This section includes states starting with the letter M:


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25 thoughts on “M

    1. Greg

      Heck, throw in one for Kansas too, because if you live in Kansas City, you’ll need one for there too.

  1. Damon Ross

    I’d love one for Michigan. I’m a law abiding citizen. I don’t drink and drive or use drugs. I have never had any arrests or felonies charged against me. But I have been bullied by police before and it is very unpleasant.

    If you could make a letter for Michigan my father and I would greatly appreciate it.


  2. Vic

    Will you be making one for Missouri any time in the near future? We would really appreciate one in light of what’s going on here in Missouri post-Ferguson. Thanks for your service.

  3. Maria

    I am contacting you bc I am 28, and a single mother of 3. I pick up friends all the time from bars, and parties. I have been given breathalysers, and “field tests”, all bc my friends are drunk in the car, and the police think I too was at the bars/parties. I dont have any OUI’s (Same as DUI- OPERATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE/ OPERATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE), or any charges relating to DRUGS OR ALCOHOL .
    I would love this flier, and any info you can give me about MAINE laws and so forth! Especially with the 4th coming up! It would be really helpful!

  4. Lyn

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