Minnesota DWI

Minnesota uses the term DWI (Driving While Impaired) for drunk driving, the second most common after DUI.

Fair DUI Flyer-Minnesota-front

Minnesota is a great state for the Fair DUI flyer. The law does not require you to hand over your license. You can just show it through the window without having to roll it down.

Also, you are not required to sign traffic tickets so you don’t have to roll down your window for that either.

Fair DUI Flyer-Minnesota-back

Also we should mention that Minnesota does not allow sobriety checkpoints. The flyer is intended for traffic stops, so it’s still useful. But please discuss it with a local lawyer before using it.

Here’s the pdf version: Fair DUI Flyer-Minnesota (pdf)

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  1. “Implied consent without the option of refusal is not consent “STATE OF HAWAI`I, Respondent/Plaintiff-Appellee,
    YONG SHIK WON, Petitioner/Defendant-Appellant.
    No. SCWC-12-0000858.
    Supreme Court of Hawai`i.
    November 25, 2015.

  2. This occurs before you get to the part where the implied consent law would come into play. The implied consent law requires that the police officer have probable cause to believe that you are intoxicated. The idea is that if you never open the window and never speak to the officer that they will not be able to establish probable cause in order to require you to take a breath test.

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