Washington DUI

Fair DUI Flyer-Washington-front

For use in the state of Washington. The Fair DUI flyer can be used in both checkpoints and traffic stops. As always, we recommend discussing this with a local lawyer before using it.

Fair DUI Flyer-Washington-back

Here is a pdf version:

Fair DUI Flyer-Washington (PDF)

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  1. Thank you for the Washington State flyer. I will leave another message if/when it becomes necessary to use it, explaining the situation encountered.

    1. On further examination of Washington State RCW 46.61.020, I believe it is the duty of a driver/person stopped or detained by a police officer to actually hand over his Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance, into the police officers hand if requested to do so. My past experiences also cause me to believe police officers in Washington State, know this and do demand it. TO WIT;

      RCW 46.61.020 – Refusal to give information to or cooperate with officer — Penalty.

      (1) It is unlawful…, and it is likewise unlawful for any such person to refuse or neglect to stop when signaled to stop by any police officer or to refuse upon demand of such police officer to produce his or her certificate of license registration of such vehicle, his or her insurance identification card, or his or her vehicle driver’s license or to refuse to permit such officer to take any such license, card, or certificate for the purpose of examination thereof… Any police officer shall on request produce evidence of his or her authorization as such.

      I will therefore, if and when demanded by a police officer in Washington State to hand over my papers; roll down my window just far enough to slip the requested papers through the window slot for the officer’s personal examination thereof. I will not answer any questions, but will continue to remain silent.

      1. As the flyer says, if the officer clearly states an order it is safer to comply.

        We do not agree that such an order would be legal. The Fourth Amendment is superior to state statutes.

      2. I disagree with your interpretation that “to produce” means “to actually hand over”. An online free legal dictionary defines produce as: “As a verb, to bring forward; to show or exhibit; to bring into view or notice.”

      3. Re: Gene Maddox id’ of Revised Code of Washington’s “Refusal to give information to or cooperate with officer—Penalty” (iRCW 46.61.020) I agree with the assertion this law does not require driver to physically hand anything to anyone.

        License, reg and insurance can be “produced” via the same see-through sign bag hanging outside the passengers closed window.

        Further, I think this part of the law was well written in light of your 4th amendment. Likewise, some cunning language precedes, respecting A.4.probable cause test for search and seizure, “to refuse to permit the examination of any equipment of such vehicle or the weighing of such vehicle or to refuse.” That being said, “in light of”, but respecting A.4. Clearly, they really wanted to give cops the right to do whatever they wanted, and went as far as they could w/o contravening the letter of A.4, while disrespecting its spirit.

        NOTE: one might do well to prepare said bag /contents before leaving departure point, so as to avoid frantic movement – rifling though and shuffling with wallet, glovebox, passenger window, etc. on approaching checkpoint.

        Oh, and the wa. sign might have the typo corrected, as at least on this side of the line RCW 46.61.020 is correct, while RCW 46.61.20 is not.

        Just the opinions of a frequent Canadian visitor.

    2. Shouldn’t you also put line “I am audio and video recording this event”, or something like that?

  2. Hey I am promoting your guys website to all my friends and family. I live in Oregon and have been sober last 3 and half years. Oregon does alot of checkpoints in Salem,Portland,Eugene ect. I would like to print one out for all my loved ones. I’m Sick of being Stoped almost every weekend when I get off work at 11 pm. I would appreciate it alot if you do one for oregon as well.

  3. No wonder we have all this nonsense going on These days with the law.. I have never heard of not answering questions of a law enforcement official or not being prepared to show proof of license, registration, and insurance.
    To not answer an official is rude and almost an affirmation of illegal goings on. Just answer their questions and treat them the way you would like to be treated, with respect.

    1. This is actually not correct. The Supreme Court themselves have stated that it is not in the interest of anyone, guilty or innocent, to talk to the police.

      Speaking the police when you are guilty can only uncover your guilt. Speaking to the police while innocent can lead them to probable cause if your statements do not match their known information, witness statements, or if it does match information they are looking for. Statements by innocent people have led to arrest and conviction of innocent people.

      1. And furthermore, a police officer can lie all day long and it’s held up by the Supreme court. Anything they say is declared hearsay but anything you say can be held against you in court. You may not lie to them. But you can be QUIET. They can say, “Hey, you and your car fit the description of a robbery that just occurred. I’m gonna need to see you papers and search your car for my own safety.” No robbery? No problem. They get away with it legally.

    2. You would think once in a person’s life they would be interested in knowing their rights, and what is a normal recourse of action available to them than always complying with the state, or government and being a docile sheep! All these matters being discussed are legal! Know your rights! In this day and age our elected officials don’t even respect the people that elected them to office, and they cops are going around abusing people rights, and worst killing innocent people and locking away innocent people until proven innocent…wake up people!

  4. DUI Checkpoints are actually illegal in Washington state. They are not legally allowed to stop anyone without some degree of probable cause.

    1. That may or not be so, but somewhat OT, beware of CBP checkpoints anywhere within 100 miles (160km) of the coast or Can border. They don’t, but CAN at any time setup inland immigration checkpoints as such in Wa., as they do now in Texas, etc. There’s been talk for years of them setting up in upstate NY. If this is new news, you may want to check out “THE CONSTITUTION IN THE 100-MILE BORDER ZONE”. Protect your constitutional rights and freedoms. It’s much easier to let out reins than pull them in.

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