Michigan DUI

Fair DUI Flyer-Michigan-front

First of all the laws of Michigan are quite clear that you do not have to hand over your license and you do not have to sign tickets.

Fair DUI Flyer-Michigan-back

What’s interesting is Michigan is the first state where we’ve seen a case close to the issue about showing your license through the window. In Michigan v. Heldt the police claimed that they could not read the license through the window because it was a tall SUV and it was too high. We think that sounds like a bogus argument, but it makes sense that you as a driver should make sure the license is in a position where the officer can read it. This is another example of why you need to record the encounter for yourself.

Here’s the case: Michigan v. Heldt (pdf)

We’ve often been asked about tinted windows. If your windows are darkly tinted or they’re too high off the ground, then the Fair DUI flyer may not work for you.

Here is our flyer in pdf format:

Fair DUI Flyer-Michigan

14 replies on “Michigan DUI”

  1. RCW 46.20.021 applies to citizens in Washington State not Michigan. That portion of the flyer is not valid.

  2. Thanks for the info on Michigan. My question is not about “Driving” but “Traveling”, which if we look at past Supreme court cases grants us citizens the right to travel on the highways and public roads without a drivers license. A couple court cases would be, Chicago Motor Coach vs Chicago 169 NE 221, Thompson vs Smith 154 SE 579, American Mutual Liability Ins. Co. vs Chaput 60 A 2d.

    Could you guys create a flyer that has been reviewed by a lawyer that would display the best verbiage for a citizen who does not have a Drivers License, Registration, and Insurance because all are in violation of the Right to travel in a “automobile”?

    This information is not well known. I believe as you all do about informing the public. These are rights that could save the average citizen who travels about their business, thousands of dollars annually on taxes (Vehicle registration) that they really don’t need to pay in the first place.

    You all have a successful website already, I don’t believe in planting new seed where there already is one. And I think that it will greatly help with the awareness of citizens ever diminishing number of rights.


  3. What about CPL/CCW concealed carry permit. Can we use that or do we have to show them our CPL??

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  5. The statue states one has to on interaction with an officer “you shall immediately disclose the presence of a weapon and the fact you are appropriately licensed”. There is case law of which just handing/ showing a permit were not enough- it was almost a minute into the stop before the officer became aware there was an actual weapon.


  7. Great website, I too visited because of the upcoming roadside drug testing (illegal/prescription/recreational).

    I would speculate at a random checkpoint the standard window flyer and documentation would suffice.
    However if a driver was involved in a crash or moving violation then Law Enforcement has probable cause to do a FST, they’re going to give lawful commands to comply with their investigation as to the cause of the crash or dangerous driving.

  8. I have a question about Michigan fair dui it says to put the ticket under the wiper while I’m driving away if it flys off can’t they again pull me over for littering just making sure

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