Louisiana DUI

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Louisiana does require drivers to sign tickets, but the law also requires police to release the driver upon signing. So this is one of those rare cases where it might be okay to roll down the window just to sign the ticket.

A blank New Orleans traffic ticket.
A blank New Orleans traffic ticket.

However, we still think it’s better if you take a picture of the ticket through the window and digitally sign it. We’re working on a Fair DUI smart phone app that will allow this. Until it’s ready you can try the SignEasy app.

Fair DUI Flyer-Louisiana-back

Louisiana is also home to one of the big cases we talk about. In Deville v. Marcantel the police smashed in a driver’s window. The driver sued in federal court and it’s not going well for the cops. The judge refused to dismiss the case saying that smashing the window was excessive force, and the appeals court upheld that decision.

And this is our flyer in pdf format: Fair DUI Flyer-Louisiana (PDF)

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  1. In Louisiana they have judges on site to sign a search warrant it is no refusals at the check point .What do you have to say about that ?

  2. That happens later. First they have to develop probable cause. The point of the flyer is to limit their ability to do that. But you should talk to a local lawyer.

  3. I’d say to you, Roberto that you sound like you need a review for fitness of duty and a crash course on our Bill of Rights. Here’s to a less aggressive Louisiana.

  4. You can be convicted for 0.0 bac, merely on cop’s FST in some Louisiana courts.

    Don’t blow. Breathalyzers are inherently flawed and biased on race, gender, size not to mention a slew of health conditions as well as occupational and environmental exposures. And that is BEFORE proper administration, calibration and maintenance to the unit are considered.

  5. I was arrested in st. Tammany Parish Louisiana. When you are arrested in st. Tammany there is a drug test when you get to jail. If you refuse this test you must take three more in court. If you fail you must do the same. What do you think about this and how it applies to illegal search and seizure?

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