Virginia DUI

Fair DUI Flyer-VA-front

We’ve created a Fair DUI flyer for Virginia. The front is above. Back side and pdf are at bottom.

Please note that Virginia is a tricky state. The law does indicate they can require drivers to sign a “written promise” to appear. We’ve added a “written promise” to the front of the flyer which we believe satisfies the law.

But the police may not accept that. They can arrest you but then they’re required to take you promptly to a magistrate to get a summons issued.

If you’ve had any alcohol at all, or have any medication or drug in your system, the visit to the magistrate should happen first and that would serve to delay any DUI or drug testing. Delays like that are usually helpful.

Of course, you should discuss this with a lawyer from Virginia rather than simply relying on advice from a website like this.

Fair DUI Flyer-VA-back

Fair DUI Flyer-Virginia

10 replies on “Virginia DUI”

  1. Is it acceptable to make a photo-copy of my Operator’s License to display to the officer or must I show the actual license?
    Also, do Concealed Carry Permit holders have to display that at the same time as my Operator’s License?

  2. You should show the actual license.

    For concealed carry you really should talk to a VA lawyer. I am a gun rights lawyer but that’s beyond the scope of Fair DUI.

  3. Thanks for this…..I found you through Tom woods. ….thanks for doing what you do……I have a fairly extensive warning network built up to fight these things….I usually know about any checkpoint in my area within a little while of them setting up and I promptly post them on Facebook and do mass texts to get the word out…..I will pass along this great info to all my people. ….keep it up brother…..

  4. What if I don’t have a lawyer on retainer or otherwise? What phone number do I put in that case?

  5. So in VA, do I have to show my driver’s license whenever asked? At license checkpoints or whenever? What is the law on that? I feel this is a major 4th amendment rights violation.

  6. What about Virginia law that requires you to answer alcohol related questions at a DUI checkpoint? How do you get around that without having to open your window?

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