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The Fair DUI flyer for New Jersey is below. We recommend discussing this with a NJ lawyer before using it. Some lawyers disagree with our approach, and it’s good to talk to a local lawyer so you have a full understanding of what’s involved.

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New Jersey – Front
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  1. It says not to open the window unless the officer threatens to break it, but to follow lawful orders. If the officer orders me to open the window, should I comply? what other lawful orders should I be complying to? For example if he orders me to step out, should I? does he have the right to do that?

    1. In general if the officer clearly states an order it’s safer to follow the order and let your lawyer sort out later whether the order was lawful. If you’re an activist and you’re looking to really challenge the police, then you might decide not to obey such an order, recognizing that it’s risky to do so.

      Our history is full of nonviolent resistance. It’s generally thought of as a positive thing.

  2. Is it true that if an officer tells me to either wait for their drug sniffing dog, open my window or any command all without probable cause, that I should simply state, “Am I being detained or am I free to go?”

    1. No I don’t agree with that. You should remain silent and wait for the officer to tell you you’re free to go. Be more patient than him.

      Later the officer will have to justify why he made you wait for the drug sniffing dog.

    1. We weren’t making pdfs originally. Once we finish the country we are going to go back through and make revisions.

    1. If you get pulled over you should not assume that the stop is “random”, but rather that the officer had probable cause to make a traffic stop. Whereas a checkpoint is random, police officers do not make a practice of pulling over vehicles without probable cause and your assumption should be that they have it.

  3. Thank You for all the hard work that has been done to provide us this information! I do not drink and I find it so frustrating and belittling to have me rights violated by being randomly pulled over. The police in the U.S. (my country btw) are far out of hand. The constant harrasment, violation of rights, brutality, violence, and death requires serious restructuring of police staff as well as how we choose for our government to protect us. This has nothing to do with being Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or any other minority because police of all previously mentioned races have commited these horrific and immoral crimes against citizens of al those races as well. If there were more attorneys, civilians, and police where to do more work like this our country truly would be an American dream. Unite on the issues and stand as one to be heard and seen.

  4. Hi, this question is a bit similar in principle to Vinny’s.

    If asked to hand over one’s license, reg, and insurance card, since this seems to be a lawful order (at least on the surface) should one do so?

    Also, there is no definition of “exhibit” in title 39. Why are you sure the definition of “exhibit” you are using is proper in this situation? (See full definition: )

    Thank you.

    1. You used two different verbs. If “asked” then you can say no. If “ordered” then we generally advise people to obey police orders. Let your lawyer challenge the order later in court.

      The verb exhibit commonly means “show” not surrender or hand over. If it’s not clear, then it’s void for vagueness. Look up that phrase.

  5. Really appreciate the work you guys do. I feel a lot of people believe people that are willing to challenge a checkpoint are doing it just to “stick it to the man” or something. I have tons of respect for law enforcement, but I highly value my rights. Hopefully if your methods are used more often they will be more common place and angry, shaved head, fresh out of the academy officers will know how to behave themselves. I’ve had way too many encounters with hot-headed cops just because of the way I look and the cars I drive. The best advice you give is to be passive and calm.

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