Ohio OVI

In Ohio the DUI offense is called OVI, for operating a vehicle under the influence.

The Ohio version of the Fair DUI flyer should perhaps be called the Fair OVI flyer, and it’s below.

You should discuss this with a local lawyer before using it.

Ohio - Front

Ohio – Front

Ohio - back

Ohio – back

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37 thoughts on “Ohio OVI

    1. Brandon

      Mike, there is no such law. If you are stopped for a law enforcement purpose you are supposed to inform the officer that you have a CHL and that you are currently carrying (only if you are actually currently carrying). Because of that, I would add a line on the flyer to that affect (which I will be doing). There is still no reason to roll down your window.

    2. jerry lee

      put it in a ziplock bag tied to a string and roll your window up so the bag is outside the car and lock your doors

  1. Hawk

    Is there one of these for (DWABD) Driving While Black After Dark. I tell you, if you are a black person of any sex or age. Your guilty simply cause you was stopped. The charge is anything they say. The reason for the charge? Black. That’s it. No more, no less, just (Black). We are suppose to trust these people with our lives.
    I don’t trust them day or night. And never with my life. That belongs to my Lord Jesus.

    1. Mary

      Yes! I agree and I’m white, sadly what you say is way too true and so f u c Ed up. I have seen all races all colors, all sex’s, and the worst is being an​ African American woman, Before I felt a little wavy on the boat with the police and now I feel like I’m all the way in the water! So not only do I have to worry about crazy people, robbery, Murderers and kidnapping now I have to worry about the *’good’guys’* too!? What’s happened for the Constitution this country was founded on/for not to mean anything for the police to abide by it, this ‘ I have a badge and can do what ever I like unless you repeat said laws to prove you know them’ will end in Marshall law and death……. I fear for ALL our lives in the hands of our so called heroes/ protecters. God bless America land of (?)

  2. joejack

    Driving while black? Get over it. There is always a reason the cops stop someone. They cannot stop you for no reason. Drive better. Stop laying in the seat like some wanna be thug. Grow up don’t victimize yourselves.

    1. Drew

      Joe jack that’s not true, there is not always a reason cops stop someone. Hawk, if you learn how to talk to cops and don’t do anything wrong that’s not true either. Cops are over militarized, power hungry and often are racist. I think the racism and the abuse of power are separate issues but when they overlap it’s extra messed up. Because of this everyone needs to educate themselves on how to talk to police and record every encounter you have with police, especially if you aren’t white.

    2. checker99

      joejack: You must live a sheltered life. Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and local police can all stop you for no reason by simply having a ‘made up’ reason as probable cause. This can be for actual nonsense like no ‘license plate light,’ ‘lane violation (wheel on either painted line),’ lane change without signaling, turning without signaling, or if none of that happens, for made up stuff such as mis-reading your plate, mis-reading their ‘plate reader’ display, observing you using your phone where its prohibited (when you are not), observing you without seatbelt (when you have it on), … the list goes on and on. “Just pull him over, we’ll come up with a reason if we need one.” After the stop, it can escalate from there – people have been shot http://www.wbtw.com/story/24833263/70-year-old-man-reaching-for-cane-is-shot-during-sc-traffic-stop and http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/25/justice/south-carolina-trooper-shooting/ people have been killed during traffic stops http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Walter_Scott

      Go ahead and live in a fantasy world, or open your eyes and see reality. Your Choice.

    3. james

      lol wow dude you’re right, racism doesn’t exist in America. It is just a myth created by black people because they wanted people to feel sorry for them. Seriously how dare a black person think that the people that kidnapped them and sold them as farm machinery, had something against them. You’re seriously a moron of the highest caliber.

      1. King Pin

        You were sold by black people, so who should you be upset with? Same with youth violence, black on black, but all I see are fingers being pointed at whites, shame on you!

      2. Ryan

        Assuming a certain race is all racist, like your comment says, shows that your racist. It’s not the 1800’s anymore, in fact at least 90% of white peoples lineages can’t be traced back to slave owners. Yet you group us all together… when you go to Europe do you feel the white people there are racist towards black people too? The truth is the racist ones are a very small minority of the population and when you see as all one big thing, well, your a moron. Of course it exists, but it’s played out to be much worse than it is.

      3. Deborah Collins

        I have a lot of Indian and Irish ancestors who, if they could, would tell you that it’s time to leave the slavery comments in the past, where they belong. Nearly every ethnic group in the world has ancestors who were victims of slavery and genocide. Stop beating a dead, black horse!!!

  3. mike

    fairdui, you should start a page organized by state, where folks who have actually TRIED this scheme can report back their results.

    Here in OH, we have lots of really macho cops, and unfortunately, if they have been on force for any length of time, they fit the old saying “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    I suspect that ANYONE who tried this scheme in OH would almost immediately have their window smashed in, be pulled out on the ground, kicked, handcuffed, and hauled off to jail without a second thought.

    It is a shame we in Ohio cannot exercise our rights this way, but this seems to be the way of the future.

    1. weazel

      I find that the older cops are more relaxed than the younger cops. I was busted for being high had a bowl and weed and the older cops was going to call my family to come get me and have someone come get my car with no charges till his young dick apprentice started making a fuss.

  4. Phillip

    huh? You totally missed his point. Of course he knows there are state pages – You of all folks should know that since you replied to him earlier on THIS STATE page, and he wrote on this STATE page.

    If you are part of fairdui as you appear, please reread his post.

    You will see he is suggesting a place for folks to report results of using a fairdui bag – not intermingled in with 1000 other questions. Let me try to make it clearer for you since I agree with him: a place to write ONLY results after a stop using fairdui idea.

    Got it?

    1. wredlich Post author

      Unfortunately I don’t get it. I think you can post comments on the state pages. You can also post to the Fair DUI page on Facebook.

      We would love it if people would report results to us, especially with video. But I don’t see how to set up the website to make that easier. Suggestions welcome.

      1. Tim

        I know with Joomla you could drop in a comment module just for results, and place it anywhere on the page. I believe the same is possible with wordpress.

  5. Drew

    He’s saying you need 2 pages for ech state, one for people to ask questions and 1 for people to share results

  6. brad

    In the ohio conceal carry class they teach you that the officer has the right to hold your weapon during the traffic stop if they want to, so you would have to open the window. Not sure if that is actually the laws requirements but that’s what they told us.

  7. kay

    james, who alive today bought and sold a black person? How the he11 do you justify blaming anyone alive today for past stuff? sounds like YOU are the racist mr black. get over it. Get with the ’80’s man!

  8. Jonathan

    I fully support this, but the refusal to sign based on traffic rule 3(e)(f)… what about ORC 2935.26 A(3)?

  9. Nate

    WARNING !! This site is potentially dangerous and misleading. Jonathan July 3, 2015 is correct. Ex. the sign for Ohio is ALL wrong with current laws, Aug 2015. Read O.R.C again, carefully. You DO have to sign a citation for a minor misdemeanor. And you DEFINITELY “shall display the operator’s driver’s license, or furnish satisfactory proof that the operator has a driver’s license” per ORC 4507.35. You can simple avoid the stop in the first place, NO U-turns or other illegal actions. https://www.ohiobar.org/ForPublic/Resources/LawYouCanUse/Pages/LawYouCanUse-582.aspx

    1. wredlich Post author

      Yes, the Fair DUI method is potentially dangerous. So is any other method. We haven’t seen a better approach yet.

      1. Mike

        ORC 2935.26 A(3) is a bit confusing. In a traffic stop in Ohio a few years back (and before this web-site was born) I refused to sign the ticket. The officer threaten to arrest me. I said I would sign it under threat, duress and coercion. That frustrated the officer and he left me with the ticket unsigned with the following childish words, “Im’ gonna tell the judge what you said.”

        I got my ticket dismissed. I went through 3 magistrates that couldn’t seem to establish jurisdiction; pissed off two assistant prosecuting attorneys. I used the process I well researched at ticketslayer.com.

        It seems to me jurisdiction is assumed on both sides of the window. The supreme court recently said that to remain silent without pleading the 5th AND asking for an attorney seems to be the law of the land now. Hardly constitutional.

        I don’t claim to understand the legalism and most of those on the inside of the window certainly don’t get the jurisdiction or legalism. Really the officer doesn’t either. He’s only a trained processor not an attorney. However, it would seem that if one really wanted to frustrate the system one might say at the very least. “I have no idea what’s going on here I need to speak to an attorney.”

        Of course that’s what this flyer says in so many words. It might be one of those things if some officer is dumb enough to arrest then to have the ambiguity of law challenged whereby there is no law requiring signatures for traffic tickets but somehow tied into general misdemeanors. It seems that traffic tickets fall under minor misdemeanor (5th degree) and misdemeanor (4th degree to 1st degree).

        Minor traffic offenses are full of legal ambiguity being neither or part civil; being neither or part criminal; being quasi-civil and criminal.

        There is always a risk when standing up against the police state. Blind compliance solidifies mischief continuing. Challenging mischief has sometimes caused changes in law and administration of law’ a few officers to quit there job, because they came to realized the were often enforcing no real law and were just revenue collectors.

  10. david

    I really think we need a concealed carry version. Showing your CHL is not enough. All that does is notify the officer that you have a license, not that you are also armed. That does *not* fulfill ORC 2923.12(B)(1), which says you need to inform him of both facts, not just the fact you are licensed:

    (B) No person who has been issued a concealed handgun license shall do any of the following:

    (1) If the person is stopped for a law enforcement purpose and is carrying a concealed handgun, fail to promptly inform any law enforcement officer who approaches the person after the person has been stopped that the person has been issued a concealed handgun license and that the person then is carrying a concealed handgun;

    Also, cops in Ohio have been known to arrest people if they don’t say within seconds that they are armed. There was an infamous case in Canton for that caught on video, can probably find it on YouTube.

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