West Virginia DUI

Fair DUI Flyer-WV-front

Our Fair DUI flyer for West Virginia is on this page. The front is above. The back side and pdf of both sides are below.

Fair DUI Flyer-WV-back

Fair DUI Flyer-West Virginia

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9 thoughts on “West Virginia DUI

  1. Crystal Weekley

    Can u send me a flyer or an email of what needs to be stated on the paper for the check points please…..

    My question is this….. do I need to show them the required documentation to the police….

    From West Virginia

    Crystal Weekley

  2. Taylor lovell

    Are their any requirements they have to follow to order you to take a breathalyzer? Basically I’m asking if they can order you to take a breathalyzer just because?

  3. Douglas Dorrer

    It is my understanding that Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) in the State of West Virginia are voluntary. Don’t do them. Stay silent but respectful. That includes any field portable breathalyzer before arrest. Only after arrest is the primary breathalyzer mandatory.


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