Missouri DWI

Missouri uses the term DWI for drunk driving offenses, rather than the more common DUI.

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Missouri is a bit of a tricky state for the Fair DUI flyer, if you’re getting a ticket. For traffic stops and checkpoints you only have to display or exhibit your license, which you can do through a closed window. The state Supreme Court ruled failure to show your license is not a crime, but we still recommend that you show it.

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The tough issue in Missouri is whether you have to sign a ticket. We can’t find any statute or court rule that requires you to sign. However, the court’s form for tickets includes a spot to sign.

We recommend that you don’t sign unless the officer orders you to sign (see our video on the difference between an order and a request). If the officer insists we recommend that you digitally sign the ticket using an app like SignEasy.

Here is our flyer in pdf format, and below that is a state bar opinion on checkpoints.

Fair DUI Flyer-Missouri (PDF)

Missouri Bar on Checkpoints

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  1. “the balance between the public interest in crime prevention and appellant’s right to personal security and privacy,{not “stepping out of car” “roll down window” trumps coercive “officer safety”} tilts in favor of freedom from police interference.” Davis v. Mississippi 394 U.S. 721.

  2. Do you have any other DUI checkpoint information for the state of Missouri? Such as how far down the road do you legally have to be notified that a checkpoint is a head? I know I have passed a checkpoint in Kansas City Missouri that was marked as road construction ahead. So I was just curious if that was legal in my state. As well as being curious about other laws attached to DUI checkpoints such as the warning ahead.

  3. If I have a firearm in the vehicle or on my person, am I legally required to inform the officer?

  4. How exactly do you sign a ticket with your phone i am confused by this please explain thanks

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