Florida DUI for Ohio Drivers

Ohio drivers need to be extra careful if they face a DUI in Florida. Ohio does recognize out-of-state DUI convictions and you face possible suspension in your home state.

Unfortunately for you, the Ohio law (ORC 4510.17) is a little vague as to what counts. It applies to any Ohio resident who:

is convicted of or pleads guilty to a violation of a statute of any other state or a municipal ordinance of a municipal corporation located in any other state that is substantially similar to section 4511.19 of the Revised Code

Because of the “substantially similar” language, any DUI conviction in Florida will hit you in Ohio. Even a wet reckless, which is usually a reasonable deal for Florida residents, has the potential to get you suspended because it could be considered similar enough to Ohio’s OVI (Operating Vehicle under the Influence).

If you are an Ohio driver facing a DUI in Florida, you should hire a lawyer who pays attention to the consequences in Ohio. For most out-of-state drivers, we recommend fighting DUI charges in Florida because that is often the better approach in many cases.

Out-of-state drivers have a big advantage compared to Florida drivers. When you fight a DUI case in Florida, your Florida license or driving privilege is suspended until the case is resolved. This is a big problem for Florida drivers. But it’s not a big deal for out-of-state residents. Your Ohio license will not be suspended until you’re convicted of something in Florida.

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