South Carolina DUI

The Fair DUI flyer for South Carolina is below. As with all other states we recommend that you discuss this with a lawyer in that state before using this.

South Carolina - Front
South Carolina – Front
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South Carolina – Back

Fair DUI Flyer-SC (PDF)

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  1. I think that this is an outstanding and under investigated topic on fairness of our rights. I am very impressed and the local lawyer for me in South Carolina is Attorney Joseph Good. He has told me to not agree to any tests at all and that is my right to do so. I for one have a professional license to protect as well … so I differ from a lot of irresponsible people.

  2. When you say show them your license through the window, does that mean put it in the bag or display it to them from inside your car?

  3. Blake…what did you mean by “put it in the bag”? Does the officer hand you a bag or something?

  4. Any other lawers in SC recommended for false arrests and/or disprovable lies in police reports that can get these type tickets “dropped” before court appearance. I can provide my own detailed report of what actually happened.

  5. As a law enforcement officer I can tell you that if you get pulled over for spending your are more likely to get a warning instead of a ticket if you dont pull this stunt. If you have nothing to hide then why make things more complicated? But if you have the time to pull this stunt then be my guest. But expect to pay a high fine and points on ur license just for being a smart ass.

  6. See you are the real asshole mr law enforcement officer… You would raise a fine and give points just because we are acting within our rights and found a loop hole for you not to be able to get probable cause to search our vehicle and try your best To get that felony arrest for a rank up in the force?? It’s a fucking job, we all have them, but the police take their jobs to heart and think just because you have a gun and a badge that you run the fucking world? Sounds like somebody uses his power in the wrong way… Maybe we as citizens are tired of being mistreated by officers like yourself that like to be assholes and try to ruin people’s day/ life. Never forget that you are a god damn civil servant, which means you work for the people. Nothing more. Maybe if the police actually did there jobs correctly instead of harassing people we wouldn’t have to come up with ways to out smart you… Suck my dick. Fuck the police.

  7. BM: I do see where you’re coming from. I think your attitude is common and really what I expect from most police. It’s exactly what I tell people to expect if they follow this method. You’re not going to get a warning.

    With that said, I don’t agree with Fincher’s tone but I do agree that morally an officer should not punish a driver/suspect for exercising his or her rights. Similarly we all know that most cops will go out of their way not to arrest another cop if they can avoid it. Morally you shouldn’t treat cops differently. Right?

    As for “having nothing to hide,” In the few cases where police officers actually get arrested for DUI, they almost always refuse the chemical test. Why is that?

  8. BM,
    How about giving us your address or make/model/license plate number of your Vehicle, so that we as regular citizens can stop by your house or stop you in your personal Vehicle for a BS reason and search your House or Vehicle. You wouldn’t mind that, would you BM? You don’t have anything to hide do you?

  9. I’m glad somebody’s finally speaking on this. Checkpoints and some cops abusing their power have been my biggest pet peeves lately. I definitely know I’m tired of going through checkpoints at night, every night. MOST cops in SC abuse their power and forget they’re people just like us. I get off late at night and every single night I go through a checkpoint in the same spots with them waiting to get somebody. And you “not having to go through a checkpoint” isn’t true to some cops here. Came into town the other night and I saw a checkpoint so I turned left to go around it and I had a cop run up on me and pull me over and when I asked over and over “why am I getting pulled over?” He finally replied, “because you dodged that checkpoint back there”. And @BM, not everybody has something to hide, sometimes it’s just the fact that we do have rights and it seems like sometimes some of you’ll forget that. I know I would enjoy my nights so much better if I could leave work, drive home, and get in my bed without knowing I have to waste the time going through a checkpoint just to get home. And just putting this out there, in the middle of town you’re normally not going to catch a drunk driver at 1 in the morning, let’s get real. @wredlich, you’re my hero. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  10. Well that’s bull crap. I have never received just a warning. Always a ticket, no matter how polite I am. And it’s good to know that cops view our rights as “bull crap”. Thanks officer.

  11. BM,
    I don’t have anything to hide, but guess what….not opening my window for Truly Unconstitutional Acts by Police Department/Sheriff’s Departments/PUBLIC SERVANTS, is because it’s the same reason I close my door when I go to the Bathroom. It’s called Privacy!!

    How about if ‘We the PEOPLE’ wanted to search your Cruiser, when you are out in Public performing your Public Duty, would you allow it? If not then what gives you more to refuse us searching your Vehicle but allowing you to search ours WITHOUT A WARRANT?

  12. Can you bring up in court that cops have a quata they have to meet when it comes to convictions, and they will lie to bolster there career. Even under oath. I’ve already had this happen to me several times. Will the judge allow you to bring this to the jurors attention?

  13. Can a trooper ask for a continuation on the day of court. My summons said I had to submit in ten days prior to the court date ,but the trooper and prosecutor mixed up there schedule and was granted a continuation, without my consent. Can I ask for a dismissal, based on this? At the newly scheduled trial?

  14. The point that has not been made, or maybe it has just been missed, is that driving is a privilege. You do not have the right to drive a car on the public access roads in the US. What comes with that privilege is the understanding that police have the right to pull you over and check you out. If you really don’t want to talk to an officer at a check point there is a simple way to accomplish that goal, take a cab! I understand the argument that we should be free from unreasonable searches or seizures, however, when you get behind the wheel you are consenting to follow the traffic laws, and I believe “roll down your window” would be a lawful order under this situation.

  15. It is a common and popular myth that driving is a privilege, not a right.

    Once you have a drivers license you have a vested property right in that license and it can only be taken away from you with due process. That is well established law in all 50 states.

    “What comes with that privilege is the understanding that police have the right to pull you over and check you out.”

    Absolutely not. Before US. v. Carroll, an Alcohol Prohibition case, it was generally understood that police needed a warrant to stop a car. That case created the Automobile Exception to the Fourth Amendment, allowing police to stop cars if they have probable cause.

    There is no probable cause in a checkpoint.

    You do NOT have to talk to police in a checkpoint, or in any other circumstances. You have the right to remain silent. Maybe the courts will take that away from us next. We’ll see.

    By the way it is my advice to drivers that if you are ORDERED to roll down your window you should do it. The issue in most cases is that driver rolls down the window without being asked, or upon a request (not an order).

    If the officer orders you to roll down your window, you now can challenge that in court later. If you roll it down without an order, you can’t challenge that.

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