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  1. Thanks for doing this for Colorado!

    I have a question. CRS 42-4-1707 (6) says, “If the defendant does possess a valid Colorado driver’s license, the defendant shall not be required to execute a promise to appear on the penalty assessment notice or on the summons and complaint. The peace officer shall not require any person who is eligible to be issued a summons and complaint or a penalty assessment notice for a violation of this title to produce or divulge such person’s social security number.”

    This would seem to contradict that I have to sign the ticket. Am I misunderstanding?


  2. I had not seem that. Will take a look. But the short answer is if the officer insists you sign then you should.

  3. The videos I’ve seen has this in a bag outside the window, but this is saying to just show through the window? Which is more correct in Colorado. Can you give me any information on this?

  4. Generally we favor just showing through the window. But the bag isn’t wrong. Talk to a local lawyer.

  5. Not that we know of. Florida and Ohio so far. We’ve heard maybe it has worked inn California too.

  6. This won’t work in CO. All they have to say is that your eyes are red and you’re under suspicion of driving while high. They then take you in for a blood test. Game over.

  7. Corey’s answer is vague and the “game over” part sounds ridiculous. If you are speaking of a DUI checkpoint then you had warning before the checkpoint and you could have gone another route. Police cannot say “red eyes” as that is not probable cause in an illegal check point. A checkpoint is not a lawful traffic stop and police did not see any traffic infractions so all they can do is ask if you have had anything to drink. Say “No” and wait. If you are drunk or stoned they will have other indicators and you to take a test. You must comply. Take only a breath test, nothing else and say nothing.

  8. I have read your book, great information. I work in nightclubs and often have an after work beer. I know I’ll get pulled over eventually, and it’s nice to finally see something for those of us who are sober after having one drink at a bar.

    My windows are tinted. Am I better off always hanging this outside my window along with license, registration and insurance in a baggie?

    I’m also wondering if I could as a less militant alternative, hand them this card through my open window, and nod yes or no to non-incriminating questions, (“is this your correct address”, etc.) never offering anything verbal, and offer no response at all to anything besides that?

    I’m also confused. If an officer tells you to exit the vehicle, I should always do what they say? Likewise, if they tell you to roll down the window and you don’t, leading them to break it, etc. What to do? It seems part of the book was saying offer no resistance, but do not comply at all, and others where you should just do whatever they tell you, and fight it later… This part of the book was confusing. Thanks!

  9. Never speak. Don’t even nod.

    If it’s an order comply. If it’s a request, don’t.

    If you’re going to roll down the window don’t use the whole card. Just the top, the big three phrases.

    Remove the tint if you’re going to keep the window up.

  10. Outstanding, that clarifies my strategy, thank you.
    Can you speculate on something? Let’s say one follows everything you’ve suggested, I.E. don’t open your mouth, no eye contact, remain passive and unresponsive – unless he/she gives a direct order. (“step out of the car, please”). Is there a better chance of being released without charge? From the time they pull you over, they’re trying to gather enough evidence to make an arrest, but if you give them nothing, is it more likely to be let go, or will they generally make something up? – Especially if they see that a phone is present and recording?
    If you are just sitting there, and never open your mouth, do they really even have reasonable suspicion to order you out of the vehicle?
    Thanks for your replies, it’s great to be able to stand up for our rights.

  11. You say, “If it’s an order comply. If it’s a request, don’t.”

    How are we supposed to know whether it’s an order or a request? “Step out of the car, please” could be either one. Should we create a second card that says, “Is this a request or is this an order? Please point to the word indicating which one: REQUEST ……… ORDER”

    What’s to prevent them from pointing to the word ORDER when it’s merely a request?

    Lots of unanswered questions, here.

  12. Not starting trouble, but wondering if you have read the book? It will shed more light on what a request is, vs a demand.
    To paraphrase, if there is no question, like he tells you, “Get out of the car, now!” That’s an order. If he asks you, “Could you step out of the car, please?” I’d just sit there. If there’s any doubt, do nothing. When it’s really an order, there will be no doubt in your mind.
    Get the book if you havent. It’s only a couple bucks, and you’ll read it in a couple hours.

  13. Supposing that my phone does not have the capability to digitally sign any tickets I am given, or to download any app necessary…then what do I do, short of opening my window?

  14. Still waiting for a reply to my previous question…Supposing my phone does not have the capability to digitally sign any tickets I may be given, or to download any app necessary. Short of opening my window, what do I do? What are my options?

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  16. Uh, allergies? I used to live in Colorado, and the cold weather in Autumn and Winter always caused my eyes to be red. no cop to my knowledge has used “red eye” as a reason to check someone out. How about long-haul truck drivers? I know for a FACT that the steel route from Canada to Houston runs through Denver, down through a corner of New Mexico, and on to Texas. Thousands of trucks per day go that route. Those guys don’t have RED EYES?

  17. Thanks for your work on this. (Adding my email address so I will be notified of new comments to this post.)

  18. Thank you for teaching people their legal rights, there should be a class every semester starting in high school throughout college.
    If we do not know our rights we cannot protect them.

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