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  1. is there a flyer for Louisiana? if so please let me know. thanks in advance.

  2. I live on maui and it is a very dangerous island for a female to be stopped by an officer on. They have been known to threaten women with drugs they say they will plant in the car if we do not comply with the sexual requests they pose, as well as simply using brute force and the threat of there knoledge of our address based on the license plate and registration on the car. But the D.U.I. check points seem to be pretty corrupt too. They take you outta your car and search it based on there supposed P.C., (smelling marijuana coming from the vehicle.) I have been a victim of this personally. I would love to know where I can research the laws so I can make up my own sign as I’m sure you are likely very busy taking care of several states at a time. Thank you for your time.
    concerned citizen

  3. why dont you cover Iowa?

    Subject: Iowa Driver license Suspension
    do you know where I could go for help or which attorney handle case like this?
    My question, I won the DWI case in court by a jury trial and the State of Iowa drop the speeding charge. And the DOT found the speed limit was invalid in a speed study done by the DOT. Is there a time limit to this? It took me this long because the Speed Survey that I needed to prove my case took DOT over 8 month to get. I ask Rex Allen (DOT Area 4) on 11/25/14 to do a speed study. In the reply from the DOT is
    That it is the drivers are held to the speed limits as posted, not as they might be posted, but I ask who is responsible for posting the correct speed limits and correct signs (reduce speeds) in the first place.

    Thing to consider
    1. Speed limit, Ferguson Rd in Shenandoah is a state bypass highway 48. It was posted as 25
    Mph in residence or school district, in which there is no residence or school district on

    2. I won my court case against the State of Iowa for DWI (see court papers in attachments)

    3. The State of Iowa Drop the speeding charge (see court papers in attachments)

    4. The speed study show the speed was invalid (see the speed study test in the attachments)

    5. The Officer judgement: I ask the DOT to do a history search on Officer Baier, and ask yourself
    Why he has left so many jobs as a Police Officers. Right now he is investigated for Police
    Assault in the City of Shenandoah Iowa (see attachment). Officer Baier claimed I was
    Impaired, but after reviewing his history, one would have to ask who is the one impaired

    6. There are no reduced speed signs ahead; it goes from 40mph to 25mph that is a 40% reduction
    Without any type of warning. Look under Section 2B.16 Reduced Speed Ahead Signs

    7. My Disability and my medications and symptoms I was having at the time of the stop, I am Diabetic
    And on Insulin by shot, and recovering from a spinal cord injury with two neck surgery’s, that the
    Office in question had no business treat me as common person. Also been well-documented that low
    blood sugar will give a false positive reading, so damn if you do and Damn if you don’t, one is not
    going to get a true reading, and might even have a higher test reading if One did, and could lead to
    more penalties. Is this false entrapment? If not it is sure Disability Discrimination, One Shoe does not
    fit all.

    In the Attachments are
    1. The letter I sent to the DOT and ask to reconsider driver’s license suspension.
    2. Letter from the court that I was found not guilty of DWI
    3. Letter from court that my speeding charge was dropped
    4. Copy of the DOT speed study that showed the speed limit was invalid
    5. Letter reply letter I got from the DOT from Mark Lowe

    Please let me know if you can help or think I have a chance also tell me what the best time to call you, and how much you would charge for this service. Thank you for your time Jeff
    Jeff Schlater
    401 East Thomas
    Shenandoah Iowa 51601

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