Wisconsin OWI

Wisconsin uses the unusual term “OWI” for drunk driving – Operating While Intoxicated – instead of the more common DUI or DWI.

Fair DUI Flyer-Wisconsin-front

Wisconsin is an excellent state for the Fair DUI flyer. You are not required to hand over your license. You only have to show it to police, which you can do through a closed window. So don’t open the window.

Fair DUI Flyer-Wisconsin-back

You don’t have to sign tickets either. So again, you don’t have to roll down your window. As always if the officer gives you a clear order, it is safer to comply. But you should be recording because such an order is likely illegal and that will help you later.

Another good thing – the last time we checked Wisconsin does not allow sobriety checkpoints.

Of course we recommend discussing the flyer with a local lawyer before using it.

Here is our flyer in pdf format:

Fair DUI Flyer-Wisconsin (pdf)

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7 thoughts on “Wisconsin OWI

  1. Vernon G.

    I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning but WI 343.18(2) states:

    “For the purpose of verifying the signature on a license, any judge, justice or traffic officer may require the licensee to write the licensee’s signature in the presence of such officer.”


    I would assume they can observe this act from the other side of a glass window but could also try requiring it be on their paper/pad in order to get your window down.

    1. Sean

      If an officer is standing outside of your vehicle I don’t think he could be any more in your presence than maybe sitting in your lap and even the thought of a request to sign on their pad of paper vs. any other is absolutely preposterous.

  2. CB

    In WI if a person is stopped for speeding are they required to open their window?

    Under which conditions would they be required to exit the vehicle under the precedent of PA versus Mimms?


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