HER to drive didn’t tell it all.COULD HAVE EASILY LOOMED UP MY DL. IT WAS MY CAR. So whose safety were they really looking out for… They were there to get paid.