Tennessee DUI

Fair DUI Flyer-Tennessee-front

Tennessee is a tricky state for the Fair DUI flyer. It should be fine in checkpoints, but in traffic stops police can require you to sign the ticket. We recommend you digitally sign tickets using an app like SignEasy. We are working on our own FairDUI app that will do it better, but it’s not ready at this writing.

If you do sign on paper state law requires the police to release you from custody. They should release you immediately but we suspect many police will violate that law.

Tennessee was the location where a viral checkpoint video was shot. You can see that at bottom.

Fair DUI Flyer-Tennessee-back

Fair DUI Flyer-Tennessee – PDF

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  1. This may or may not work, as relevant case law STATE OF TENNESSEE v. LAWRENCE RALPH, SR. shows that Mr. Ralph lost an appeal because,
    “special restrictions placed upon a driver are sometimes noted on the back of the driver’s
    license. …
    Defendant refused to show Officer Vann the back of his driver’s license or to allow him
    to closely inspect the front of the license. ”

    So, what I would suggest is to edit this State’s card to say, “I will display the back of my driver’s license immediately upon request”.

    That may not get past the “closely inspect” part, but if it ever got to a high level of court, it could be argued that putting a face up to a window is enough for “closely inspecting”. You don’t need to HOLD something to “closely inspect”.

    Could you guys edit this card to reflect this info?

  2. How about this…Name ( your name ) Rank ( American
    citizen ) Serial number ( Drives license number or S.S. number )… I agree myself with handing over drivers license and registration/ proof of insurance…Document ,Record , Get the ACLU app record police conduct…Be polite…Know and state your rights…

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  4. Question . Do passengers have to show ID ? I would simply ask ” does it look like I’m driving to you “?

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