Nevada DUI

Fair DUI Flyer-Nevada-front

The Fair DUI flyer for Nevada is here. The front is above, back is below, with pdf at bottom.

Fair DUI Flyer-Nevada-back

Keep in mind that Nevada is one of the tricky states where in theory you’re required to hand over your license rather than merely show it. But we believe your Fourth Amendment rights are superior to such state laws.

Fair DUI Flyer-Nevada – PDF

Please review with a local attorney before using the flyer.

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24 thoughts on “Nevada DUI

  1. David Hermann

    The Nevada Flyer contains some errors that are immediately apparent. I am a Nevada licensed attorney, but my practice is limited to civil matters.
    First, the nomenclature used the cite the law is wrong – section symbols are not used. Example:
    NRS 483.240  Exemptions from licensing. 
    (Not “§ 483-50”).

    Second, there is no NRS 483.50 ( what the flyer refers to as “§ 483-50”).

    I believe the controlling statute is:
    NRS 483.350  License to be carried and surrendered upon demand; limitation on conviction.  
    Every licensee shall have his or her driver’s license in his or her immediate possession at all times when driving a motor vehicle and shall manually surrender the license for examination, upon demand, to a justice of the peace, a peace officer, or a deputy of the Department. However, no person charged with violating this section shall be convicted if he or she produces in court or the office of the arresting officer a driver’s license theretofore issued to the person and valid at the time of the demand.

    [Part 20:190:1941; A 1953, 191; 1955, 65]—(NRS A 1969, 544)

    So the issue becomes whether showing ones driver’s license through a window, complies with the requirement to “manually surrender for examination” in this statute.  I have not searched to see if there is any case law on this point.

    1. wredlich Post author

      Thank you. I will review and update as necessary.

      Under that statute the officer can ticket the driver and the driver can get it dismissed later by producing the license in court.

    2. Tuaca 1107

      First a majority of people to NOT Drive a Motor Vehicle since they are not operating in commerce. In Nevada the motor Vehicle code is all about commerce. People not in commerce do not need license and registration. Nevada MUST follow the federal motor vehicle code, terms and definitions. Nevada does not do that so they are acting outside their authority when they pull over Travelers.

      1. Glen

        Can you please specify which code section verifies this statement? I am in Nevada and I have looked for this under DMV codes.

  2. matthew mcdonald

    Please can you make one of these for Iowa. I live in Cedar Rapids and these checkpoints and unwarranted DUI stops have become constant and oppressive. Thank you for your time and for doing this for people!

  3. Bruce

    Thank you for the work you are doing. I am in full support of your efforts and I’m happy that I will be able to use your flyer in Nevada once it has been updated.

  4. Tom

    I was thinking that those not in the know might actual download and print the NV flyer with the incorrect statute reference. It would be better if you removed it until you can update it rather than have incorrect information.

  5. Larry

    I agree with Tom. The Nevada flyer doesn’t use the correct statute references. Please correct this for us who live in Nevada. Thanks

    1. Larry

      I just received you “Revised” Nevada Fair DUI form. Nothing has changed. It still has wrong statutes listed in it. Sorry Frank. Thank you for trying though. 🙂

  6. John

    I guess this will never be resolved, This is such unreliable information!!

    8 Months with the wrong information, several people begging for you to to give the proper information and you said you will get to it 3 months ago.

    I know the wheels of government are slow, but the updating of information on this site moves even slower

    1. Tom

      John et al, I would like the update but this is not something they have to do so I understand it could take awhile. The issue is this, if they have WRONG information they should take this down until corrected or correct it.

      I do not expect them to have to provide this but if they do it should be correct

      1. John

        In knew there was more i wanted to put in there, Yes I agree with you 100%!

        No information is A LOT better then Bad Information.

        I will be taking what they have done here and modify it to suit our states requirements and run it by a lawyer or two, but I cant promise I will do it anytime soon, BUT if and when when I do I will make sure it is correct and will post it here.

  7. Karen

    I agree with you that the motor vehicle code is applicable for commerce, but at any rate we all need to abide by the law to avoid any problems.

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    1. Larry

      The information on this DUI PDF is incorrect. It says 483-50, which would mean NRS 483-50, but there is NO NRS 483-50. You have been promissing to fix this for years now. Please help us and fix this document. Thanks


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