Revising State Directory

We are starting to revise our website. Listing 50 flyers on one page was not going to make sense, so we’ve now restructured the site to include a state-by-state directory.

Click the following link for our State DUI directory.

We have flyers for 11 states so far. We hope to get more in soon.

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Cop vs. Lawyer – A Great Interview

T.J. Bloch of Policing Black and White
T.J. Bloch of Policing Black and White

Fair DUI’s Warren Redlich was interviewed on February 21st for a radio show (or podcast) by Greensboro reserve police officer T.J. Bloch. T.J. runs the website Policing Black and White, a growing website. You should be able to see the audio player below.

It was a great conversation though unfortunately we had to cut it short. We’re talking about doing another one soon. If you can’t see the player, this is the link to the full MP3 file.

Bloch is a great guy who was forced, while on active duty, to shoot a woman who was trying to stab him with a knife. Partly as a result of that incident along with other traumatic experiences he retired early from active duty and became a reserve officer.

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Second Interview with Dr. Drew

They liked us so much they had us back on the next day. Here’s our second interview with Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood on KABC radio in Los Angeles. Warren comes in around 4-5 minutes into the hour.

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Fair DUI Debates Federal Prosecutor

Thanks to Jeff Van Treese for having us on with former federal prosecutor David Weinstein. We talked about checkpoints in some detail including the flyer. The conversation is below:

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Fair DUI on Huff Post Live

Offending people across the political spectrum. Today we were on both Fox News and Huff Post Live. Huff Po is below, though of course it’s no longer live. Segment starts at 12:45 into the video. Maybe 12:55.

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Two Great Interviews: Fox Business (TV) and KABC Radio

Here’s Warren yesterday on The Willis Report:

And next, a longer and wonderful radio interview with Dr. Drew on KABC in Los Angeles. This will surprise a lot of people.

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Fair DUI on CBS News


Fair DUI was featured on CBS This Morning and on the home page of (see above).

Here’s the video:

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Fair DUI Flyer Story in Miami

So if we’ve got this right, by asserting your rights you are “delaying your detainment” and/or will be arrested for doing so. America?

To be clear, the words changed from “display” to “present or submit”. Showing your license through the window is still “presenting” it. And the purpose of the change was for electronic drivers licenses on smart phones, not for physical licenses.

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