We’ve created a flyer you can show to police during checkpoints and traffic stops. The idea is that you do not roll down your window but rather press the flyer up against the window so police can read it. You show them your license and other papers through the window.

Warning: This is not for everyone or every situation.
Please read more on our “Is it for you” page.

The New York, Florida, California, New Jersey, Ohio and Arkansas versions are at the bottom of the page. Feel free to print them and carry them with you in your car.

Update: Added Utah and Texas. ** Georgia and South Carolina (7/6/2014)

A few other states are not far behind. If we don’t have your state yet, we hope to get there.

We will also be preparing specific instruction pages to go along with each state, along with legal analysis. The flyer also goes along with our DUI book.

Here’s the front of the NY version – the side you show to police:
New York DUI Flyer
And here’s the back:

This is the front of the Florida version:
Florida back:

California version:

Front side of California flyer

Front side of California flyer

Rear of California Version

Rear of California Version

New Jersey:

New Jersey - Front

New Jersey – Front

New Jersey - Back

New Jersey – Back


Ohio - Front

Ohio – Front

Ohio - back

Ohio – back


Arkansas - Front

Arkansas – Front

Arkansas - back

Arkansas – back


Utah Front

Utah Front

Utah Back

Utah Back

Fair DUI Utah PDF


Texas Front

Texas Front

Texas Back

Texas Back

Fair DUI Texas PDF


Georgia - Front

Georgia – Front

Georgia - back

Georgia – back

Fair DUI Flyer-Georgia (PDF)

South Carolina:

South Carolina - Front

South Carolina – Front

South Carolina - Back

South Carolina – Back

Fair DUI Flyer-SC (PDF)

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114 thoughts on “Flyer

    1. wredlich Post author

      Doesn’t look like we will be printing any for CA or other states. You can download the image and print it.

        1. Brock

          Can u please make one for Kentucky. My wife and sister in law and myself just had a bad run in with KY troopers. Would love to not have to speak to them if necessary. Believe sign would be very helpful.

  1. Chris Hursey

    Will you please consider IL and MO versions? I live on the border so I see both checkpoints. They are becoming more and more brazen in their violation of rights all the time. We need to take a stand and use whatever tools are available. Thanks!

      1. Eric

        We need one for Virginia bad. they are running “road checks” and “safety checks” even in middle of the day now. They want your license and check all your decals, even run your plates.

  2. mark

    Can I get a print out for South Florida and information/card from your firm? I submitted a form for Mark / Miami, Florida.

  3. wredlich Post author

    We received a bunch of form submissions today, thanks to an Honor Your Oath video. We’ll get them out as soon as possible. –Warren

  4. brad

    In states like California where you’re required to sign, how do you do that without opening your window?
    How do you tell the difference between an order and a request?
    How do we ask what we’re being pulled over for?
    Maybe we should all make flash cards for these necessary and legitimate questions we may have?

    I live in AZ, I need a sign that says DONT SHOOT!

    1. wredlich Post author

      In California, if the officer asks you to sign then you do have to roll down your window in order to do so. I’ve discussed this with a California lawyer and he said they often don’t ask you to sign. But if they do, you are required to do so.

    1. Rich Blackstock

      Yes, if you have or will have soon, a flyer for Oklahoma, I would be interested in getting it–thanks for all you are doing

  5. KT

    Please make an IL version asap. I second Chris Hursey comments above; they are getting out of hand here in Illinois. We need to shut down these extortion checkpoints! This is all about education, and understanding/ asserting your civil rights. The days of simply ” complying ” are over!

    Thanks, Troy

  6. Christine Dee Mosser

    My boyfriend and I are traveling the country in an RV with our 2 dogs for the next couple of years. It would be great if you could create cards for all of the states. I really appreciate what you are doing here. Keep it up!

    1. wredlich Post author

      Texas is high on our list, but we’re not ready yet. It should be the next one we do. At least a couple weeks away.

      1. KT

        Wredlich, You guys are doing a great thing with these flyers, keep up the outstanding work. Would you share with us which states are in your “next group of states”? Is Illinois in there? we need it bad. Thanks a million. Do you need any help?? my e-mail

        Thanks, Troy

        1. Warren Redlich

          Illinois is a big state so it’s relatively high on the list, but not the top.

          Help? If you know a Illinois lawyer who’s interested in helping, that would be good.

  7. Lyle I

    Do you have anything like this for Michigan. These cops will pin anything on you if given any chance at all. Thank you

  8. Gavin V.

    You were great on the Tom Woods Show. A Colorado version would also be appreciated! Thanks for what you’re doing!

    1. Dave S

      What make an order lawful? ” Would get out of the car.” be considered a lawful order? If you get out they have all the info they need to go on to the next step, if you dont get out they break your window and drag you out thru it.

      A short list of lawful orders would help know what one is.

      1. wredlich Post author

        Unfortunately that varies by state. You have to make your own judgment on the spot about whether an order is lawful or not. If you’re an activist and you want to make a great YouTube video, only comply if you’re sure it’s lawful.

        If you’re a regular person and you’re not sure, then you should probably err on the side of complying.

        And of course, you should really discuss this with a lawyer in your home state.

    2. Pierre F

      Yes, Please make one for our police state here in Colorado. Thanks so much for what you are doing!

  9. josh

    Can you make a flyer for Washington, the police and boarder patrol were I live like to abuse their authority. Thanks

  10. Marcy Ganz

    Washington State would be a good flyer to make. Do you have one available somewhere? Also what about National Park Police or Federals. Do they follow and apply the vehicles laws of the state or are there federal laws?

  11. jason h.

    Ummmm….well, I don’t need to request my state…it’s already here (Fl) but what I do need is to tell you how I feel about you & your organization……… YOU ARE FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!!!
    Thanks for doing what you do! Keep it up!
    Jason H.

  12. jason h.

    I have a ? I keep a pistol in my vehicle at all times. I do so in compliance with fl.statute 790.25.
    If after I display the sign the officer asks me if I have a weapon (I’m obligated to answer yes) is he able to open of force me to open my vehical to secure the firearm?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. wredlich Post author

      That’s a close call. He can order you out of the car to pat you down for weapons. I don’t think that includes searching the car.

    2. wredlich Post author

      You are not obligated to answer yes. You should remain silent.

      In FL you are obligated to show your CCW permit if requested.

    3. Arnie

      If you visit some of the excellent Florida firearms sites (plus read the statutes) you will learn that there are ZERO laws about needing to inform a LEO about being armed. Some other states have law(s) that you must inform a LEO of being armed immediately upon an encounter. It is in your best interest to say nothing about carrying any weapon, assuming you have the lic. to do so. Folks who have done that, thinking they were doing the right thing, have seen a routine stop turn utterly ugly once they opened their mouth.

      1. wredlich Post author

        Some cops will react poorly if you tell them. Others will appreciate that you told them. From speaking with firearms instructors, they think about 90% of cops will appreciate it and being straightforward with them about it might even get you out of a ticket.

        However, the other 10% might slam you on the pavement.

  13. R

    In Ohio – the Ohio State Highway Patrol always asks people to “get out of their car” and come back to their patrol car – where they ask questions and write the ticket. Can you refuse to get out of your car? I don’t understand what the purpose of going to their car is, other than to have the opportunity to watch you walk and have another opportunity to “bust” you.

    1. wredlich Post author

      I’m afraid that question is better directed to an Ohio lawyer. If I had consumed any alcohol or medication, I would probably not get out of the car.

      The only reason allowable under the 4th Amendment, in my opinion, is for a weapons pat down.

    1. emlee

      Looking forward to a New Mexico flyer. I’m sure everybody has heard about the “killer cops” of Albuquerque by now. Unarmed citizens who don’t exercise their rights get killed here, on a regular basis.

  14. CS

    Instead of everyone asking you guys to do all the work, how about posting the details of what is necessary to come up with the sign so we can do our own investigation?

    For instance, who can figure out what “State” this is without using a search engine to pinpoint the code?
    “State” means a State, territory or possession of the United States and the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
    This is the definition of the legal term “State” from the Motor Vehicle Code in Chapter One, Article 1, definitions section in my “state”. The term is used 386 times in Chapter One.
    Could this be your state? Can it be a State of the Union or would it most likely be a Federal state, like Guam, American Somoa, U.S. Virgin Islands?

    I discovered this when doing research for my traffic case. You should have seen the judge at the pretrial conference when I explained that it COULDN’T be our state. Trial in about 3 weeks. Wish me luck.

  15. TXT

    Mr. Redlich, Thought you might be interested in seeing your card in action. In the following video, a civilian at a traffic stop (ostensibly for an obscured license plate) attempts to use the card by holding it up to the window. The first words out of the officers mouth are, “”Please roll down your window sir. Sir, I’m giving you an order to roll down your window. I don’t care what that says, I need you to roll down your window all the way… If you don’t comply with those instructions, you’re gonna end up, you’re gonna end up in jail.”

    Anyway, I see some contradictions between the theory of the card and the realities of a dynamic traffic stop. Specifically, the card says both, “Do not open your window,” and, “If the officer states a lawful order, it is safer to comply.” How would you suggest proceeding in the filmed situation?

  16. wredlich Post author

    First of all, I’m really pleased that you did this and took great video.

    Second, you are correct that dealing with the unlawful order to roll down your window can be tricky. In my opinion if you catch them on video giving you this unlawful order, then under the Fourth Amendment everything that follows should be suppressed. In other words, you’ve already won at that point.

    However, at the same time you can refuse to follow that order and from watching it appears you did so.

    I can’t tell from the video but it looks like your window is already partially open. In my opinion you should keep it completely closed.

    Third, you did not follow the instructions on the card. “Do not speak at all. Not one word.”

    A lot of people have trouble with this. You have the right to remain silent. Use it. You don’t have to wait for the Miranda warning to shut up. Don’t talk. Don’t ask questions. Don’t explain. The card says it all.

    The officer could easily decide that your speech sounds “impaired” and use that as justification for further investigation. If you don’t talk at all, and you’ve got that on video, then he would not get away with that lie.

    Also, you do have to show (not give) the officer your license, registration and insurance. You should have them ready so that you can place them up against the window. One friend even has them in a package with the card so when he puts it up against the window they’re visible too.

    Overall, great job!

  17. TXT

    Just to clarify, it wasn’t me in the video, and I don’t know the people who posted it. Thanks for your analysis!

  18. c. silverstein

    i don’t drink & drive. but, i’ve often wondered just what an officer can force you to do if stopped.
    if he says, “step out of the car,” do you have to?
    in FL, having a DL gives consent to take a sobriety test. to do that you have to exit your vehicle. right?
    also, the first thing they ask you(in FL) is, “do you have any weapons in the vehicle?” how do you respond to that? is carrying concealed on your person considered “in the vehicle?” what if you have a firearm(s) locked in the trunk? if you refuse to open the trunk, can they impound your vehicle and tear it apart?
    a cop tried to coerce me once into letting him search my vehicle by saying, “i think i smell marijuana. if you don’t consent to a search, i’ll detain you and call for a K-9.” i told him that i don’t use drugs, love dogs, since i have 3 at home, and to go ahead and bring the dog; i’ll wait. he backed-off and let me go.

    1. wredlich Post author

      Sobriety test can only be ordered if the officer has probable cause to do so.

      You should not speak at all. When they ask if you have weapons you should not answer. Not talking means not talking.

      Never consent to a search. Never.

  19. Fred

    Publish one for Texas there’s a city down here where they do a DUI alot and everyone need one where I live

  20. Fred

    I comment before about Texas card I just saw when I posted a comment about the Texas card I want to be contacted back asap when there’s one for Texas and when they updated this website and texas you have to show ID even if u just walking a public side walk BS

  21. libertyfan

    Please provide a flyer for Missouri, we need your help here more than ever. They have began setting up illegal “safety checkpoints” in addition to DUI checkpoints that do more to harass law abiding citizens than stop drunk driving.

    1. Tim

      I would also like one for Missouri. They do one on the road I take home several times a year. Thank you for the hard work, you all are awesome! TKL

  22. Rudy Schouten

    Please put one up for south Carolina its getting real bad around here with the harassment especially in north Charleston thank you and hope to see one soon

  23. Math

    Hi, I know you are in the US, but I was wondering if you would ever consider doing one for the province of Ontario, Canada. We have very similar rights here but I’d like to have the official one for Ontario.

    1. wredlich Post author

      Thanks for asking. That’s not going to come from us anytime soon. I’d suggest talking to local lawyers, barristers or solicitors.

  24. Kevin

    I understand New Hampshire is a small state with respect to the rest, but in the end we have a large number of DUI and heavy fines. I heard on the radio that we are the 2nd highest state of people drinking before 18. In that respect the police seem to have a lot of freedom in the field. Some Judges understand that and are more questioning of officers actions but I would rather avoid that all together. Thanks

    1. wredlich Post author

      You could just use the top, with the three large lines in ALLCAPS, but it’s better if you have one that is specific to your state’s laws. Check with a lawyer in your state.

  25. Anthony Vitale

    Thank you very much for adding South Carolina to the arsenal! I really appreciate all you have done to protect our rights. I will keep you informed when I get a chance to use this tool!

    Your a a patriot!

  26. Eric bland

    PLEASE PLEASE make one for New Mexico. Albuquerque Police officers are all on steroids and shoot innocent people for pulling out their wallets after asking for id because the look “suspicious” it happens nearly every week here.

  27. Bruce

    Please, please help us out in Massachusetts.(Did you see what happened in Watertown???) They lift martiap law and what’ya know, a citizen finds the guy. I don’t think I saw a request for it, if so I apologize. Plus we seem to have the most ridiculous laws as is seem by the “wiretapping” BS. If possible could you speculate on a date, if any, that it might come into effect. I’m sure you’re busy as hell with all the previous comments I saw but any help would be much obliged. Thanks for what you’re doing.

    1. Bill Benson

      I’d like to second Tennessee as well.

      Thanks for your service to protect people from the over-reaching police state.

  28. Arnie

    Found this site after viewing an on-line vid.
    Since I live in FL and like the idea of employing a sign (vs verbalizing) I checked our statutes….and am somewhat perplexed.
    §318.14(2) states: “must sign and accept a citation indicating a promise to appear” and subsection (3) states: “Any person who willfully refuses to accept and sign a summons as provided in subsection (2) commits a misdemeanor of the second degree. That is 180 degrees out from what is on the window sign (I am not required to sign). So, is that (not signing) from jurisprudence?

    1. wredlich Post author

      The back of the card explains which tickets require a signature. If it’s a simple traffic ticket you do not have to sign. If it’s something more serious than you do.

    1. wredlich Post author

      Unfortunately that’s complicated and you have to use your judgment when they give you an order. If you’re not sure, it’s safest to obey but make sure you’re recording so your lawyer can use this later.

  29. Phil Freeman

    Won’t you consider elaborating for the people, the legal terminology concerning the regulated commercial act of transportation, also known as driving, and explain to the people that, unknown to them a trust has been created in which the res, the automobile is property interest of the state? The MSO/MCO being the evidence of this trust and equitable title is held by most states, while the legal certificate of title is sent to the trustee/ owner in error. To have both in possession is prima facie evidence of ownership. Please discuss with the people that the state can only regulate commerce and that driving is considered an act of commerce, while travelling in one’s private capacity, not for hire, nor carrying paying passengers is a right held. One need not have a driving license, unless one is engaged in commercial activity upon the common way? Please discuss with the people how to rebut the presumption that all LEOs look at your automobile as operating,driving, acting in a commercial regulated capacity upon the comon way. Thank you kindly for all you do.
    Respectfully in truth and liberty,
    P. Freeman

  30. Arnie

    Thanks for the reply.
    I did read the back. I’d like to know the source of the data printed on the back that says ‘no need to sign..’ Certainly that isn’t found in the immediate FL statute.

  31. Arnie

    Sorry, forget or delete my last comment.
    After some serious searching I finally learned (via a cop forum) that what you have on the back side of the FL sign is basically correct. Boiled down and due to electronic tickets and crappy thermal printers (used by LEO’s) that you can only be arrested for refusing to sign a citation requiring a court appearance.


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